Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone / Opening Alex / Alex on Top by Emory Vargas

rock rod trilogy

Alex wakes up in a cocoon. He’s a little afraid to emerge from it. He feels different already, and he half- expects to have grown wings. Big, gay wings.

Alex Undone –> Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone
Opening Alex –> Rock Rod Studios Presents: Opening Alex (Rock Rod, #2)
Alex on Top –> Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex on Top

Title: Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone / Opening Alex / Alex on Top
Author: Emory Vargas
Why you should read this book: Because it’s a mini trilogy and it’s hot as hell!

#1 Alex Undone

“You’re a brat. I like you. Take your pants off.”

Alex is adorably funny and inexperienced and he is doing his first gay porno. Yes, he answered a craiglist ad and he is doing it. He is, in his opinion, a straight guy, and these videos he is going to film are about a straight guy being, mmmm, taken apart by a big gay dude with a perfect body and a very proportionate “work tool”. It’s funny how I think the most perverted things but then I can’t say them because I get extremely embarrassed. I use codes!

Alex doesn’t really know what to expect. He had a gay experience in college when his drunken roommate gave him a blowjob and he didn’t hate it, at all. He wanted him to do it again but it didn’t happen. He is willing to put himself in the gay industry so he can find out more about himself and earn money for a car. It’s a win-win situation!

He meets Peter and he intrigues him. Peter is flirting with him and he loves it. I know Peter has issues and he likes to bring home inexperienced boys to mess with but there is something different about Alex and maybe this beautiful and curious boy will change the way he sees his life. I like Peter very much with his tattoos, his fetishes and shyness.

Steamy and funny, the combination I like the most. This book made me laugh and made me horny. What more can I ask? This was delicious in a very dirty way!

#2 Opening Alex

It’s Peter’s fault. Peter causes moaning and all the erections.

Alex and Peter are still messing around with each other and maybe some feelings are involved. Alex is definitely falling for Peter: he thinks he is sweet, funny, smart and hot as hell and he wants to see him happy. Peter has secrets but with Alex he is letting go and it’s steamy and I love it!

Second video call for Alex: he has to shoot being bottomed for the first time. He has to give up his butt virginity. Oh good Lord of the gay porn heaven: that was one hell of an experience. Alex’s thoughts while he was being given the pleasure of a lifetime were the best, so descriptive and erotic. Yeah, I love these mini books.

She’s some kind of boner assistant and faux cum specialist.

The side characters are also very funny. Miranda, the director, who notices something about Alex and Peter; and we can’t forget little Cory, the porn magician. You can see how much she loves her job and, oh hell, I’d love to do what she does, contributing in bringing to life those magnificent videos of beautiful men doing unholy things.

I could read forever about Alex learning so many new things about the gay porn industry and being gay in general (the drugstore scene!!), and about Peter and his adorableness that I have a weakness for. (those little smiles!! Peter, you are killing me).

#3 Alex on Top

“Peter has heart- eyes the size of Montana for you. You could give him a head rub and he’d probably find a way to get off on it.”

Oh yeah, people of the world, the boys are hot for each other and it’s amazing. It was just a matter of time; those two had chemistry in bed (or bathroom or wherever) and out of it. Everyone saw it coming, it was pretty obvious the love was going to bloom and it was going to be great. Take the cluelessness of Alex, put in the shyness but experience of Peter and you have an explosive duo. They make fireworks together!

Miranda saw this and wants Alex to top Peter on the new porno video she is going to film. To get to that Alex has to talk more to Peter, unveil his secrets and share more about themselves.

I love how Alex isn’t really scared to try new things. See….the Assinator 3000!!! The new fuckmachine of the agency! That scene was so hot I don’t know if I’m going to be able to forget it easily. It will hunt me in a good way for the rest of my days. Alex is in this new world of marvels and he is willing to try everything he can. Give him sex toys, give him new positions, give him everything!!!

Alex still thinks it’s weird, but his dick thinks it’s awesome. At least according to the erection he’s trying to hide by standing slightly behind Peter.
Cory grins. “It’s cute when Alex thinks we can’t see him sporting wood.”

Alex and Peter grow a lot even if the books are short and the time span isn’t long. Peter is afraid of losing Alex if he knows about his past. Peter thinks Alex will be disgusted if he knew all of his fetishes. It’s sad but I’m happy everything turns perfectly fine for the both of them; they are such a cute couple.

“It’s a good teaching tool for our new subs.”
Alex is pretty sure she doesn’t mean substitutes or submarines or sandwiches.

They have normal university student life and they have this incredible hot job. They are now a couple and go to dates but then they do sexy stuff at work and it’s not weird. It’s how it is. Miranda’s husband is a gay porn actor and Cory goes with her boyfriend to bdsm clubs to have fun every now and then. Maybe it’s not everyone’s kind of life but it’s a nice compromise for the ones doing that job.

Alex doesn’t know what’s the most surprising— the fact that Miranda is married or that she’s married to a dude or that the dude she’s married to has sex with other dudes.

I have seen my fair share of pornos and being in the head of an actor it’s a really interesting experience, it gives you a different point of view of the whole situation. I know I will watch them a little bit differently from now on.

I will miss Alex and Peter….Alter, sexy OTP!

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s hot and it’s funny, I loved all three books.
Rate: 4/5


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