Coin Tricks by Willow Scarlett


You look at me like I’m magic.

Title: Coin Tricks
Author: Willow Scarlett
Why you should read this book: A cute and adorable story about two different guys falling slowly in love despite everything.

Summary from Goodreads:

Wire’s too huge and intimidating to find love… but that doesn’t stop him dreaming.

His size has defined his whole life, from his jobs as a bouncer and store security to his brief and unsatisfying relationships. But beneath his scary appearance, Wire’s kind and loving. He cares for his family and his dog and imagines a future with a goat at his side.

Then he catches Sid stealing soap.

Sid’s a cute librarian and aspiring magician, raising his sister alone and stealing when he can’t make ends meet. Wire should report the theft to the cops but instead he takes food parcels to Sid, and an unlikely friendship forms. Sid is shy and scared at first, but with time he reveals his inner strength and the burning ambition that makes him the opposite of Wire’s laid-back aimlessness.

Wire falls hard. But he’s never been anything more than disposable to goats, and he can’t bear to have his heart broken by his only friend. And years of trying to be different can’t hide the fact that Wire was raised to be rough, to think with his fists and ask questions later. He keeps making a bad impression on Sid without meaning to, running the risk of losing Sid before they have the chance of finding something more together.

They have to struggle with work and their families and the weight of the past, trying to unite their very separate lives to create something new and beautiful. Wire knows his dreams of love are just that: Dreams. Sweet but impossible. But that doesn’t stop him dreaming

That’s how Sid made me feel, like I could support him on my shoulders, like I was huge for a reason now—to be able to support him. And it was the best feeling in the world

I needed a super happy and sweet book to relax myself and I read that this had a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect!! It was indeed beautiful and cute and it also had parts that made me sad and angry at the characters.
What I love the most about this book is that it’s set in New Zealand. This is my first book in that country and guess what? The main character, Wire, is a big fluffy and adorable Maori guy.

Guess that’s how you measure a friend: not how long they’ve been in your life, but how much better they make it.

Wiremu, in short Wire, is big and scary looking. He works as a bouncer in a gay pub and as a guard in a store. He thinks those are the only jobs he is allow to do. Wire has a big family, like really big. Almost all of them live together and the ones married living elsewhere are almost always there. There’s plenty of food, plenty of fun, plenty of family love.

He looked at me and grinned right into my heart.

On the other hand there is Sid, a scrawny red-haired guy raising his little sister of 9 years old all by himself. He has rent, bills and so many other things to pay and he can’t make it. So he steals. He shoplifts whenever he has to. That’s sad. He also has some kind of deal with the guards of some stores: they let him keep what he steals in exchange of a beating. What’s wrong with people? Sid is also a librarian and a magician in training. He is always doing coin tricks.

Sid smiled a sweet little smile all warm and soft like clothes right out of the dryer. That smile did funny things to my insides and I tried not to think about it.

One “lucky” night Sid shoplifts in the store Wire works at and that’s how they meet: Wire catching Sid stealing soap and crackers to give his sister as a birthday present. Things sure started weird between them. They are so different. One big and surrounded by a million family members, while the other tiny and fragile with only his sister by his side.

You’re the magic that I grew up and stopped believing in.

Wire has a big heart, he cares about people, and his heart is as big as his body, which is a lot. He is huge! Their friendship starts in a weird way with Wire taking Sid and his sister his family’s leftovers. Little by little Sid starts warming up to him and making him cute bracelets, not without fighting over what seems to Wire like trivia stuff. Sid has his pride and he doesn’t want Wire’s charity and pity. He doesn’t know that, for Wire, this is not charity, he came to care so much about Sid and his sister and when you care about someone so much you want to see them happy, right? Wire wants to see Sid’s smile and take his troubles away.

“I don’t need tricks. I don’t need magic. I just need to know that you want me to kiss you.”

Pointless to say that Wire falls in love with Sid almost immediately but he doesn’t do anything about it because he thinks people can’t love him. He thinks he is unlovable because he is huge and scary and people can’t see beyond that. His self-pity is his biggest flaw, maybe one of his very few ones. Otherwise he is adorable, honest, caring and a big teddy bear. He wants to take action, try touching Sid’s hand, maybe even kiss him but he is 300% sure Sid can’t never be interested in him. Why can’t he see beyond the “nobody loves me” fog clouding his judgement? Why can’t he see Sid is indeed interested and do something about it?

I knew all about happy endings and I knew they only happened in movies. Never for big no-hope mongrels like me. I wasn’t the man that anyone fell for, I wasn’t the man you’d marry.

It’s great that in this book is that things happen slowly; it takes months for them to get together. You know they are going to be together, it’s obvious but how are they going to realize they are in love? It’s funny how Wire’s family and Sid’s sister are involved in their development; they help them realize how much better their lives are with each other in them. Wire understands he needs to move on with his live and start wanting things for himself rather than always be the one helping others, and Sid needs to accept a helping hand and stop thinking people are telling him how to live his life.

Sid was my impossible dream. He was the promise of something so good that I knew I could never have it and that was both pretty and sad to think.

This book is sweet and adorable and made me really interested in Maori culture and language. I loved that Wire used a lot of Maori words and I loved even more that they were explained at the end of the book. I found myself intrigued and now I want to visit New Zealand as soon as possible. And of course I love Wire and Sid together, how they blushed when one of them said something nice, how flirty Sid made big Wire become speechless and embarrassed. I just love them together and that makes me really happy.

Do I recommend it? Yes, a little sad but really cute, a perfect light read.
Rate: 5/5


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