A Bear in Paris by Max Vos, K.C. Wells


Title: A Bear in Paris
Author: Max Vos, K.C. Wells
Why you should read this book: Delicious book about finding love again after having your heart broken. How cuter can this be?

Summary from Goodreads:

It had been Rhett Beaumont’s life-long dream to visit Paris, the city of love. He had a strong connection with the city through his parents, who amazingly enough, conceived him there. Sadly, he was seeing the city alone, his heart still not healed from being broken.

When his predilection for French pastries yielded a hot chef, passions of a different sort started to heat up. Would Luc le Monnier, the French Pastry Chef, be enough to mend Rhett’s heart? What would happen when Rhett needed to return home, to Charleston?

Will it only be a summer love…or more?


What a delicious little book. Maybe a little too short, the end a little too rushed but it felt good, it felt right. Reading this made me realize how I want to visit Paris again, for real as an adult this time (the last time I went was in 2012 and we only saw the Eiffel Tower and stayed in a Disney hotel, we were there for 3 days). Maybe by myself, like Rhett did, to savor the atmosphere, the people, the food, at my own pace.

Rhett is heartbroken. Two years ago he was left by his boyfriend of 6 years, for his best friend. How rude is that? Of course now Rhett has his heart locked up to avoid being hurt again. He planned this vacation to Paris with his ex and his mom convinced him to still go: a month in beautiful Paris can only make you feel good, right? Right, and if you are a handsome young man staying a month in the gayest part of Paris you might be in luck for some treats.

Rhett is so lucky; being in Paris for a whole month and eating everything he wants. For breakfast one day he bought a croissant, three éclairs, three pieces of pie and a baguette, and he ate them all! His mouth was watering from the delicious pastries but also because the patissier was a handsome guy with a cute and flirty smile. Rhett goes sightseeing, he meets an American couple and tag along in a couple visits and treats himself with more delicious food: he is afraid of gaining so much weight and he will because he is eating everything in very large quantities.

Rhett’s choices of food made me so hungry. I kept picturing myself buying a baguette from a boulangerie, purchasing some cheese and salami from the Italian deli and going to the park next to the Seine to have a nice and delicious picnic. What a nice feeling that must be, maybe with a book and the noise of the city as background music. I really need to go asap!

The cute patissier is Luc, another heartbroken man. What is it with these exes ruining these poor guys’ lives? Poor babies, their hearts in pieces and trust issues. They are afraid to start something new because it can end with them in pain and, knowing how much it hurts, they are cowards and don’t think it’s a good idea to dream. Luckily fate and food bring the two together and I knew they will make everything work. Rhett is a nice guy, he has stability in his life and he worked hard. Luc is the owner of his own shop, master patissier and excellent chef, sweet, flirty and proud of who he is. Rhett can see Luc is different, that he is special and it’s willing to put himself out and risk a little. It isn’t to late to love again; it’s never too late to love!

And if Paris isn’t the perfect place to love again and find happiness, then all is lost!! I want a little of that French magic, please, with a side of buttery croissants and a big box of various chocolates!

The epilogue was so cute, a little cheese and so romantic. I wanted to read a little more about them after the last chapter and before the epilogue but I was extremely satisfied by the amount of love and positivity this book offered that all is forgiven! I loved this book!

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is sweet, it has food and it has love.
Rate: 4/5


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