[ARC] Scorpio Hates Virgo by Anyta Sunday



He channeled his inner Scorpio. Part lobster, part spider, part worst-fear-of-your-life.

Title: Scorpio Hates Virgo (Signs of Love #2)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Good things about this book: A slow-burn romance between two adorable characters!
Bad things about this book: I want more of it.
Do I recommend it? Yes, and read the previous one, too!
Rate: 5/5

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“ARC given in exchange for an honest review”

You may think I give 5 stars quite easily. You are certainly not wrong; when a book satisfies my needs not matter its genre, it will receive 5 stars from me. If it exceeds said needs then it will have more! This book promised me a happy ending, a sappy one, and it gave me a perfect one with a side of adorable characters, a warming neighbor community, fun summer games, and flirting galore. It was a fun read and I didn’t put down the book until I saw for myself the happily ever after. It didn’t disappoint me, or my love for romantic stories.

“Callaghan,” Percy said and plastered on a bored smile.

Perseus, aka Percy, and Callaghan, aka Cal, are neighbors and they’re nemeses. Or so they say. In their opinion they hate each other but their little fights are no more than sarcasm filled chats. I think it took their neighbors 5 minutes to see that all the hate they claimed to have for each other was only not so well hidden attraction. Took me one exchange between the two of them to see through everything. It made me mad, and frustrated, knowing it would take them a lot longer to get to the point of realizing what they had right in front of them. It’s a slow burn kind of situation, you need to be patient. How can Percy know if it’s real or just the curiosity of a straight man? Is it worth opening up knowing nothing will come out of it?

Percy started chanting the anatomical names of the muscles he’d be working on Cal’s back. If he thought about each individually, maybe he wouldn’t think about the whole package. Cal’s whole package. Cal’s package . . .

Percy is a wonderful character and he is a Scorpio like myself (all hail Scorpios). He is young man in grief for the loss of his beloved aunt and forced to relive the pain of not having her around by living in the house they used to share. Percy is suffering and building walls around him to prevent getting attached to people that will eventually abandon him. He is isolating himself and by doing that he is casting away his chance at love, at real love, the one that takes your breath away. The kind of love I want to have one day and I’m trying very hard not to lose hope in finding it.

Cal’s gaze lingered on the chisel. “Having fun with my tools there?” Percy changed his grip on the wooden handle. “Trust me, if I were having fun with your tools, you’d know.”

Cal and his family are very important for the character development of Percy. Cal is clearly in love with him and is not very subtle about it but Percy doesn’t want to see it, positive he will have his heart broken in no time. He doesn’t want a fling and a broken heart; he wants a person to love that will stick around. Cal is a Virgo and it seems that this makes him a very methodic person who ponders things real hard before getting himself into unknown situations. I loved Cal and his obsession for dinosaurs! I wish I had as many nerdy dino t-shirts as he did. That was quite the collection!

This book gave me smiles and quite a few laughs. You need those to face this ugly world we live in. See the bright side, fight for it; it’s easier said than done. I see the bright side, I fight for it, and sometimes I just need to read about bright sides that make my stomach fill with butterflies. Anyta Sunday did it and I’m forever grateful for that fateful day when I clicked on the Leo Loves Aries cover and got these many happy feelings as a reward.

“I guess we really are earth and water.”
“Because together we’re mud?”
“Together we stick.”

Even if it can be read as a stand-alone, this book has characters from the previous one of this series. Crystal, Theo and Leone’s mom, is one of Percy’s neighbors and she gives them their horoscopes just like she did over the phone for her children. Theo receives phone calls from Percy and he brings his boyfriend Jamie to the Fourth of July celebrations. It’s just funnier and cuter knowing also their background story so read Leo Loves Aries before reading this, I assure you it completes the experience for the better.

Anyta, keep ‘em coming! You have a fan here in me!


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