Piranesi by Susanna Clarke


Title: Piranesi
Author: Susanna Clarke
Number of pages: 272 (hardcover edition)
Rate: 5/5

“May your Paths be safe, your Floors unbroken and may the House fill your eyes with Beauty.”

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I loved this. Mysterious from the beginning. I had no idea what was happening! But I enjoyed the whole ride and when everything was revealed and we got to the heart of the book, I was 100% invested! Loved Piranesi as a character!

Piranesi starts with a man, who isn’t called Piranesi but that is how he’s known to his only friend, writing in his journal. The entire book is made of journal entries explaining various events and details of the House. Because Piranesi doesn’t live in our world, he lives in a labyrinthian place full of statues, halls, and corridors. He knows the tides of the place, he knows most of the statues, to which he has given weirdly cute names, and he knows that there is another living person in this world, that he called the Other. Because he’s not him, he’s another person. Piranesi is pretty direct in his naming process.

There are many mysteries surrounding the place, Piranesi and the Other and, since we see only through Piranesi’s eyes, we believe what he believes, and start firing out things with him. The story is very complex, peculiar and it will make you ask all the questions and come up with a million theories that may be right or close to the truth.

There’s a danger approaching the House that will reveal things Piranesi is not ready to face and the mysteries will start unfolding slowly until you reach the end and you will be either super satisfied by it or a little more confused than you were when you started. I was happy by how the story started, how it proceeded and how it ended. I was the kind of peculiar that I usually love. And the book is also pretty short s nothings gets dragged for too long. It’s the right length for this kind of story.


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