[ARC] The Search for Aveline by Stephanie Rabig & Angie Bee



Title: The Search for Aveline
Author: Stephanie Rabig & Angie Bee
Good things about this book: It’s easy to read and has a little bit of everything.
Bad things about this book: It doesn’t follows its plot very much.
Do I recommend it? Yes, because I think the following books are going to get interesting.
Rate: 3/5

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[ARC received via Netgalley]

I don’t know where to start because I’m a little bit confused. I liked this book, I really did, but it felt like a “get to know the characters” because the plot was often forgotten. There aren’t twists or unnecessary drama, the characters are introduced through flashbacks and sometimes there are time jumps. It takes only a moment at the beginning of the chapter to understand where and when you are so that you can appreciate the story that’s being told.

The book is called The Search for Aveline but the search is not at the center of the story. Who is Aveline and why is the captain of The Sappho looking for her? The explanation is not immediate but, again, this part of the plot, the part I thought was the main one, was left on the side. The summary made me thought there were going to be fights with their enemies and, besides a few encounters, there wasn’t really much action.

Captain Harriet “Harry” Roberts of The Sappho is a pirate. Her crew is mostly women saved from ugly situations or just people who wanted to get away. Being a large group of characters they are diverse, have different sexual orientations and they have different beliefs. These characters are introduced little by little through flashbacks. There are really a lot of people you need to know and each one of them is special in their own way.

Sometimes my favorite was Harry, then they stayed someplace for a couple nights and my favorite became Katherine, then they came back to the island where they have their base and my favorite was Kaimana the merman. They are all so loveable that it’s really hard to have a favorite. I don’t have it! The nice thing about this world is that, not only there are mermaids and mermen, but there are also Fae people, sharkmaids, sirens and intelligent lizards.

The building of the world is really nice. Forgetting a little bit about the main plot, you become part of The Sappho’s crew; you sail the oceans with them, get to know each character, you witness lots of steamy encounters (STEAMY!!) and one page at a time you become one of them. I liked that about the book and I feel that the story was like an introduction of all the characters we are going to see in the next book/s of the series. Maybe we are finally going to see some action. Not deaths, please, don’t let them die!!


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