Tattoos & Teacups by Anna Martin


He’s beautiful and he’s mine.

Title: Tattoos & Teacups
Author: Anna Martin
Why you should read this book: Because it’s a story of a scottish falling in love with a rock musician, it’s a must read.

Summary from Goodreads:

As a teenager, Robert McKinnon left his native Scotland and moved to America. That was sixteen years ago, and Professor McKinnon has never quite settled in his new home or found his place this side of the pond. He might be prematurely old, but he has his cat, and his books, and that’s all he needs.

Then Chris Ford explodes into Robert’s life with a crash of cymbals. The younger man is the polar opposite of Robert’s calm civility. Bright tattoos cover his skin, and he wears his hair in a Mohawk and plays drums for a rock band. But he’s a shot of color in Robert’s black-and-white world, and Robert turns out to be the one thing Chris can count on. Despite all the reasons it shouldn’t work, somehow it does.

Even if Robert wasn’t looking for love especially not with someone nearly ten years his junior he can’t deny being with Chris is fun. But sometimes Chris’s free-spirited nature leaves Robert feeling vulnerable. If they can’t find a balance between tattoos and teacups, their relationship won’t survive and neither will Robert’s newfound lust for life.

He offered me everything: his body, his heart. And he trusted me to take care of them.

Tattoos & Teacups is a wonderful journey into the life of Scottish Professor Robert McKinnon. A black and white life. He goes to University to a job he loves, goes home, drinks tea, goes to sleep and the next morning he does the same things all over again. He hasn’t been in a relationship in a very long time and he hasn’t been in love. He has a teenage daughter with his best friend: he always knew he was gay even when his parents told him it was just a phase. When his best friend told him how could he know he was gay if he’d never tried sex with a woman he said, okay, let’s give it a shot. The whole experience left both of them unsatisfied, he had the confirmation he was indeed gay and she got pregnant. Oh well, that’s life, right? Weird things happen!

She shrugged and gave me that blank teenager look that said, You’re old.

So, Robert is 32 years old and he has the soul of an old man but I would like to point out that 32 is not old at all!! This bothered me a little bit because I am 30 years old with the soul of the eternal young woman and the fact the not only Robert but also everyone around him thought he was old made me a little mad. These descriptions made me picture Robert differently at first but then I forced my mind into seeing him as an attractive 32 year YOUNG man and everything turned out perfectly fine. He is charming and polite, has a life of his own and it’s not really afraid of jumping into a new adventure. He doesn’t think highly of himself and that’s going to be Chris’ job from the moment they met until the end!

“My name,” I said, pulling myself up to my full (seated) height, “is Robert Andrew McKinnon. The second. Who the hell are you?”
“Chris. Christopher Jacob Ford. The only. I like your accent.”

Robert met Chris at a pub one night he went out with a friend and he was really drunk. Chris is a beautiful 23-year-old percussionist who is in a rock band and has a lot of bright tattoos covering his fit body. Blond and blue eyes, he is dreamy and funny and a joy to be with. They started seeing each other and it’s this quiet journey to knowing each other to the core. Slow paced dates, little by little they started being more for each other, they can talk easily and they are never bored. There are difficulties mainly due to the age gap but they are great for each other, they found the perfect partner to share everyday life.

“Bloody Gerard bloody Butler is the bane of my bloody existence!”

“Never.” I rolled my eyes.

Their love is sweet and hot. I love how there are so many kisses. Kisses are so much more important than sex even if their intimate life is really steamy. Wow, they really keep themselves busy! Chris really is the color he needed in his black and white life. Robert starts focusing not only in his work but also in making Chris happy. They fall in love without effort, it’s what was supposed to happen because they are so good together and life is better since they met. Robert is very pragmatic and relies in his daily schedule and Chris is a free spirit who finds in Robert a man he can trust all of himself. And he is right, Robert is the right man, he is the kind of person I’m looking for, someone to share a lifetime together.

“This one’s for Rob,” Chris said into the mic, grinning in my direction. They played a rocked- out version of “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel. The little shit.

There is this part of the book that hurt my heart deeply. I knew things were going to be okay but still I couldn’t keep myself from crying because it hurt so much. Sometimes we don’t know how much someone weighs into our lived until that person is not there anymore. Life gives us things, maybe it’s not that we don’t take them for granted but we don’t dedicate every single second of the day to them, so when these things disappear for a reason we understand how much they were part of ourselves and the pain for losing them is so strong that we don’t know how to keep ourselves from crying to sleep every single day. Maybe it’ll pass, maybe not, the thing is that it’s going to hurt like crazy.

Like Superman. Only Superman never walked around in a daze. Superman never got to the grocery store and had no idea what food was in the cupboard and what he needed to buy. And I bet Superman never pulled over on the side of the road with a paper bag on the passenger seat full of cereal and cat food and cried until he thought his chest might break.

I love Robert and Chris together and I love how they kiss all the time. Their kisses are so sweet, deep and emotional. I love kissing and I love how kisses are really important in their relationship. Fun fact: once someone broke up with me because I enjoyed kissing a little too much. Can you believe it? Yes, I like kissing, yes, I want to kiss the one I’m with and I don’t see what’s wrong in that. I need to find someone like Robert or Chris who understands how intimate is kissing and how important it is to do it with the right feelings involved. Yay to kissing!

“Oh, you owe me one,” he says. “You owe me an hour-long rimjob while I eat ice cream and watch Gossip Girl with no sarcasm.”
“At the same time?”
“Fuck, yeah. I can multitask.”

So many fun times in this book that made me love this even more. Give me two characters that meet, fall on love, work out their differences between fun and serious stuff, are cheesy and steamy in and out of bed, give me a happy ending and I will certainly have heart shaped eyes and a huge grin on my face for days. These kinds of books give me life! They are the color in my dull daily routine. If you like the genre this is a must read!

All of this is home. And I know now that my home is where he is, not this little apartment that has been too small for me for years but a real home where we can make it ours.


Did you notice I just said whom correctly?”
“I did. Well done.”
“Thanks, Professor.” He smirks.

Hahahaha I love them so much!

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s adorable how two different people can come together and become a beautiful couple.
Rate: 4/5


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