[ARC] The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee



We are not broken things, neither of us is. We are cracked pottery mended with lacquer and flakes of gold, whole as we are, complete unto each other. Complete and worthy and so very loved.

Title: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
Author: Mackenzi Lee
Good things about this book: Grand Tour of Europe of Doom!!!
Bad things about this book: Nothing.
Do I recommend it? Yes, buy it, devour it.
Rate: 5/5

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Digital Review Copy received from Edelweiss

I think I’m in my 18th century moment. I’ve been stumbling upon stories and TV series set in that period; stories full of pirates, rich men, funny wigs, leggings and boots, murders, and mysteries. I enjoy all the different ways people tell and write these stories. When it is told well then you not only gain from it in enjoyment but also in learning.

The great tragic love story of Percy and me is neither great nor truly a love story, and is tragic only for its single-sidedness.

Mackenzi Lee did a great job creating a story, introducing different point of views, putting in it a magical component, and making the characters rich in a matter of personality and diversity. We have Monty, a spoiled young man from a rich family who is a rebel and does what he wants, from drinking his heart out to sleeping with both men and women. He is touring Europe with his best friend and secret crush, Percy, who is biracial and is always judged by the color of his skin before anything else. Also he has epilepsy and we see how this condition was viewed in the 18th century and you will get mad. So mad!

“Ladies haven’t the luxury of being squeamish about blood,” she replies, and Percy and I go fantastically red in unison.

Since having only two men who secretly love each other but won’t admit it, with the sexual tension and everything, would’ve been dreadful, Monty’s sister, Felicity, accompanies them. She was scheduled to be with them until her drop off to an academy where young ladies learn how to be ladies. Luckily for her, her rebel of a brother sets off a series of chain of events that are going to turn upside down everything.

“It’s a burden, you know.”
“What is?”
“Being this good-looking. Not a soul can keep their hands off me.”

Monty isn’t without flaws. He is vain, selfish, a lot self-centered, loves to drink and isn’t the most subtle person there is. He also isn’t without problems of his own. Not only problems caused by his “abnormal” tendencies but also caused by that monster that calls himself his father. I hate that man and I will hate him forever. There were a lot of WTH moments concerning Monty, I can’t say the contrary, as he was childish and stubborn in an exaggerate way. He more often than not, needed a slap and I’m happy there was Felicity to tell him how foolish he was behaving.

“The stars dust gold leafing on his skin. And we are looking at each other, just looking, and I swear there are whole lifetimes lived in those small, shared moments.”

I rooted for his happy ending from the very beginning, seeing how deep his love for Percy was. I understood his struggle when put in front of a situation he wasn’t familiar with but I also sided with Percy and his personal battle. They both needed and deserved to be happy and free of those poisonous people who failed to see how wonderful they were.

I loved this book. I fought to get an advanced copy and when I got it I was all smiles and giggles. I can’t wait to have the physical book in my hands. The beginning was promising and it kept on giving until the ending that did not disappoint me one bit. It was perfect and everything I could ask for: love, adventure, pirates, alchemy, great cities and great characters. There’s so much more to say but I’ll leave you to it. Read it as soon as it’s released.

Fetch me a couch, for I nearly swoon. <<< Me, too, Monty. Me, too!


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