Love Lessons by Heidi Cullinan


The jeans hugged and molded and said, I am a gay boy with a fine ass and nice package to go with it, and while I’m a nice boy on the surface, I truly want you to take these jeans off and fuck me. Just be nice when you ask, because I have standards.

Title: Love Lessons
Author: Heidi Cullinan
Why you should read this book: Because Kelly is a Disney harcore fan and so am I!

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Let me tell you that I started this ebook because the other ebook I was reading (and I’m still reading, oh my) was so depressing I was starting to have more nightmares than usual. I needed something light and fun and full of love. Well, this had fun and love but it wasn’t 100% light; the boys had issues and things are not were as easy as I wanted them to be but I was promised a happy ending and it delivered it wonderfully! Can’t complain!

Walter is 22 years old and his family is a mess. He has commitment issues and sleeps around. Walter is sweet, caring and is afraid of people abandoning him so he tries not to get attached but unfortunately it happens and he can’t do anything about it. He has never fallen in love and doesn’t want to; he has closed his heart to avoid getting hurt but he doesn’t know what’s around the corner, WHO is around the corner in a very cramped room with a face that blushes so much Walter gives him the nickname “Red”!

Just because I blush a lot doesn’t mean I don’t want sex or that I need sex pretty.

Kelly is 18 years old, fresh out of high school and fresh out of the closet. He has all the allergies in the world, he loves Sia and is a hardcore Disney fanboy. And when I say fanboy I mean the king of all Disney fanboys around the world. He loves Disney so much he has this dream of finding his one true love, his prince charming in college, the one who will steal his heart and be with him forever. I love Kelly with all my heart; he is sweet, funny, strong, and he blushes so much it’s adorable.

Kelly and Walter find each other reluctantly as roommates and they are so well matched they become best friends almost instantly. They are opposites and they work so well. Of course, there are sad parts, frustrating parts, parts in which I wanted to punch Walter and/or his family. There were parts I was in pain but that was okay because it was a journey to a happy beginning they both deserved!

“‘Life is pain, princess. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.’”

I realized, after finishing it, that I liked it a lot also because it wasn’t always happy and easy. The struggles made the story more relatable. Of course I wanted things to go smoothly from beginning to end, that’s how I am, I am a happily ever after kind of girl. I love Disney like Kelly after all! My favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch, though, not a love oriented Disney movie. I love it because I relate to the sister part and I love the concept of building a family of your own when you don’t have a blood family anymore. I keep the Ohana concept in my heart always!

Walter and Kelly are two of a kind, I love them and life is going to give them Disney moments and happiness all around! My boys are happy so I am happy!

Do I recommend it? Yes, sweet and fun, a book I want to share with people.
Rate: 4/5


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