The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver


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Title: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
Author: E.K. Weaver
Why you should read this book: This is a very sweet comic about two very different guys knowing each other and facing stuff, it’s really nice.

Summary from Groodreads:

In the span of a single day, Amal calls off his arranged marriage, comes out to his conservative parents, promptly gets disowned, goes on a bender… and wakes up the next morning to find TJ, a lanky, dreadlocked vagrant, frying eggs and singing Paul Simon in his kitchen.

TJ claims that the two have made a drunken pact to drive all the way from Berkeley to Providence. As it happens, Amal promised his sister he’d be there for her graduation from Brown University. And TJ, well… TJ has his own reasons.

The agreement is simple: Amal does the driving; TJ pays the way – but a 3500 mile journey leaves plenty of time for things to get complicated.

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This was so cute and funny, it had me reading until late at night after I came back from an endless wedding party!

It was longer than I expected it to be, but in any way hard to keep up. The drawings are really good, there aren’t many “adult” content, the right amount and everything was perfect. I liked watching their expressions, how they changed little by little during their road trip. Secrets spilling out, both of them learning to know each other.

TJ is a wonderful character. I just hate how he dresses, I couldn’t love it, how could I? He dresses just like my nemesis, my hippy neighbour, the one who sings at any damned time of the day and goes around town shoeless with a guitar, delighting (in his opinion) everyone’s life. Not, dear, you are not delighting my life, I like quiet days, not your neomelodic tunes at 3 am!!


Amal is troubled, conflicted and very scared. I think meeting TJ was really the perfect thing that could’ve happened to him during that hard time he was having. They are so different, both with issues to solve, both maybe looking for answers, trying to change their lives for the best. One running from problems, the other running towards a better tomorrow. I love how well they are for each other.

The ending was perfect, couldn’t have hopped for a better one even if I wanted to see more! I know there is an epilogue with 3 endings but, of those 3, I only want to read one because that’s how I imagined it went on after that last page. I will find a way to read it asap and be happy for a long time.

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is worth your time, it’s short so it won’t take a lot of it.
Rate: 5/5


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