Evenfall: Volume 2: Director’s Cut by Santino Hassell & Ais


“Don’t get killed or I’ll be very annoyed with you”
Boyd smiled. “Same to you. So be careful.”

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Title: Evenfall: Volume 2: Director’s Cut
Author: Santino Hassell & Ais
Why you should read this book: It’s the second part of the first big book, it’s a must read.

Summary from Goodreads:

The second volume follows Sin and Boyd through a long-term undercover mission in Mexico. They think the hardest part will be maintaining their covers and handling their attraction while living in close quarters, but that’s only the beginning of their newest trials.
When hard and fast decisions lead to catastrophic consequences, the two agents realize getting out of Mexico alive may be their biggest challenge yet.

It was usually Americans and Europeans who did the “you look exotic” thing, but that was typically because they didn’t realize Latin Americans came in all shades and with varying physical characteristics – including light eyes or a slight epicanthic fold.

It took me longer to finish this second volume of the first book because there were so many parts that made my heart suffer and I didn’t want it to be in pain so I waited to calm it down a little bit before proceeding.

There is a lot of Spanish in this book and a little bit of French. I am thankful I understand both languages or else it would’ve been hard following their mission in Mexico.


What the hell was he, the Mexican Batman?

Let’s start from the beginning. Sin is attracted to Boyd, we know that, it’s so obvious, everyone can see it. Sin is determined not to do anything about his attraction to Boyd so he is bitchy and makes himself unlovable. It’s not working, dear. Not working, at all!
Boyd is attracted to Sin, a lot, he wants to do something about it but every time one step is made forward, Sin escapes. One minute they are hugging and doing perv stuff, one minute later he is gone. Come on, Sin. Take that boy and do bad things to him. You want him, he wants you, and it’s not really that complicated.
They are on a mission in Mexico, by themselves for months, living in a little studio apartment without air conditioning. Read also: naked Sin!

Sin is working among civilians, Boyd is investigating drug gangs. Life proceeds almost normally. One day Boyd decided he wants to see if Sin wants him as much as he wants Sin. About time, let me say! The sexual tension in that apartment was too much to bear.

THE SCENE! Sex happens and that scene is hot, hot, hot and, you guessed right, HOT! They start opening up to each other, telling each other things about them that no one knows. Boyd trusts Sin with the story about why he freaked out when Sin tried to take off his shirt in Paris. Sin trusts Boyd with the story about his father and mother. Make out sessions and happiness everywhere. Can it last? Of course not. How can it last? It seems that the universe has some kind of an evil plan against their happiness. Shame on you, universe, not cool!

I was so mad at everything. At Boyd, at Sin, at the non-communication. At everything. The mission goes from bad to worse in a few pages and I thought about why Sin was nowhere to be found. At first I thought he made Jessica remove his chip so that he could stay with her. At was so mad at that scenario because, I get it, Boyd was a piece of sh*t saying what he said to Sin, but that was taking this ugly situation to a new horrible level. I was not ok with it!

Then Kassian came along saying Sin was dead and he saw right through Boyd. Love is not easy to hide. I know things about Kassian because I spoiled myself almost all the books. I’m that impatient. I don’t want to keep reading not knowing if they are going to be somewhat ok in the end.

Sin was almost dead. Boyd was a mess. Months passed. Sin woke up and the love is still there. Sin thinks only of Boyd and I’m so happy and in pain and my heart can’t take it.

And if you were gone, I wouldn’t want to be in this shitty world anymore.

The Agency was attacked. Who attacked it? What is going to happen now that Vivienne is in charge of the Agency with Carhart?

Are Boyd and Sin going to be ok? Arghhhh, this is so frustrating! They are going to suffer, we are going to suffer! Why did I put myself in this situation?? Why did I start reading these books???

Serves me right. It’s going to be painful.

Do I recommend it? If you liked the first volume you can’t miss this one.
Rate: 5/5


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