Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings by Leta Blake, Alice Griffiths


“Patrick, are you telling me you didn’t know how old your husband was until just this second?”
Patrick shrugs. “He looked legal. They let me marry him. That’s all that matters.”
“Oh my God, you’re ridiculous.”

Title: Will & Patrick Do the Holidays
Author: Leta Blake, Alice Griffiths
Why you should read this book: Fourth book and now things get kinky!

Summary from Goodreads:

Will and Patrick have embraced adding hot sexy-times to their fake marriage, but as their emotions deepen, they confront whether or not they want to be more than friends-with-benefits. Freshly free of a restrictive relationship, Will’s not ready for more than exploratory fun. And no matter how Patrick feels about Will, his own difficult past has left him wary of love.

The heat is high (and occasionally kinky) in this episode of the Wake Up Married serial, but Will and Patrick struggle to accept their mutual affection, much less confess it. How long will they fight their feelings?

Because Will’s not going to let Patrick go any time soon, and, no matter how Patrick might fight it, not ever.

Sexy times all night, sexy times in the morning, that’s how I like my boys. That until they start fighting their feelings and lying to each other! That awful guy posing as a human being, Ryan, is finally out of town, and I hope he’s never coming back. Will and Patrick are closer to each other, sharing secrets, past traumas, and present difficulties. Of course there was going to be something else between those two and the happiness they deserve!

“The bed. The bed again. Against the wall, and then the bed. And both of us always come.”

Difficult in the shape of feelings. Ohhhhhh scary feelings of, guess what? Love, scary feelings of love. Patrick seems to be the first to fall and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with love and emotions in general. He wants to focus on his job at the hospital saving lives, and he wants to have fun in bed with his fake husband until the divorce can happen. But it is really the truth? Does he really want to get out of Will’s life and move on? Can he do that? Isn’t he too involved right now?

Damn him for being a genius. He’s too smart to believe his own lies.

Patrick thinks Will doesn’t want a relationship since, now free from Ryan, he can experiment and be with whoever he wants. Will believes Patrick wants the divorce and stay friends, nothing more than that. Oh boy, are they both completely wrong! They have to be true to each other and say out loud they love each other. Patrick loves Will, he knows it and it scares the hell out of him. Will loves Patrick but he doesn’t want to admit it. Come on, guys, you are killing me here! Say those words out loud, it won’t hurt and it won’t ruin what you have, it will improve it, I’m sure of that!

“I love him. He makes me want to vomit. But in a good way.”

The ending, what the hell!!! I hope that weird situation will get them to be honest with each other. At least some good can come from something so twisted!

Do I recommend it? Of course, it gets kinky and feelings are getting involved.
Rate: 4/5


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