Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams


“Some people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime.”

 Sincerely, Carter
Author: Whitney Gracia Williams
Why you should read this book: You should read this because it’s sweet, funny, adorable and really hot!!

“What’s wrong with my place?”
“I would answer that, but it never happened…”

Carter and Arizona are best friends since 4th/5th grade. They share everything, they know everything about each other: first kisses, first experiences, intimate details. Even though everyone thinks they are sleeping together they have never crossed that line, they always say that they are “just friends”. It’s true but one day Carter sees Arizona as a woman, not just as a friend and the same day Arizona feels a strong attraction for his childhood friend. What will happen now that both of them are falling in love with each other? Will their friendship be strong enough?

“I think you’re sexy as fuck, and if you weren’t my best friend, and this wasn’t a dream, I’d totally fuck you right now…”

Two best friends since forever. One day everything changes. But why that day?? Was the Moon in a favourable position? Were the planets aligned? The stars spoke and they found themselves wanting the other not as “friends” anymore. Just friends, you said?? Yeah, right. The first horny feeling and the just friends was long gone. My hormones were all over the place, good lord, Carter, you are fictional, don’t make me go insane, ok?

What can I do? I love Carter, I fell in love with him like every other girl in this book. I couldn’t help myself, he was just right.
Arizona and Carter’s friendship was really cute, unique. They spent so much time together, they knew everything about each other. Of course their ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends were jealous of both of them, of what they had. Every person in town were waiting for “them” to happen.

The last chapters were a crazy roller coaster. I felt like crying because I was mad, at Carter, at Arizona, at the World!
The ending made me relax and gave me that warm feeling I love. That exactly like it was supposed to end!

If only someone could give me a Carter for Christmas, I’ve been a very good girl!

Do I recommend it? Of course, bare yourself in front of this book, don’t be ashamed!
Rate: 4/5



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