Heat Trap by J.L. Merrow



Funny how every inch of me felt like it weighed a ton, but smiling at him took no effort at all.

Title: Heat Trap
Author: J.L. Merrow
Series: The Plumber’s Mate Mysteries #3
Number of pages: 280 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Tom is a lovely and I love him!
Bad things about this book: Phil is becoming easier to love but he still infuriates me.
Do I recommend it? Yes, always.
Rate: 5/5

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“A portent. A deadly warning.” Gary beamed. “You’re a banshee!”
“Oi. I’m not a bloody banshee. I turn up after the fact and find stuff, that’s all. And there’s no wailing involved either.”

I’m never ashamed of binge-reading a series. Why would I be? If it’s love it’s love, right? And I truly love Tom and his messy life. Do I have a weakness for the weirdoes with psychic powers? I sure do. Victor Bayne is the man, my man, but Tom is worthy enough to keep him company in my heart!

Phil is hired by Harry, owner of the pub Tom is always spending his time in, to find dirt on one of her barmaid’s ex-boyfriend; a rubbish man child with an ego the size of Greenland. There are new things from Phil’s past that mess with the balance of their relationship. And the balance was precarious already, with Phil being his usual angsty pain in the bum. But I know he is trying his best, he just has so much baggage and needs to unload everything and be loved. Luckily for Phil, our Tom loves the hell out of him, even with this new info and the brooding.

“Bloody hell,” I grumbled, flinging an arm up over my eyes. That sun was vicious. “Too hot for sex. That’s just sad.”

Oh, the drama! Oh, the fights! Because yeah, they fight and my heart broke in so many tiny pieces. I don’t want to see my Tom sad; it’s really the last thing I want and I was so mad at Phil but also frustrated at Tom because he wouldn’t listen. He was hurt and surprised, I get it, but it was still painful to read.

“The little prick’s half my size. Physical intimidation isn’t going to work. On the other hand, he knows my weak spot.”
“Which is?”
“You, you moron.”

All the confrontation was necessary but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t painful as hell! I was so sad at Tom and Phil fighting and not being able to love each other like they deserved. My poor heart!! But there are also so many sweet scenes that will make you smile and maybe they will also make you feel like you are intruding in a very intimate conversation. Phil is so much more open now, with secret past and all, he is growing and the love he has for my Tom is wonderful. Leave the broodiness somewhere else, Phil, you don’t need it anymore.

Phil raised an eyebrow. “Is that an innuendo in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”
I flashed him my sultriest smile. “Why don’t you, you know, investigate?”

The case of this book wasn’t truly my favourite, also as usual I didn’t get who the murder was, but leaving out all the drama my heart had to bear, this book has one of the sweetest endings I could’ve possibly imagine. You don’t really understand how much I care about these characters. I truly, deeply, immensely, astronomically, do.

“You’ve got this ability, gift, whatever you want to call it. Why don’t you try and do something with it?”
“What, like make a career out of it? Go on Britain’s Got Talent? I’ve already got a job, thanks, and I don’t need Simon bloody Cowell making me look like a right tit on the telly.”


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