Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Max Walker



“Holy jingleballs.”

Title: Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Author: Max Walker
Why you should read this book: Because it’s a fun read and sometimes you just need one of those!
Do I recommend it? Of course.
Rate: 3/5

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Here I am, a thousand books to read and a couple currently reading, and choosing a random book with a half naked Santa Claus on the cover and a title that made me laugh the first time I read it.

I saw the ugly cover, sorry but it’s ugly, read the title and shared this hideous wonder with my sister and a friend. While joking about how trashy it all seemed I decided I needed to read it and laugh about the content, about the story. I did laugh a lot because some things were extremely random and extra cheesy but I also did enjoy it a lot. Not giving this book 4 stars, let’s say more like 3.5, because there were cringe worthy parts and some superfluous drama that did nothing for the plot; that bothered me a little bit and I’m not the pretentious type. I usually like everything, no matter how trashy.

I couldn’t put it down. As soon as I started I was glued to the pages. That’s a very good thing and I love when a book has this effect on me. The characters were lovable, there weren’t plot twists, secrets and besides that random drama part, this book didn’t have my nemesis, Miss Miscommunication!

Chris is going through a rough time, having lost his job, trying to be a writer and being able to pay the rent and bills with his passion. He is hired as Santa at a mall his friend works at. He is a little miserable. Also, his love life isn’t that much better.

Mark is a successful real estate agent. He has a beautiful daughter, an ex wife he is still friends with, and he is trying to live his life now that he can be open about who he really is.

These two met at a Santarade. What is that? Well, it’s a masquerade party held at Christmas time. They found themselves under a mistletoe, they shared some eye opening kisses, chemistry was all there but then Mark left the party without exchanging names and for a year they only thought about each other asking themselves lots of what ifs.

If two parties cross paths three times by complete fate, then on the third time, parties must agree to a date.

Christmas miracle!! Mark brought his daughter to meet Santa and destiny, fate and everything else, made those two meet again. When they randomly met another time they sensed fate was really trying to bring them together and the rest? Well, that’s when things got steamy and also very cheesy.

“You’re too good to be true, you know that?”
Mark shook his head before locking back in on Chris’s gaze.
“You’re the one that’s right out of a dream.”

*insert giggles*

I love romantic comedies. I love Love. I really do but some things are so cheesy that I can’t help myself and I just laugh. Does people really say those things? I guess they do. I’m just not used seeing such cheesy words after years and years of lack of love in my personal life.

Chapter after chapter things were nice, quiet, simple as they should be. I was hoping the entire book would be like that. I loved how things were evolving; no drama, no sudden twists, no cheating, no misunderstandings. It was a very relaxing book with steamy parts and very funny words to describe how they were both pretty turned on in each other’s presence. I wouldn’t have minded the book ending without drama because sometimes things are like that. You find a person you can see yourself spending your life with and things go great, life it just great and nothing can ruin it.

I was bothered by the choice of putting that unnecessary drama part in the book. I felt it wasn’t needed; it didn’t do anything to the book plot wise. It just made little to no sense at all. It was random and I didn’t like it. Trust me, I have read books with drama parts and the drama built slowly throughout the book, then exploded, we had some setbacks and then things turned out nice. This didn’t feel like that kind of book and the drama seemed forced. I will forget that part and pretend that didn’t happen. See? If I remove that part from my mind the book maintains a steady and wonderful rhythm and nothing seems out of place. I guess that part was superfluous after all.

Overall I enjoyed the book, it made me smile and laugh and it put me in a Christmas spirit. It did sadden me a little because I also want someone to love me like they love each other. It felt so natural. I am jealous of their love. I think I need to go to a masquerade party and spice my love life a little bit.

I leave you with the quote that made me laugh so much I had tears in my eyes. Come on, who says that??? Who??? Hilarious!

Chris had thrown off his shirt and jeans, leaving only a pair of light pink briefs that did nothing to conceal the sausage Chris was sporting.

Mark, darling, I know you want him but calm yourself a little bit! Who says sausage, who, Mark, who??

He had a chest made to eat off of and abs that seemed to flow on his body as if they were painted on by a master artist.

Chris, you are adorable but describing yourself like that? Well, why?

Chris wasn’t exactly the mall Santa ‘type’. With his chiseled, square jaw, his strong nose, and his styled brown hair, Chris was more of the half-naked Santa calendar ‘types’.

Oh Chris, we get it. You are hot!

It was a fun night. Even if I still have so many books to read I don’t regret spending a few hours reading about these two having cheesy inner monologues about each other’s eyes, body and sausages. I’m still laughing!


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