Arm of the Sphinx by Josiah Bancroft



“The man or woman who is rarely lost, rarely discovers anything new.”

Title: Arm of the Sphinx
Author: Josiah Bancroft
Good things about this book: Sequel full of new mysteries and new amazing revelations.
Bad things about this book: Too many things left unanswered. I need the next book!!
Do I recommend it? Yes, without doubt.
Rate: 5/5

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What a book! What a sequel! I expected the writing to be as good as the first book and I wasn’t wrong. I expected the plot to be as intriguing as the first book and it was even better. This review will obviously have spoilers of the first book but I will try my best to be vague about what happened in this one. It will be hard because I want to speculate about everything, mainly about that discovery and that ending!

What an ending! I will be thinking about it forever because there is too much left to the imagination and if there’s one thing I can do is imagine every single possibility there is and the possible outcomes of that revelation. The third book can’t come soon enough!

Was violence clarifying in doses but intoxicating in excess?

Tom and crew are now pirates on a wrecked ship called The Stone Cloud. They are struggling to stay alive because he is a wanted man and also because they aren’t welcome in mostly every single port of the tower. Tom is hunted by the ghost of his wife Marya and doesn’t share this essential information with his crew and friends.

“It’s strange to think of your old life carrying on without you.”

Tom is still determined to find his wife and is devoting all his strength to gather information about how to get to her. It’s been a year since their separation and many months since he was told she boarded a ship to Pelphia with a gentleman. He is a different man, that’s for sure, but what about Marya? Is she still waiting for him to come and get her back or is she enjoying her new life and had given up all hope of salvation?

Surely, it was better to go forward into ruin than backward into rot.

Edith and her prosthetic arm is still a little bit of a mystery. That arm is a technological miracle made by the Sphinx. Edith for some reason doesn’t want to talk about the Sphinx or her time at his place. What is she hiding? Who is that man who has so many machines all over the tower, a man everyone thinks a myth? We will find more about her time there and more about the Sphinx on this book and so many questions are being answered. Unfortunately after the revelations so many new questions arise and the third book doesn’t have a publication date and I think I’m going go crazy about it all.

Adam is still Adam. I’m still having a hard time trying to like the guy. I understand what he does always comes from the love for his sister but the fact that he doesn’t think what he did was wrong makes me so mad and makes me understand he can do things like that again and again. You were given so many chances and I hope you aren’t going to need more because come on, boy, there’s a limit to everyone’s patience. I’m so curious about his role in the next book. I have so many question and many more speculations!

Voleta is a free spirit. She can’t stay still for two consecutive seconds. I like her a lot and I trust she is going to make good choices now that her role is bigger and more important. She is the only one who has seen the real identity of the Sphinx and I hope that’s going to mean good things not only for her but also for everyone else. Voleta, don’t disappoint me!

Iren is such an interesting character and she is going through big changes. Now she is not only seen as a weapon but a friend and a valid member of this weird crew. Tom was the first man seeing her as more than her appearance and I think she will always be grateful for that. She will start developing mother hen feelings for Voleta; that’s very cute.

If all evil men only looked evil, there’d be a lot less trouble in the world, but in her experience, looks had nothing to do with character.

New characters were introduced. New villain? Sure and I already hate him. Luc Marat, humanitarian with a hunger for power, I’m positive of that. He wants to be pitied, wants people to know how ugly the tower is. But what is he hiding? What does he really want?

We were also introduced to the Sphinx and his, let’s say, butler; a mechanical stag who goes by the name of Byron. The Sphinx has a weird spoon-like mask, doesn’t show his skin, his height seems to change and has a mechanical voice. Who is he? I’m not telling you but you are going to find out! Byron, the stag, is hilarious and I already love him. I want to see more of him and his funny comebacks.

“The doors won’t open until the hall arrives.”
“What if I broke it down?”
“You would fall into a hole, and no one would miss you.”

So many things happened in this book and many more are going to happen. We now know how many ringdoms the tower has!!! We now know why the painting is so important. We now know who the Sphinx is and what does he want. We now know why Senlin is having visions of his wife. We may know all of that but there is still so much more to find out. Can’t wait!


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