The Perks of Being a Turtle Reader


Hello, my name is Kristel and I live in Italy. How old I am is not important because that’s only a number and every day I feel a different age. I am a woman, quite chubby, trying new ways to lose weight but never losing more than 5kg that I later regain.

Last year I wrote a short bucket list of things I will like to fulfill. Things don’t have an expiration date, I feel more relaxed that way. I could crossed a couple things in the last months and that made me so happy: I’m determined to fulfill many others in the future!

One of the things I wrote down was “start a book blog”. I’m a very slow reader and I have a lot of hobbies so I don’t always have time to read even if I want to. I live with my family so I spend time with them, I watch movies, a lot of tv shows, I love video games and I have a little niece coming over that wants to play nonstop.

I love reading. Even if I read a little bit of everything, I have genres I prefer like YA fantasy novels. Magic and mythology are my favorites. I read and loved the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series. As I said, I’m slow and it takes me some time to finish reading books, event the smallest ones. I try my best!

The perk of being a turtle reader is that I can enjoy the book world for a long time, dream about it, immerse myself in it completely for days, sometimes months, rarely years!

My reviews may contain mistakes because english is not my first language and it’s difficult for me to express myself even in my first language. I want to write in english and not in Italian because this way I think I can discuss and receive recommendations from many more people from all around the world.

I’m afraid of making a fool of myself because I’m distracted, I don’t always remember the name of the authors of books I’m reading and I really can’t make a good review. I feel like I sound childish, I really can’t use hard words.

I don’t know how to let people know about this blog. Maybe I’ll wait for my first official review here to advertise it somewhere. Until then I hope someone visits here. If you have questions about me, about the books I read or I’m currently reading, don’t hesitate, contact me! I will try my best to make this blog interesting so that it can give indecisive readers ideas of what to read. I can say that’s my goal!

Since I’m the turtle of readers I will go read a little bit before falling asleep!



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