Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk



Before Griffin had come along, I’d been living inside a photograph: just a facsimile of life, without either color or depth. Could I go back to it, now that I had seen the alternative?

Title: Widdershins
Author: Jordan L. Hawk
Good things about this book: Magic!
Bad things about this book: A few ortographic errors and imprecisions but nothing too bad.
Do I recommend it? Yes, magic and love is everywhere! ENJOY!
Rate: 5/5

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At this point everyone knows that if a book has magic and is set in the Victorian era then I’m certainly going to love it. Once again, that proved to be the truth. Add a sweet and adorable romance in it and cat lover characters and I’m sold! Whyborne and Griffin are two very interesting people, each with hard pasts and a different way to act upon their differences from others.

“I clung to the past and to pain, and never took a risk or chance. I locked myself in prison and pretended I didn’t have a key.”

Whyborne has lost the only boy he has ever loved and he has shut himself up, avoiding his desire for other men. He feels guilty even after a decade and he lived isolated inside the museum he works in as a polyglot philologist. He knows thirteen languages. Can you imagine people thinking he is boring? I think he is interesting and I will have given him my friendship in a nanosecond. He deserves his world shaken a little bit and he deserves the love he didn’t think ever belonged to someone like himself.

I didn’t dislike people, exactly, but I’d never quite got the hang of the casual interactions which seemed to come naturally to everyone else.

Griffin is a detective. He also has lost someone, a partner detective, in a weird case of black magic and monsters. People thought he was mad, even he thought he wasn’t very sane. This experience left him wounded and not entirely as he was before. There are some things hard to forget. Having gone to Whyborne for help on a new case involving the same kind of black magic has maybe been the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Perhaps he simply couldn’t imagine anyone would stay with a man who wasn’t entirely whole. Who had been broken, and hadn’t managed to put all the pieces back together.

Griffin is obviously a handsome man; every woman tried flirting with him not knowing he was falling hard for our shy scholar, Whyborne. Griffin flirted with Whyborne from the very beginning and the thoughts going through Whyborne’s mind were both hilarious and really perverted. I loved it! I have a perverted mind: I could relate. Was there a description of someone’s butt? No, there wasn’t. Was I disappointed? No, I wasn’t. That’s a first. People know how much I love to worship buttocks. It’s a weakness of mine.

“Damn the man; I could think of far too many things I’d happily consent to.”

The case!! Whyborne has to translate a book that he founds out it’s a grimoire full of all sorts of magic: from a simple word to light a fire to magic able to resuscitate the dead! Guess what kind of magic was used by our villains, the secret cult who wants to rule the world? Not the ones to make a nice fire to roast some hot dogs, of course not. They obviously went for the blackest of magic for the darkest of souls.

Griffin and Whyborne must join forces, growing more intimate by the minute, and try to stop them from ending human kind as they know it. I’m hoping to see more magic used in the sequels and please don’t ruin my OTP with unnecessary drama. I like them cheesy, passionate, and as flirty as they can be. I’m not asking much, right?

I talked about them as a pair because of course they are the main characters but there is a woman, Whyborne’s friend, Christine, expert of ancient Egypt, who helps them a lot on the case and is going to be helpful in future cases, too. Let’s not forget that poor woman, object of dubious stares because she is not a white man. You go, Christine! Show them you are better than them all!

I can’t wait to read the sequels! I thank the author for making them short so that I can read them all in no time!


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