The Rules of Ever After by Killian B. Brewer


“Your happiness shouldn’t deny another’s happiness. Don’t ever try to deny a person their happily ever after.”

Title: The Rules of Ever After
Author: Killian B. Brewer
Why you should read this book: Because it’s a fairytale and it is adorable!

Summary from Goodreads:

The rules of royal life have governed the kingdoms of Clarameer for thousands of years, but Prince Phillip and Prince Daniel know that these rules don’t provide for the happily ever after they seek. A fateful, sleepless night on top of a pea under twenty mattresses brings the two young men together and sends them on a quest out into the kingdoms. On their travels, they encounter meddlesome fairies, an ambitious stepmother, disgruntled princesses and vengeful kings as they learn about life, love, friendship and family. Most of all, the two young men must learn to know themselves and how to write their own rules of ever after.

“He is the beauty of my woods.”

Lovely and adorable book about everything I love. I love many things but give me a prince, a princess, a knight, kingdoms and adventures and I’m certainly going to love it.

The author gave me 2 wonderful princes, meant to fall in love and be together against all odds. Then he gave me a lot of badass princesses willing to go against the rules to get themselves their happily ever after. What else? He gave me a knight, a beautiful, funny and brave knight with a thirst for adventures. And finally, he gave me a scribe, an adorable little guy with the talent to write every event he’s seen during his life.

“This is the answer to Phillip’s marriage problem.”
“I don’t have a marriage problem. I’m not married. No problem.”

Rules, rules, rules! Our Phillip is stuck with so many rules he has to obey that his life is always boring an uneventful. His stepmother wants him to marry the princess who can pass the pea under 20 mattresses test. Phillip doesn’t want to get married to a princess; he likes princes so he does everything is his power to make the poor princesses fail. This brings so many hilarious situations in the future that he can’t imagine!

“Well, Philly,” she said and shrugged, “it appears Thora was right, and your gate swings to that side of the pasture!”

Thanks to this silly test, he meets Prince Daniel. Daniel is wandering the kingdoms with his knight and best friend, James, to find a cure for his insomnia curse. Two years without sleeping, don’t sound fun at all. Fate wants that Daniel is also interest in princes rather than princesses. Isn’t fate wonderful? Unfortunately, there’s an evil witch because a fairytale without a witch is not possible. This evil sorcerer, she is also Phillip’s stepmother, wants to rule the kingdoms and she is willing to do anything to succeed.

“Oh, Sleeping Heavenly Peas! Best investment I ever made.”

What happens? She does evil things that take our princes, followed by Peter the scribe, James the knight, and a mystery guest, to wander from one kingdom to another to look for help to defeat the witch. Little they know that the princesses, who failed the “pea test” and were declared unfitted to be princesses by the evil witch, are out there and they want revenge on our very own Prince Phillip. What he thought was an innocent trick not to marry any of them, was instead the bringer of suffering on the poor girls.

“Come on. We need to go rescue the damsel in distress from herself.”

Not very poor, they have very strong personalities and they sure know what they want. They won’t have the ridiculous rules tell them what to do with their lives. That’s exactly what Prince Phillip needs; he knows he can’t marry a woman but he thinks he can’t marry a man because the rules say a man and a woman must marry, become king and queen, reign over a kingdom and produce heirs etc etc. The rules are stupid! Phillip will grow so much throughout the book from these encounters and he will gain so much from each one of them.

“I sat around for two years waiting for someone to come along and fix my problems. No one came, and nothing changed. Then I realized that maybe the person I was waiting for was me. So I went out to find my own answers.”

The author is using these fairytales references to show us how dumb our society is. Giving us standard behaviors to follow, a mold to fit in, and only one thing to believe in. That’s not fair because the beauty about being human is that we can choose the path that suits us, may it be the path chosen by others or a totally different path we choose for ourselves. Our path may change: what I like today, I won’t like tomorrow or I will like it forever. There’s not a rule, how can there be a rule if we evolve everyday learning from what’s around us, from our mistakes and experiences?

“Believe it or not, some people are happy just to see you be happy.”

The beauty about this book is that it’s magical, it takes you to many different kingdoms but you still feel like it’s a contemporary book. It has all the elements mixed perfectly in an adorable fairytale with beautiful characters and overwhelming feelings, feelings fueled by anger, adventure, family, friendship, and love.

So, long story short: If you don’t like it, change it.

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s lovely and it deserves to be read, of that I am sure.
Rate: 4/5


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