The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles) by Amy Spalding



“I just want your life to be easy.”
“Can’t I just be me? I feel like that’s the easiest option.”

Title: The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles)
Author: Amy Spalding
Number of pages: 284 (hardcover edition)
Good things about this book: I loved all the clothes descriptions and the cuteness.
Bad things about this book: Too short? No, it was fine as it was.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it is lovely!
Rate: 4/5

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No one’s only their happy side, even if that’s all we show the world whenever we can help it.

This pride month I’m very proud of the books I chose to read. This had a title that caught my eye immediately and it was about a fat girl so I bought it as soon as I saw it. Lately I’ve read a lot of books with fat girls as main characters and I related so much it kind of made bad memories resurface but at the same time it also made me happy to see me represented.

Abby is a fat girl with beautiful pink hair and an exquisite sense of fashion. She likes to wear fun clothes, usually with fruit on them, and she runs a blog for plus size girls writing where to find clothes since in malls they don’t usually have sizes for all kinds of bodies. She loves dresses so she applied for a summer job in one of the shops she loves the most, even if she usually can’t afford to buy anything from it.

She finds herself working side by side with a schoolmate, Jordi Perez; she didn’t even remember her name, but only that she wears all back and hangs out with the art crowd. What started as a kind of competition for a fall job, turned to a crush, then to a love story with a pinch of overthinking and hurt feelings. I knew things couldn’t always be good since they started dating each other by the first half of the book. I realized this wasn’t going to be only a romance story but a story about Abby and the insecurities about her body and how said insecurities brought her to sabotaging the good things happening in her life.

She presses her lips to mine. It fills me with relief that she tastes the same. I don’t know why I thought she wouldn’t. I don’t know why I thought that one mistake would alter everything. People make mistakes.

I got so mad at Abby from time to time but she was such a sweet and adorable girl so I had to forgive her before the end of the book. I loved her dresses; I wanted to wear them all!! The dresses I find here are usually too short and, while I don’t care what people think of my legs, I also want to feel comfortable without worrying about my butt being the protagonist of all of my outings.

In a few words, this was a book about a fat girl, who was also openly lesbian, who liked to wear amazing dresses and went around L.A. looking for the best burger in town with a boy who’s a total bro??? What’s not to love?

Love, friendships, family, misunderstandings (argh!!), dresses and so much food!! I think I want to do a burger tour of L.A. now. I will start planning it, who wants to come??


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