Liam Davis & The Raven by Anyta Sunday



“There are worse roommates out there than ones that hug.”

Title: Liam Davis & The Raven
Author: Anyta Sunday
Number of pages: 218 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Sweet, fast-paced and fun.
Bad things about this book: It doesn’t have the love it deserves.
Do I recommend it? Yes, I do.
Rate: 4/5

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Anyta Sunday writes stories I LOVE to read. They’re light, funny, with the right amount of seriousness without been extra dramatic, and they’re usually super sweet. So you understand how, when I got the newsletter with this ebook for free I jumped right into it. Really fast. The cover was cute and it seemed the kind of story I needed to relieve my soul from some bad juju I was experiencing.

Liam Davis is a journalist at his university’s newspaper. He has ambitions and he knows he can live up to everyone’s expectations. Unfortunately, what he thinks it’s good may not be good enough to land the job his wants. He’s forced to write the party column instead of his usual politics one and he’s way out of his comfort zone; he doesn’t have friends, he has a very peculiar personality in which he says what comes to mind and he lives for his job. Then one day he’s attacked by a person masked as Freddy Krueger and is saved by a hooded vigilante, The Raven, and from that day on his life changes completely, for the best.

“This was not a choice, Quinn. I did not need to hum and ahh over my options. The answer was in bold and circled with a giant checkmark at the side.”

Liam was such a cute character and I loved how he needed to think hard before making any decision. It sounded frustrating for the people around him but I found it endearing; Liam didn’t throw himself head first into things but instead he made his observations and came with a decision that, in his opinion, would benefit everyone. He is great and I was glad that he found himself bonding with Quinn, Shannon and Hunter. Though his bonding with Quinn was a little more profound than the one with siblings Shan and Hunter.

Hunter’s positivity, how he talked about being in a wheelchair, truly got to my heart. He was sweet and he was a good friend to Liam even from before they were officially introduced to each other. Shannon feeling guilty about her brother was heartbreaking because you noticed how she wasn’t living her life but a version she thought she needed to live in order to redeem herself from her guilt. Quinn and his weird ears was fantastic and, I must say, really patient. One must be if one happened to fall in love with Liam and the puzzle that is his mind.

Liam had only kissed girls so he assumed he wasn’t gay but being near Quinn was making him question everything and he analyzed his feelings without freaking out, without dismissing this new attraction, without compromising; if he was going to come out as anything other than straight, he had to be certain and I found his analysis process amazing. He deserved to know for sure and Quinn also needed to know, to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks.

His laugh tickled at my throat.
“I can’t think straight when you do that.”

There’s nothing I didn’t love about this book. I skim-read it again this morning to look for quotes and found myself hooked again in a story I had just finished reading a few days ago. Adorable and sweet, sexy and authentic, this book was the right choice for me at the moment. I know that when in need I can turn to Anyta and she’ll make me feel better.


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