[ARC] Dating Ryan Alback by J.E. Birk



Title: Dating Ryan Alback
Author: J.E. Birk
Good things about this book: It’s cute, fun and easy to read.
Bad things about this book: It’s too short!!
Do I recommend it? Yes, if you need something light to read this is for you.
Rate: 4/5

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[ARC received via Netgalley]

A teacher and an actor. A disastrous date. Kisses for days! Sexy times! The perfect combination for a few hours of cheesiness and giggling. Exactly what I needed.

From the cover I knew I was going to like this book. It looked so funny and refreshing it was impossible for it to be bad. I trust a good cover and when on it there is a picture of the characters it’s easier to imagine them during the story.

One thing: one of the characters is Mexican and he is described as having dark skin and curly hair. The guy has a specific description and I wonder why they didn’t choose a dark skinned latino guy for the cover. As a quite pale latina myself, I know we come in every color and shape but Jason wasn’t written like that. I don’t know the dynamics or the costs for models and cover designs but I don’t think it was going to be hard to find someone that matched the description. In my head I adapted his appearance and it was way better.

Let’s meet the boys. Men, they are grown up men but they are so cute and fluffy that I can’t help treating them as big babies. I don’t care if it’s a little bit creepy. They’re close to my age so it’s not that bad, right? Let’s go with that.

Ryan Alback is an actor and he is gay. He became famous thanks to a tv show he did when he was younger. Now he is an adult and is trying new roles. He lives in New York with his dog and is playing a teacher in a new tv show. He is single, he doesn’t trust easily and he cares a lot, let me repeat it A LOT, about his privacy.

Jason Santos is a teacher and he is gay. He had his heart shattered after a very long relationship and now he lives only for his work and a start up still without funding that will help children deal with separation from a relative due to immigration problems. He is single and he thinks he forgot how to flirt and get a boyfriend.

Events set by a talk show and a very good friend of Jason bring the two of them together for a weekend in Vermont. What’s more romantic than that? Obviously they are going to like each other. If only things were that easy. I could only hope they were. Things happen, tears show, mud is involved and of course the dreaded misunderstandings. I hate it when someone don’t listen to the other side of a story and just assumes the worst. Why? There is a reason but, still, why?

This book is sweet and it has little drama. It has cuddles, kisses, sexy times and two very adorable human beings living very different lives. They both have pasts they are struggling with and they will have to let go and move on if they want to find happiness with themselves and with each other. The happy ending won’t happen without little set backs, that’s for sure, but we get to see them having a pretty good time together, and that’s nice! Recommended for sure!


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