Attachments by Rainbow Rowell ☆

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“Love. Purpose. Those are things that you can’t plan for. Those are things that just happen.”

Title: Attachments
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Why you should read this book: If you feel a little hopeless about your path in life maybe this book will help you a little like it did for me!

“The worst thing about the internet, as far as Greg’s bosses were concerned, was that it was now impossible to distinguish a roomful of people working diligently from a roomful of people taking the What-Kind-of-Dog-Am-I? online personality quiz”

Lincoln is starting a new job. He has to read the emails of the people working there then sending warnings if they use bad language, write personal emails etc. It’s not what he had in mind but it was the only one he found after going back home to live with his mom. He thinks he is been paid to do nothing but spying on his co-workers. His nights at work go slowly until he starts following the email conversations of two women, Beth and Jennifer. He can’t help but reading their emails, he feels a connection with Beth, even knowing she has a boyfriend. He doesn’t read the messages on purpose, they get flagged because they write personal emails almost everyday: now he is falling for Beth and he doesn’t even know how she looks like.

“He tried not to love that she could recite scenes from Ghostbusters, that she liked kung fu movies and could name all of the original X-Men— because those seemed like reasons a guy would fall for a girl in a Kevin Smith movie.”

Do you want to know what I’m doing? I’m smiling, smiling so much my face hurts!
I think I love everything this woman writes. Rainbow Rowell, you are our Queen! This book was lovely, funny, moving, I related so much to Lincoln I am seriously thinking about going to the gym (we all know that’s not going to happen, it is never going to happen).

When books are about teenagers I have so many feelings that make me feel young and careless. Then there are books like this one about people my age and things GET REAL!! I start having hope that maybe I’m not hopeless at all, maybe my time will come, my time to love again.

Lincoln hadn’t love in 8 years since the end of his one and only true relationship. That’s exactly what I’m living right now. I had a break up that took everything from me (almost 8 years ago, weird, right?) and gave me only fear of the world and self-esteem issues. Lincoln and I have a lot in common. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. First real love? Check. Moving away because of it? Check. Bad break up? Check. Having to move back home? Check. Afraid to move out and start writing “my story”? Check.
Unfortunately he is super cute and super tall and I’m nothing like that.

“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”

He have a “nosy job”: he has to read everyone’s email to see if they’re not breaking company rules. That’s a terrible job. Thanks to this job he starts reading, at first because it’s his duty, then for other reasons, the emails of Beth and Jennifer. These two women sure write a lot of personal emails at work! I think, for Lincoln, was like unwillingly eavesdropping your neighbors’ conversations because they talk really loudly. He had to read the flagged emails and send warnings. What else could he do? It was his job! Perfect excuse is perfect.

Of course I thought it was creepy but then he was so sweet. He is adorable. I love him, his sweet words, how he loves with all of himself, so much but not too much, the perfect “much”. Even if wasn’t good with people, they were still drawn to him. Lincoln’s character development was exactly how it was supposed to be, not forced like those movies where the lead changes who he/she is by magic, in a day, after one song.
I loved watching the time passing, the events occurring, people moving on like it’s suppose to happen, because that’s life. This could happen to anyone!

“I think I missed my window.”
“What window?”
“My get-a-life window. I think I was supposed to figure all this stuff out somewhere between twenty-two and twenty-six, and now it’s too late.”

I feel this book so close to me. It doesn’t describe my past but it has a lot in common with what I’ve been through. I haven’t talk to anyone about my fears because they are mine and if I don’t find a way to move on on my own I will never learn from my mistakes, just like Lincoln. It may take a while but I’m positive things will turn out the perfect way.

I will think about this book for a while, it is in my heart and will stay there forever.

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it, I say it from the bottom of my heart.
Rate: 5+++/5
☆: It made my “favourite books” list


2 thoughts on “Attachments by Rainbow Rowell ☆

  1. FuranBi

    Lo sto leggendo pure io 😀 volevo prendere un libro carino da leggere in inglese e la tua recensione mi aveva inspirato! Fino ad ora posso dire che è stato un ottimo consiglio ❤

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