What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote



Justin loved romcoms. Always had, always would. There was something about watching other people get happy endings that gave him hope.

Title: What Happens at Christmas
Author: Jay Northcote
Why you should read this book: Because it’s about two lovely guys being in love at Christmas! Love is love!
Do I recommend it? Of course.
Rate: 3/5

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First of all, Happy December to all of you. A year is ending, a year both terrifying and nice, depends where I decide to focus my attention on. On one hand this has been a year of earthquakes, they have caused so many damages and I have felt them all. They scared the hell out of me!! On the other hand I recently came back from an amazing vacation and my beloved Christmas is coming soon and I love giving presents, so that’s not so bad. I also cut half my hair, freeing myself from a scarecrow head, and bought a kindle. As poor as I am now after buying so many presents I chose the cheapest one and it was the perfect choice. It is adorably tiny, white, it weights almost nothing and its name is Aristotle. You have to know that I usually give names to everything I am lucky to spend my everyday life with. I also bought a mini speaker shaped as a fox and I called it Andreil. Oh, the little joys in life!

You may think I’m going off tracks here but there’s a reason why I’m babbling and it’s this: I activated the free 30 days of kindle unlimited and I’m planning to read as much as I can before the expiration date. This short book caught my eye because it’s a Christmas story and, as I said, I love Christmas!

This book is cute and funny and exactly what I like about romance novels. It’s also short so I read it really fast and it gave me the illusion that I’m a fast reader, which I’m not, but the feeling was great. Like every other romance novel it has also the magnificent MISCOMMUNICATION, the unwanted sidekick of all love stories. A sidekick I could live without, to be honest.

We have Justin, a guy who loves being in a relationship, recently dumped by a cheating boyfriend. He broods all day long. He is miserable. Then we have his best friend since childhood, Sean, tall, dark and gorgeous (of course, because, why not?) who came back from a year of wandering around the world. They both have huge crushes on each other but neither of them know that. That would be too easy.

The ending is pretty obvious as I hoped it would be but that didn’t ruin the journey. Of course I was annoyed because they thought so many nice things but then they didn’t do anything, they didn’t talk to each other. I think the book wouldn’t have lost anything if they confessed their feelings at the beginning. The scenes between them would’ve been the same; the chemistry was already there. I think the miscommunication trope was superfluous in this book. I would’ve kept the miscommunication until the Christmas party, the night Justin and Sean pretended to be boyfriends, then the truth, followed by all those wonderful things that happened after.

“I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I can indulge my love of pretty things. I’m sad for you that you have to prove yourself by living a life devoid of beauty.”
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

That being said, I give this book 3.5 stars, because I enjoyed it, it made me laugh and it was overall a very nice Christmas love story. It’s a book I would recommend for sure.

I’m leaving you with a hilarious exchange of the book that made me laugh out loud and I wasn’t even ashamed of the questioning stares I got. They’re talking about cupcakes with flower-vaginas frosting.

“I’m tempted, but I think I’ll stick with the dick.”
“Motto for life.”


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