Spectacularly Broken (+ short story) by Sage C. Holloway


“Just because other people might have worse problems doesn’t mean you’re not allowed one.”

Title: Spectacularly Broken
Author: Sage C. Holloway
Why you should read this book: It’s not a long book but it’s really good and it’s worth it.

Summary from Goodreads:

Turns out naked and hungover on the floor is not the most strategically sound place to be when your dad comes home early. Take it from someone who learned the hard way: nineteen-year-old Lysander Shepherd – son of movie stars, spoiled brat, enthusiastic proponent of drugs and orgies… and now, unwilling resident of Oak Hill Manor, a retreat for troubled teenagers.

Before he knows what’s happening, his designer duds have been switched for tie-dye shirts in therapy team colors, and he is surrounded by an assortment of misfits: a timid nerd, a mute girl, a hyperactive kid… and captivating loner Cai Fields, who is admittedly pretty hot, but seems to hate the world in general and Lysander in particular.

Soon Lysander struggles with lies, withdrawal, and several uncomfortable revelations that he never intended to make, but he also gains surprising amounts of support right in the middle of secret late-night parties, fisticuffs over doing the dishes, and, of all things, croissant blackmail. Even as Cai and Lysander finally give in to the irresistible attraction between them and make a grasp for happiness, their darkest secrets remain – secrets with the power to destroy everything they’ve fought so hard to have.

“Fuck you. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows just ’cause I have money”
“Yeah, well, it still sounds a hell of a lot better than not having money.”

Deep, moving, important. You don’t get to choose what happens to you, your life can go on smoothly until the day you die or you can find your path filled with so many obstacles that makes you just want to give up. The important thing is reaching out, having people around who sees something wrong about you and gets you the help you need. It’s not truly a road to be cured, it’s a journey to get better and learn to live with whatever issues you may have, surrounded by people who loves you.

Such a short book with deep characters, each of them with hard pasts and on going issues keeping them from living their lives to the fullest. The only bad thing about this is that it’s too short. I could’ve read about the characters for hundreds of pages more.

“My full name is Lysander Aurelius Cassius Shepherd. Can you tell my father hated me from the start?”

Lysander is spoiled, rich, son of a famous actor, lives his life between parties and shopping. Not a healthy life. But why does he feel the need to do that? Why is he so bored with everything that he feels the need to drown himself in every addiction he can think of? Lys is a good guy, sweet and caring. He has an attitude, that can’t be denied, but he tries his best and it’s oblivious of the effect he has on others.

He is sent to a camp for troubled kids and makes friends with his group’s companions. There is one friend in particular who seems to have caught his attention, at first because they hated each other, then feelings were all over the place, one thing lead to another and, kaboom, one big mess.

His interaction with Cai is sweet and adorable, painful and intense. Lys is hiding his identity but strips himself of every other thing he’s been hiding inside of him. Lys feels so good with Cai and it’s a scary feeling, never felt before. What the hell is love and why he, of all the people, has to feel it? Oh boy, you cuddling beautiful human being, you were meant to fall head over heels for him.

“Hello.” I purred and raised my hands to stretch seductively.

Not everything is good, they share a lot of hot and romantically sweet moments, that’s true, but Cai is troubled, has so many issues he knows can’t be fixed. It’s okay not be perfect, to have pieces missing, pieces you know can’t be replaced because they are lost forever. Cai found in Lys someone who can fill his void, not fix his problems but help him moving on to new things in life, getting better and be loved, giving his best to shine even in dark situations.

I love how important is the support of one another. How every single one of the members of Lys’ group, opened up for one another, feeling safe in their little group, feeling it was okay to share their experiences to lift a weight that was keeping them from seeing that, no matter how black they feel, there is always place for a ray of sunshine, hope for a better future, for a smile, an understanding, a helping hand, a friend.

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it, I know it will give you lots of feelings.
Rate: 5/5


Title: Of Candy Canes and Fuzzy Handcuffs (Short story)
Author: Sage C. Holloway

“Transatlantic economy would have killed me dead.”

I feel you, man. Unfortunately, I’m not rich, I fly economy and it’s hell.

Too short, I need at least another chapter….our a hundred. After that last couple sentences, I am grinning like an idiot and I need confirmation about what is going on! Come on!!! Don’t leave me like this, I need more!

“Aw, you’re going all territorial caveman on me.” I grinned. “That’s kinda hot.”

I love how we can experience spoiled rich brat Lysander with his boyfriend! He is hilarious and Cai is sweet as hell. They sure are crazy about each other and that makes me so happy I want to cry.

Lexa and Finn, how cute! It’s incredible how they found each other and complement each other. They are adorable! Jarret, poor thing, I wish there were more parts about him, he was a little neglected.

Too short, I repeat, too short! Love me some more Lys and Cai!

“How do I come across?”
“Spoiled,” Cai said succinctly while he unlocked the door.
“I am not!”
“You own over a hundred pairs of shoes!”
“Yeah, but I need those,” I tried to argue my case. “There’s not a single pair that doesn’t go with at least one outfit I own.”

Do I recommend it? Yes, it gives you a sweet short story of our boys we came to love.
Rate: 5/5


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