Delicious by Sierra Riley


“Maybe I just need something delicious in my life.”

Title: Delicious
Author: Sierra Riley
Why you should read this book: He bakes, he is an oblivious touchy-freely person, it’s a win combination and the story is worth your time.

Summary from Goodreads:

When Ben asks Gavin to be part of a promotional campaign for the small, home town bank that has been in his family for generations, he inadvertently causes an accident that leaves Gavin unable to work. While Gavin worries that he’ll lose everything that he’s worked so hard for, Ben is blindsided by his unexpected attachment to the other man. Thrown together, both will find that just because nothing is missing, it doesn’t mean they can’t each find exactly what they need once they finally come together.

The best day of my life has become every day, simply because you’re in it.

I was going to give this book 4 stars because I give 5 stars to books in which I don’t find a single annoying flaw (with little exceptions), but that epilogue was just perfect. I cried and I wasn’t really expecting it. My heart did all the work and I just exploded at that sentence, not even spoken by the main characters, but that was so true for them that it made my feelings burst. I want that kind of magic in my life, too.

“Straight? Um… yes?”

Ben is a banker. He is straight, or so he says because he has never thought about being anything else. He’s had girlfriends, nothing serious and nothing has ever given him the enthusiasm love should give. He thought he wasn’t wired for love and he was mildly ok with it…until he met Gavin.

Gavin had gone and fallen for the man he knew he couldn’t have.

Gavin is a young entrepreneur who owns a bakery called Delicious. He is a customer in Ben’s family bank and he is chosen by Ben to be part of a marketing campaign he is working on. This and a crazy accident caused by the terrible tension they are feeling for one another, lead the both of them to spend a lot of time together.

Gavin pulled his eyes away from Ben’s assets with an effort.

Gavin, being gay, can’t deny Ben is really attractive and charming. He starts falling for the man knowing nothing will come out of it because he is certain the man is straight. Our super tall banker is really touchy-freely with everyone, particularly with Gavin, and this is driving the baker crazy. How can he get over this silly crush if Ben keeps sending sparks all over his body every time he touches him?

“I was just curious,” Ben mumbled.
“Curious?” Gavin repeated back, shifting in his seat. “How ‘curious’ are you, exactly, Ben? Just so we’re clear.”

Ben really touched Gavin a lot. His subconscious is trying to tell him something but he is not willing to listen. He is afraid and he doesn’t want to acknowledge his growing attraction to Gavin. Both of them were really oblivious and it was driving me crazy!

The man was either oblivious, or… or nothing. He was oblivious.

The story is really sweet and it made me smile a lot. I thought it was close to perfect and with that epilogue it left me with a heart full of love and happiness. I would love to find someone who looks at me the way they looked at each other. Such magic has to exist in real life, right? It’s not useless for me to dream?

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it if you are in need of a sweet love story.
Rate: 5/5


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