Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut



“How nice – to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.”

Title: Slaughterhouse-Five
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Why you should read this book: Because it’s a very random story that needs to be read at least once in your life!
Do I recommend it? Yes, but I will tell you that this is a book that you’ll love or hate completely.
Rate: 4/5

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This is a very peculiar book about a book about world war two, time travel, and aliens. Confusing? That’s what makes it nice. This was a very funny and interesting story written quite simple and that found me glued to the pages. At some point I realized I didn’t want it to end. I just wanted to keep reading about Billy closing his eyes and going back in different times of his life.

I did wondered why he wasn’t trying to change things and change his fate or the one of the people he knew who were going to die. But maybe he did say something about that and I just don’t remember.

Billy travels back and forth during all his life, all the events that have made him the person he is during his past, present and future. He knows how things are going to turn out and he doesn’t seem much affected by it. I think that’s because he has seen his death and the death of everyone he knows and has lived through all the events in his life so many times that everything is just plain ordinary.

“I let the dog out, or I let him in, and we talk some. I let him know I like him, and he lets me know he likes me.”

I have to admit that I will not make much sense and that this review will not be a real review. There is a reason, a very good reason why this is happening: I read half of the book on the plane to Tokyo and the other half three weeks later on my way back from Osaka. This can be confusing because I have a general idea of what happened in the first half of the book but then I did so many things every single day and things got a bit blurry. When I picked it up all those days later, I knew what I read but I wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone.

I know I liked the book. It has short sentences; it’s easy to understand even with all the time traveling and facts but in the end it has the kind of humor that amuse me the most. I found it really funny. I loved that every time he was talking about someone dead he finished the paragraph with “So it goes”. I don’t know why but it made me smile every single time.

“But the Gospels actually taught this: Before you kill somebody, make absolutely sure he isn’t well connected. So it goes.”

I liked how it made me wonder about the war, about what we really know about it. Only the ones who were in it can tell you how things were but you have to ask all the parts involved because the war isn’t a one-way thing; you need to see all the points of view. Do we really understand the reality of the war? I don’t think we will ever will. This is an anti-war book and it shows how soldiers were treated during that time. It shows different aspects and it’s not nice. How can that be? Something like that changes you and it changed Billy. He was only a child when he went to war and he came back still a child but only on the outside.

“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.”

I also liked Billy adventures on Tralfamadore. Well, not really adventures since he was abducted and put in a zoo naked to be seen by aliens doing everyday tasks. He speaks of it so naturally and I don’t know how people thought he was going mad. How can you not believe the man? I believed him instantly. I do wonder about one thing that happened during his stay on that alien planet but it’s a spoiler and I won’t tell. I will still wonder about it, though.

“All these years I’ve been opening the window and making love to the world.”

Nobody recommended me this book. Me reading this book was caused by a series of coincidences. I kept finding the author’s name and this book’s title in every single book I’ve read recently. No matter the genre, someone still mentioned this book. It made me curious. Then a tv show I watch, Masters of Sex, mentioned it and I said to myself “that’s it, you’re buying it and you’re reading it”. And that’s exactly what happened.

I am really glad the universe pointed me to this book. I liked it a lot and will surely recommend it to people I know will enjoy it as much as I did.

“Farewell, hello, farewell, hello.”


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