Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Why you should read this book: Paris!

Anna, teenager american girl, is sent by her newly rich father to Paris to do her last year of high school in an american school. She leaves her best friend, a possibility of love and a part-time job for the unknown. She doesn’t know anything about Paris and she isn’t interested, she just wants to finish the school year and go back home. She doesn’t know she is going to find friends, a best friend and maybe something more.

Anna is a foolish girl, she holds grudges without talking. She assumes people are at fault. She has many flaws, a lot, sometimes it’s hard not to think she is a whiny little girl. She has the wonderful chance to live in Paris for 9 months, experience things a lot of people dreams of doing their entire lives. She is young, she doesn’t know what she’s been offered, she is wasting a wonderful gift and why? Because she thinks her father wanted to punish her.

Reading how she was surprised about trivial things found in Paris made me realize that she was never interested in other cultures, she doesn’t know that other countries may have similar things like in the US. I don’t blame her, I’ve seen so many people have her exact same reaction in real life. It’s not uncommon, almost like “OMG they have coffee, who would’ve thought?”. I can see how a lot of reviewers hated her for being like that.

Well, so she arrives in Paris, cries a lot, has difficulties ordering food and realizes it is not so bad and, guess what? It has movie theaters. Crazy!
The nice thing about this book is that is cheesy, it has a lot of brown eyes love references, hair flipping and mean girls. Cheesy is good, is different from life, it’s an exaggeration of life in a good way.

If I say american boy with a British accent living in France what do you think? Ehh, no way, that can’t be the main boy in this book, right? Well, wrong! He “exists” and his name is Étienne St. Clair! He is a charming boy, he has a girlfriend (this part is really important!!), a father he hates, a mother he wants to see more, friends and, like any other love interest of females’ main characters, he is everyone’s crush, everyone wants a piece of him!
He and Anna become friends then best friends. They have a lot in common, also the fact the they don’t speak their mind. This is really something that bothers me, people don’t telling what they have in mind. It can be hard, I know well, but everyone who has watched movies or tv shows knows that not telling the truth right away leads to so many unnecessary problems! It was frustrating, I had feelings all over the place, I didn’t know who to root for, if everything they were doing was worth the pain!

I liked very much the side characters, they have passions, hobbies and they are important for the story, they aren’t only in the background. I loved how they saw she was having troubles and helped her.

Paris is an important part of the book. It’s not described as a guide book but as a person who has never seen it would have described it, with clichés and misconceptions. Paris is seen by a girl who has only seen Paris in pictures and movies, probably american ones so obviously it was seen from a very specific point of view. I would’ve described it differently but I have a different mind, I’ve seen different things, I’ve lived a different life.

The great thing about our minds is that we perceive things different from any other person, what’s nice to me it’s wonderful to another and awful to another. We see what’s in front of us in a way that it can’t be seen by any other person and that, in my opinion, is what makes every experience we make special.
I would love to go back to Paris and visit the places Anna visited and see them as she saw them.

Do I recommend it? If you like Paris and love stories then you’ll fall for this book but be ready to be mad at the characters, they deserve it!
Rate: 4/5


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