[ARC] Saving Fable by Scott Reintgen




Title: Saving Fable
Author: Scott Reintgen
Release date: September 17th 2019
Number of pages: 384 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: It was really cute and interesting.
Bad things about this book: I would’ve loved more backstory of Indira’s friends.
Do I recommend it? Yes.
Rate: 4/5

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ARC given in exchange for an honest review

What a cute little book! I was offered to read this before its released, by surprise! I didn’t know the author had a MG book in the making. I have always requested his arcs for his Nyxia Triad series, and I have loved to bits the first two books. The third one? I’ve been postponing it; I don’t want the story to end. What if my favorite characters die? Because that can happen!! Those books are unpredictable!

The main character of this story is a girl called Indira Story. But Indira is not your typical girl, and no, this is not the usual trope: Indira is a character in waiting. She doesn’t live in the Real World. In her world characters live waiting for an author of the real world to put them into a story.

The concept of this book is simple, yet complex. Not all the characters are given the opportunity to be in a story, and some are part of a book that’s never finished. Characters train hoping to become exactly the hero/side character/villain an author wants to write about. Some are disappointed, some are happy, some just accept their fate.

I liked how easy it was to read. How the author of this story put well known characters to be teachers in the protagonist preparatory school. Like Teacher Darcy and his how to fall in love by page 12 classes that were always under the rain, just to add in the dramatics. Or the Alice’s lesson of how to escape being kidnapped and solve riddles.

I will read the sequel, that’s for sure.


[ARC] Play It Again by Aidan Wayne



Title: Play It Again
Author: Aidan Wayne
Release date: April 22nd 2019
Number of pages: 288 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: It was simple and enjoyable.
Bad things about this book: Too many “how to get famous” chat.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it was fun.
Rate: 4/5

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ARC kindly provided by NetGalley

This was such a pleasant book with no drama, quite cheesy, and just plain nice. Exactly what to read when you want things to start and end well, with no unnecessary obstacles!

Dovid’s name was distracting a bit because I still don’t know if I’m pronouncing it well in my head. I can relate a bit because my name is mispronounced and miswritten a lot!

I liked the calm and quiet of the romance. Just like it’d happen in real life. Getting to really know each other, understanding that you care way more than just a friend, exploring what this means, accepting the risks, being just happy to have each other, no matter the distance.

There were a little too many “how to be famous on the internet” chat: they were constantly talking about what to do to be rich and famous. At some point I was rolling my eyes because we didn’t get much info about the characters but now I know exactly what to do to earn money making youtube videos.

I’d recommend it.

All in all, this was a pretty book. Simple, the way I like it. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a book with nice characters, having a drama free life, and smile a little at the happy ending.


[ARC] A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love by Arden Powell



Title: A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love
Author: Arden Powell
Release date: October 29th 2018
Number of pages: 318 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: It was very easy to get into the story!
Bad things about this book: It dragged a bit in my opinion!
Do I recommend it? Yes, give it a chance.
Rate: 3/5

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ARC from NetGalley

It was cute and infuriating!! All the miscommunication bothers me a lot! And here there was so much of it!! Kris kept postponing his coming out as bisexual because he didn’t want the dynamics of the band to change, but then by not coming out his potential relationship with Rayne, who he was falling hard for, was at risk.

I couldn’t have been hard for him to tell Rayne what he felt because he was surrounded by really supportive people. He was afraid, and he shouldn’t come out if he isn’t ready, but he had more than one occasion to speak his heart, to tell Rayne even in confidence, that he was feeling things beyond friendship. Without labeling it, without coming out, he could have been more honest with Rayne. You could see from miles away how smitten they were for each other, pining for no reason, just because they were stubborn and kept things to themselves.

I always kind of like books with music bands in them. Imagining what kind of music they do, how they behave on stage and out. This was really nice, it dragged a bit, though; I thought it was almost ending when it was only at 50%. Maybe cutting some things out it would have been so much better.

Nevertheless, it was a nice book, even with the weird cult and the random peacock!


Ice in Sunlight by Julia Leijon [ARC]


The longer it took them, the longer he’d live, and he liked being alive. It was his biggest weakness.

Title: Ice in Sunlight
Author: Julia Leijon
Why you should read this book: Because it’s cute and it’s a different kind of story from the usual romance!

Summary from Goodreads:

Corwen’s emotions are a frozen wasteland after years of enslavement and abuse. When he’s finally rescued, freedom isn’t enough to thaw the wintry landscape of his heart.

Slowly, his new compatriots teach him that physical intimacy is a sacred gift, that pleasure can be shared without pain. With endless patience, they offer him a different way of being.

In order to be whole, Corwen must surrender the self-loathing he wears like armor. Can he learn to see himself the way his new companions do? Or will he hide from love forever in the icy vault that shields his deepest soul?

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

First time receiving an ARC and it was great!! I liked the book just fine but it lacked some elements that made me give it 3 instead of the 4 stars I wanted to give it at first.

The first quarter of the book was ok, I read it without effort but I wasn’t really intrigued with the story. The first chapter I was going to punch Corwen because he wanted to hurt a dog. Come on, Corwen, I get you don’t have a happy life but that’s a dog, what did he do to you to deserve such a treatment?

The King of Corwen’s kingdom is assassinated and the assassins offered him a chance to change his life as a slave and go with them to their kingdom in which people are nice, love is possible and being intimate is not the abuse he is used to. Corwen doesn’t believe such a world can really exist but since he has nothing to lose he goes along.

Without fear and fighting for his life, he didn’t even know who he was, didn’t know how to be.

Corwen is a really nice character and you feel his pain. He believes he is worthless. He needs to be needed or else he feels like his existence is pointless and he has to be dead. That’s his only option and that is really sad. His growth throughout the book is nice, how he opens little by little and he stops using bad words to describe himself. Maybe this new life isn’t so bad.

I shipped him with King Amir at first but then I thought about it again and no, they weren’t a match in my book. Then I shipped him with mysterious Reza and it was a great ship, they looked hot together. I of course shipped him with Enver because they made a really cute couple. It was easy to ship him with the guys because that city was love-and-sleep-with-everyone kind of city and I loved it! Steamy scenes!! Give me more steamy scenes!

“You don’t even need that dagger at your hip. You could assassinate people with nothing but your skill at insults.”
“You’re still standing.”

Corwen talked and thought a lot about Prince Elias, son of King Tobias, his owner, and at first I didn’t give it much thought but I guess all those times Eli was in his mind was because of a very particular reason. Mmmmm Corwen, you are a cutie!

Long story short, I really liked this different kind of story but I felt the ending was a little bit rushed. The characters just disappear on me all of a sudden and I wanted them to interact more with each other. I wanted more King Amir but he was gone. Where are you Amir? Show yourself! I would have loved an epilogue! That’s it, the story lacked the epilogue, a “four months later” kind of thing. I’m an epilogue kind of girl!

Do I recommend it? Yes, I will still recommend it if you like what the story is about. It doesn’t take much of your time because you won’t be able to put it down once you start it..
Rate: 3/5