Red Rising by Pierce Brown



I am the Reaper and death is my shadow.

Title: Red Rising
Author: Pierce Brown
Series: The Red Rising Saga #1
Number of pages: 382 (paperback edition)
Good things about this book: I love the world building and the writing style!
Bad things about this book: Nothing. Maybe the names, they were weird. Good weird, though. Funny weird.
Do I recommend it? Yes.
Rate: 5/5

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I didn’t think this was going to be a genre I liked because I read people said it was like Hunger Games and I didn’t finish the first book. This was different. A page-turning marvel. Potential fulfilled, characters to love. I didn’t know I was really into it until I took my eyes away from the book after I started it and realized I was already halfway through it and many hours came and went unnoticed. I call it a success!

Darrow is a Red, living on Mars, in a society ruled by colors. Red being the lowest possible color, slaves, trapped in an illusion of life; and Gold being the overlords, perfect beings born to excel and rule all the lowest colors. Darrow, as a Red, has always been told that they are working non-stop so that the surface can be livable for future generations. Darrow doesn’t know that his life, and the lives of all the Reds, has been a lie. The surface is livable and is inhabited by all the other colors and is ruled by the Golds.

Driven by rage and a dream of someone he loved, Darrow is modified, carved, to be a full Gold, in order to infiltrate the Golds’ Institute and destroy them from within.

When I start a book I always think that the characters in it are invincible. I should never read a sci-fi book after some romance novels. I’m so used to expect a little drama and be heartbroken just for a few pages that when I read a sci-fi, I’m never ready to face the mortality of characters I have come to know and love. They are not invincible and I can’t believe I’m always taken by surprised by this. Heartbroken.

As much as I like Darrow, my heart belongs to that ugly handsome short psychopath called Sevro. What can I say? He howls and I cheer. It’s love. Sevro wasn’t much on page in this first book but, blame instagram and tumblr, I know he will be very important in the sequels. I live for it, for my Sevro being the weird Gold doing naughty stuff. I want to know him better, to love him more. I like Darrow, don’t think I don’t, and I like Virginia a lot, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

I will read the sequel next month because I usually don’t like binge-reading a series. I have done it and, as much as I enjoyed it, my brain was a mess after and I couldn’t put into words what was going on. I don’t want that to happen; I want to enjoy this series without overloading my brain. See you next month, Sevro! And Darrow as well!


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