Fence #3 by C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad & Joana Lafuente



When he fences, you can’t look at anyone else.

Title: Fence
Author: C.S. Pacat (Author), Johanna the Mad (Illustrator), Joana Lafuente (Illustrator)
Series: Fence #3

Number of pages: 27 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: The story is so good I can’t wait to know more.
Bad things about this book: As usual, not really a bad thing, but it’s too short!
Do I recommend it? Yes!!
Rate: 5/5

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Each month I highly anticipate the new volume of Fence and each month I’m left both heart-eyed and frustrated. I really wish comics were a little bit longer; are 50 pages asking too much of both writer and illustrators? I know I’m being unreasonable but this comic is so good I’m always super sad when I reach the last page and realize I have to wait a whole month for a little bit more of the story. Patience usually comes easy to me. Lately? Not so much.

Screenshot_20180117-130500These dorks are going to make us suffer!

Seiji and Nicholas are still arguing about being roommates and they’re been punished for whining. Maybe they can start knowing each other a little bit more but maybe it’s still too early to the romance to start blossoming. Tryouts (is that the right sports word to use? I’m not sure) are on and Nicholas has to face with some ugly truths. He needs to step up his game to be able to make the team and keep his scholarship. I’m sure he will give a thousand percent to do just that. I just hope he won’t overexert himself and end up hurt.

Screenshot_20180117-130802Is that you blushing, Nicholas???

I loved all the pages with the bits about how is it to be in a dorm and how difficult this new school system is making Nicholas crazy. I have never been to boarding school but it has always fascinated and also scared me a little bit. I want to know more about the characters. We know Aiden is a playboy and he demonstrates it all the time. We know Seiji is severe looking and very serious but I think there’s more to it and I can’t wait to see the walls around him go down, for Nicholas and for all his teammates. Mostly for Nicholas; I’m ready for some love here. Always ready for some love.

Next month is so far away! Wait for me, fencers!!


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