Adulting 101 by Lisa Henry


Adulting is hard.
The struggle is real.

Title: Adulting 101
Author: Lisa Henry
Why you should read this book: Because who isn’t afraid about the mysterious future?

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Lately (besides that one heavy book that ruined many sunny days) I’ve been reading really nice books. I’ve been very satisfied with my choices. Maybe some are not for everyone but I know what I like and the choices I made were very fitting.
This ebook, read in just a few hours, was made of sunshine and pizza. Who doesn’t like the sun and pizza? No, I don’t want to talk about those 2 years I was certain I hated pizza and didn’t eat it. Who was that girl? Not me!

Nick and Jai are the main characters even if I think we get to know a little bit more Nick’s side of the story that Jai’s.

Wow. Not only are newspapers still a thing, but so is The Family Circus, huh? Nick then spends ten minutes googling the history of The Family Circus, gets sidetracked by a few random links, and then it’s suddenly two hours later and he’s been sucked down a bishounen rabbit hole on Tumblr.
It happens.
It happens a lot, actually.

Nick is 18 years old and just graduated. He is horny as hell and determined to deal with it, if possible with Jai, tall, hot and perfect Jai! Responsibilities aren’t his things and he is not sure if he wants to go to college but doesn’t know what he wants to do if he doesn’t go. It’s a dilemma. Lots of people struggle with decisions about what do you want to do in the future, what are you doing with your life. These kind of super delightful questions people just LOVE to ask. No pressure. Just the rest of your life.

“Jai Hazenbrook is not just some guy, Dev,” Nick tells him haughtily. “Jai Hazenbrook is a glorious, beautiful, dangerous creature who makes Legolas look kind of plain.”

Jai is 25 years old and he travels. He goes all around the world with a backpack and little planning and he explores. He goes back home for the summer so that he can work, earn money and go away again. That’s why he is in town that summer he meets a very straightforward kid called Nick who offers to blow him at work. Well, that’s not an offer that comes out very often, at least not when you’re working in constructions. Nick intrigues him with his blabbering and nerdiness and his fixation with his butt.

Then he shoves his jeans down, and Nick is momentarily deafened by an angelic choir.

You need to know that Nick has a notebook full of poetry about Jai’s ass. Haikus, too. Nick is a delightful person and I share his love for a very nice butt. Love butts, world. Gotta love ‘em.

Also also, it’s totally not a surprise that the closest thing he’s ever had to a religious experience involves Jai Hazenbrook taking his shirt off.

Do you know what I love about nice stories with nice main characters? Great side characters! Here we has Devon, Nick’s BFF. Their bromance is perfection, their love epic, their cuddles heavenly. I just love when a friendship is this pure and you feel the love without the misunderstandings and one side loves. Yeah, there was that one episode, that one week in which Devon thought he was maybe gay, but that happens. You question yourself and you receive an answer. He wasn’t gay and their friendship is the best. They sleep all tangled up together, it’s lovely.

There was also lots of pizza. I think I need to taste for the first time a meatlovers pizza. I don’t know what that is but if it’s pizza with meat stuff on top I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t love it.

He’s never told them that sometimes he’s not just dodging his responsibilities because he’s lazy and forgetful. Sometimes he lies awake all night thinking about them, until they grow so large in his mind that he just . . . can’t.

Back on track. The book is about growing up. Growing up is hard and sometimes I think it’s something that never ends. I know that I suck at “adulting” and it’s ok because not everyone follows the same path, not everyone has everything figured out at 18, or 25, or 30, or 40! The beauty of that it’s that the world offers a lot of opportunities no mater your age and if you are brave enough there’s no limit to what you can try doing. Of course you can’t be a mathematician if you don’t understand numbers. I’m talking about things within your reach. I would’ve loved being an engineer in robotics but who am I kidding? I hate studying!

Nick leans close and repays him for the life-changing sex by introducing him to the brilliance that is Attack on Titan.

If you love The Lord of the Rings, Attack on Titan, random movies, blabbering boys, bromance, romance and butts, then you will love Nick and you will certainly love this book.

Do I recommend it? Yes, you can read it all in a day.
Rate: 4/5


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