Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)

Title: Cinder
Author: Marissa Meyer
Why you should read this book: there are androids, cyborgs, a prince, and an evil nemesis from the Moon!

Cinder is an adopter cyborg. She is a mechanic and works like a slave and has to give her stepmother everything she earns. She is self-conscious and doesn’t like telling people she is a cyborg. She doesn’t even know why she is one, she doesn’t remember her past. She only knows her adoptive father died of a plague that is killing thousands of people and now she has to live with a hideous stepmother and two stepsisters. Luckily she has Iko, her android, to keep her company!

When I read the last page of this book I was “whaaaat??” I NEED the rest of the story!! I want to know more about all the characters, especially Cinder!!
She is a teenager being hated and bullied by her guardian and stepsister. I still can’t understand how there can be so much evil inside one person. I was furious, a lot of things were so unfair it hurt! At least Cinder has a cheerful android called Iko by her side. She lightens her mood and gives excellent advise to Cinder when she really needs it.

They all live in New Beijing, a lot of years in the future, more than a 100 years from the end of the 4th World War. New Beijing has an Emperor and a Prince: Crown Prince Kai! Everyone loves the prince, why shouldn’t them? Every girl wants to marry him and become a princess.
I keep giving him different faces, every single one of them is sweet and charming because he is sweet and super handsome!
I can’t wait to read about Kai and Cinder and I really hope they will have a happily ever after love story!

The story, like the title suggested, has a little “Cinderella” feeling, a few references, but it has a lot more mystery, magic and drama. The plague is terrible, all those people dying and no cure to stop it. The setting, with all the details, really transports you inside the story and you find yourself at the market in New Beijing next to Cinder repairing a little girl’s futuristic smartphone.

I’m just happy smartphones aren’t transparent like they always make them in sci-fi movies and tv shows!!

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a happily ever after ending!!

Do I recommend it? Yes, even if it’s not really Cinderella, the feeling is there and it fits perfectly with the story!
Rate: 4/5


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