The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


“I’m going to destroy you. The Hating Game. You versus me. It’s the only way this can possibly end.”

Title: The Hating Game
Author: Sally Thorne
Why you should read this book: Because it’s about a tiny girl like me!

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I was expecting this book to be good and it was good. Yeah, it had flaws but that’s because each one of us has different tastes and things don’t appeal to us in the same way. For example if there is a cheesy character the things he/she says make me laugh. I try getting into the story but if you say real cheesy stuff I can’t do it, I have to laugh!

Joshua, the main character’s nemesis, is hateful and is doing everything in his power to ruin Lucy’s life. You could sniff love all the way from here in Italy. It was so obvious. Hate? Come on! That was plain love in disguise. Clear as day! There were zero surprises there and I’m kind of glad there wasn’t any. I wasn’t in for a plot twist. I started this book wanting a happy beginning, a happy middle and a happy ending and I had all three of them. I enjoyed this book a lot.

I’ve always suspected people in our lives are here to teach us a lesson. I’ve been sure Josh’s purpose is to test me. Push me. Make me tougher. And to a certain degree it’s been true.

Lucy is short: she is 5 feet tall (roughly 153 cm, I think?). Nothing wrong with that, I am 5’1” myself (155 cm, maybe 157 cm? The jury is still out on that) and a lot of things look big and hard to reach. I always ask for help at the supermarket and I can’t look at myself in the mirror at work if not on tiptoes. Who the hell designed that bathroom by the way? Being a fellow Smurfette I related a lot to Lucy but I think they dragged the “short Lucy” situation a little too much. Everything was about how little she was, how she looked like a kid, I swear there was a mention about how short she was every two-three pages. At some point it started to annoy me a little because I am short, trust me, I know how life is from down here, but it doesn’t come out every second of my daily life. It just doesn’t. It’s normal: you’re short Lucy, stop complaining, and move on. Maybe I’m just being bitchy. Oh well!

“I’m gonna die tonight. Please take your pants off.”
“I want that embroidered on a pillow,” he says, and I laugh until I’m gasping.

I relate to Lucy in more than just our superior height. She admires the body and beauty of her fellow coworker/nemesis/hunk and she is not afraid of putting into words every perverted thing that comes to mind. I can relate. That’s me, too! I see a gorgeous human being and I can’t stay calm. I have to tell someone how perfect his butt was, how I picture him with certain clothes, etc. I am weak to a great butt and a beautiful smile. I am weak. I am so weak! I may seem shy because I am but, on the inside, I am 1985 shades of perv.

Josh watches ER and yawns, not at all suspecting I’m trying to estimate how big his rib cage is like a meat-eating predator.

Let’s not forget about Josh. Nemesis extraordinaire! Joshua! I liked him a lot. I knew his game from the beginning and even if I didn’t really share his way of dealing with stuff, I couldn’t help but loving him. His insecurities, his adorableness, his wonderful expressive eyes, and his secret smiles. Maybe I fell in love with him but I surely couldn’t be with someone like him in real life. He is just too cheesy! OMG, so much cheese we could have a fondue party! I think there is a very tiny % of men in the world who actually speak like that. It gave me chills and 99% of the times not in a good way.

“Watching you pretend to hate that nickname is the best part of my day.”

I am a romantic and I love Love but sometimes, in love stories, there are characters a little over the top. Joshua could be a lot over the top. I forgive him because he is also sweet and cares a lot about what’s important, but no, I wouldn’t want a cheesy guy for a boyfriend. But then again, being a lonely gal, do I really need to be that picky? Yes, world, I do, I must, and I will!

This “not-review” is all I can give you. I am thinking about butts now. I’m already gone, save yourself!! Don’t look back!

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is fun and sexy.
Rate: 4/5 (Let’s say more a 4–, 3.75 stars? This is hard!)


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