The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman


“I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.”

Title: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Author: Neil Gaiman
Why you should read this book: If you like when things are not as they seem, this book may be for you

A man in his forties returns to his childhood home and finds himself at the pond at the end of the lane where he lived. He starts remembering events that happened when he was just a little boy of 7 years old, things beyond the world as he knew it. Forty years earlier an opal miner committed suicide and this fact started a chain of events and the boy founds himself involved in them. He is aided by 11-year-old Lettie Hempstock, her mother and grandmother, because an evil being is loose in the world and it must be stopped.

“I wondered, as I wondered so often when I was that age, who I was, and what exactly was looking at the face in the mirror. If the face I was looking at wasn’t me, and I knew it wasn’t, because I would still be me whatever happened to my face, then what was me? And what was watching?”

It took me so long to finish this book. I just wasn’t that interested in the story, I felt there was something missing for me. I just can’t explain what that was and I think I will never know it. There were a lot of interesting quotes and elements. A lot of things I could relate to but it wasn’t enough. The book is written wonderfully, it takes you to other realities, back to your childhood fears and thoughts. The frustration of adults that don’t listen, don’t try to believe what their kids say.
There was a part where the kid says that adults don’t take pleasure in small things because they are busy walking the same path every single day, the adult path, the boring path. I think that is a sad true and I’m happy to say that it doesn’t involve me, at least not 100%. I like to be the exception, the one that is wide awake without coffee, the one that sees the happy side of the ugliest day, that keeps getting amazed by the sky and the stars, that looks at the Moon and smiles because it’s so beautiful no matter what and it shines so bright reminding you that she is there. I want to be that kind of adult, the kind that believes in children’s stories, that takes pleasure in small things, that believes in every single mythological character and creature.

“I liked myths. They weren’t adult stories and they weren’t children’s stories. They were better than that. They just were.”

I started and finish this book without feeling any different and I really wanted to feel magic in me. I only felt mad at the adults, the father, the mother and of course Ursula! But that’s it, I didn’t want to feel mad, I want to be involved in the struggle, the adventure, I wanted to swim in that ocean.
I’m so sad I didn’t enjoy this book as much as it deserved to be enjoyed. It needs to be read not matter what I felt, it feels and is a great story.

Do I recommend it? Yes, even if it wasn’t my kind of book I know that you have to give it a chance.
Rate: 3-/5


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