Boy Meets Hamster by Birdie Milano



“If you pretend to be someone you’re not, you’ll never know who would have liked you for who you are.”

Title: Boy Meets Hamster
Author: Birdie Milano
Number of pages: 336 (paperback edition)
Good things about this book: Adorable book with sweet and read characters.
Bad things about this book: Dylan could be annoying but he wasn’t unbearable so it was okay.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it was pretty cute.
Rate: 4/5

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When I bought the book, I thought the hamster was going to be an actual hamster and not the place’s giant orange mascot. It caught me by surprise at first. I did ask myself how a hamster was going to ruin Dylan’s chances with the boy next door. I was curious to find out how that was going to happen. The reality was so much funnier and sweeter. It’s amazing how much trouble a boy can manage to get himself into in just a short week.

It is a fast read, and it’s an enjoyable one. Dylan is fourteen and, as all the other boys his age in books I’ve read, he is insufferable, unreasonable, and very immature. I liked him, though, but he infuriated me. So much! He is looking for a summer romance, a movie-like love, and he is looking for it with the most awful and rude boy next door. Dylan is blind to how awful this Jayden-Lee is because he sees him with a romantic filter; he kept making excuses for how bad Jayden-Lee was because he saw something there that wasn’t really there, a spark of plain delusion.

Besides the infuriating parts of Dylan making everybody mad because of his crush, I loved everything else: the details of the story of this short vacation, the characters, the personalities, and the way this boy struggled differentiating reality with all the messy scenarios he had in his fourteen-year-old mind. I loved Dylan’s parents, his little brother Jude, and his best friend Kayla. They were all super interesting and different from characters I’m used to read. I have a 5-yo niece and I would fight whoever says mean things about her or tries to pick a fight with her! Jude has a disability and people are just plain rude, they just not think before talking. I have to say that it was a tad unlikely, though; do kids that age really cause that much trouble? Jayden-Lee’s little brother was a tiny monster. He needed to be sedated.

It was a fun read, light and sweet, and the romance was pretty obvious from the start, but it was adorable nonetheless. This book made me smile, it lifted my mood, making me forget for a little while how freaking hot it was outside, or inside for that matter. When I find a book about a fourteen-year-old that I don’t want to slap repeatedly from beginning to end, then it’s a book I’m going to recommend to the crowds! Read this book and imagine slapping Dylan for a bit, then imagine slapping real hard Jayden-Lee for the whole book, and finally imagine giving the fluffiest of hugs to Nibbles the Hamster! Never a hamster was more adorable than him!


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