Noticed Me Yet? by Anyta Sunday



He was full to the brim with pizza and disappointment.

Title: Noticed Me Yet?
Author: Anyta Sunday
Number of pages: 70 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Amazing ending with amazing characters.
Bad things about this book: That it’s the end? Yes, that’s the only thing that’s making me sad.
Do I recommend it? Yes, I do.
Rate: 5/5

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So cute and sweet. You never disappoint me, Anyta!!!!

I took a very long hot bath because I was freezing (damned fake spring) and I decided to read this ebook by the ever amazing Anyta Sunday. I have loved everything I’ve read by her and I knew I had to read this one. It’s only 70 pages long so it was perfect for my bath.

Jacob is looking for a flatmate. Someone, Mr. X, took down all his ads and now three boys, one of them being the infamous X, answered the ad. I didn’t guess right; I really didn’t know who of the three boys was Mr. X. I had my doubts and maybe I excluded one of them almost instantly but I didn’t want to assumed anything by the clues I was given.

The messages exchange was sweet and I was glad for Jacob because he really needed to move on from his first and only boyfriend who broke his heart. He fell for this mysterious boy who liked to tease him with paper notes. That’s was really cute!

I loved the revelation and, luckily, we didn’t have much drama. Maybe only half page drama and that’s perfectly okay with me. I was naked in a steamy bathtub, so exposed, so I needed fluff, I needed joy, I needed a happy story with a happy ending and happy middle.

That’s what I had and I’m so happy I took that super long bath and read it.


Liam Davis & The Raven by Anyta Sunday



“There are worse roommates out there than ones that hug.”

Title: Liam Davis & The Raven
Author: Anyta Sunday
Number of pages: 218 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Sweet, fast-paced and fun.
Bad things about this book: It doesn’t have the love it deserves.
Do I recommend it? Yes, I do.
Rate: 4/5

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Anyta Sunday writes stories I LOVE to read. They’re light, funny, with the right amount of seriousness without been extra dramatic, and they’re usually super sweet. So you understand how, when I got the newsletter with this ebook for free I jumped right into it. Really fast. The cover was cute and it seemed the kind of story I needed to relieve my soul from some bad juju I was experiencing.

Liam Davis is a journalist at his university’s newspaper. He has ambitions and he knows he can live up to everyone’s expectations. Unfortunately, what he thinks it’s good may not be good enough to land the job his wants. He’s forced to write the party column instead of his usual politics one and he’s way out of his comfort zone; he doesn’t have friends, he has a very peculiar personality in which he says what comes to mind and he lives for his job. Then one day he’s attacked by a person masked as Freddy Krueger and is saved by a hooded vigilante, The Raven, and from that day on his life changes completely, for the best.

“This was not a choice, Quinn. I did not need to hum and ahh over my options. The answer was in bold and circled with a giant checkmark at the side.”

Liam was such a cute character and I loved how he needed to think hard before making any decision. It sounded frustrating for the people around him but I found it endearing; Liam didn’t throw himself head first into things but instead he made his observations and came with a decision that, in his opinion, would benefit everyone. He is great and I was glad that he found himself bonding with Quinn, Shannon and Hunter. Though his bonding with Quinn was a little more profound than the one with siblings Shan and Hunter.

Hunter’s positivity, how he talked about being in a wheelchair, truly got to my heart. He was sweet and he was a good friend to Liam even from before they were officially introduced to each other. Shannon feeling guilty about her brother was heartbreaking because you noticed how she wasn’t living her life but a version she thought she needed to live in order to redeem herself from her guilt. Quinn and his weird ears was fantastic and, I must say, really patient. One must be if one happened to fall in love with Liam and the puzzle that is his mind.

Liam had only kissed girls so he assumed he wasn’t gay but being near Quinn was making him question everything and he analyzed his feelings without freaking out, without dismissing this new attraction, without compromising; if he was going to come out as anything other than straight, he had to be certain and I found his analysis process amazing. He deserved to know for sure and Quinn also needed to know, to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks.

His laugh tickled at my throat.
“I can’t think straight when you do that.”

There’s nothing I didn’t love about this book. I skim-read it again this morning to look for quotes and found myself hooked again in a story I had just finished reading a few days ago. Adorable and sweet, sexy and authentic, this book was the right choice for me at the moment. I know that when in need I can turn to Anyta and she’ll make me feel better.


Gemini Keeps Capricorn by Anyta Sunday



“I always say yes to Wesley.” He looked fleetingly back at him. “No matter what insane thing he asks me to do. I can’t help it. I’m in love with him.”

Title: Gemini Keeps Capricorn
Author: Anyta Sunday
Series: Signs of Love #3
Number of pages: 285 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Wesley and everyone and everything. I loved this book.
Bad things about this book: Nothing.
Do I recommend it? Yes! Yes!! YES!!!
Rate: 5/5

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This book was insanely cute. Slow burn love, friendship, coffee shops, tiny misunderstandings, not much drama, beautiful people, and a wonderful love story. And have you seen that cover? The model is HOT! I was sold even before reading the blurb. Sold, I’m telling you!! I have loved all the others Signs of Love books but I think I can say for certain that this is my favourite now. I just loved everything about it; I wanted to read it every single free time I had. I’m so sleepy right now. Give me my bed!

“Aren’t you searching for a new man in your life?”
Wesley sighed. “Not just any man. Not anymore.”
“The One?”
“I have a dream of saying the words ‘I love you.’”

Wesley is a Gemini law student living in a dorm. His floor’s RA is the handsome Capricorn Lloyd with whom Wesley loves to flirt and has a huge crush on that he doesn’t acknowledge. Lloyd from his part is a rule follower, very poised, and it’s quite evident he likes Wesley but doesn’t want to lose his job by being with him. Wesley is funny and a great friend but he is also pretty oblivious; he needs the words spelled out loud to understand what’s really going on. That’s the whole reason for this slow burn love. Everything was in place but the mist of misunderstanding was in the way. As usual, but strangely, this time it didn’t bother me. I enjoyed every single word of it.

“Hundreds of fights are ahead of us, Wesley. I’ll still want you around at the end of them.”

Wesley is easily one of the cutest characters to have ever existed on paper. I loved him from the start. He is not without flaws but he is honest, lovely, caring, and not a bit annoying. I liked him from the bottom of my heart. I did also like Lloyd and how patient he was with Wes’ obliviousness. Lloyd and the coffee his favourite barista Wes made him every morning. Lloyd and the little smiles reserved only to the randomness of Wes the Flirt. This was a sweet and slow love story that also involved very important side characters, like Caleb, Wesley’s younger brother: he was adorable! Wesley called him Hazelnut; how cute is that?

“Apparently I like half-naked cuddles with my brother.” He hummed. “I think we both need therapy.”

All in all, this story was entertaining beyond my expectations. The misunderstanding and obliviousness didn’t make this book one bit dreading like those situations usually make me feel. Wesley was so cute I was absorbed into the story immediately and it kept me glued to the pages even with one eye closed due to sleepiness. It was really what I needed right now; I’m kind on a reading slump. I have been “reading not reading” a couple of books for weeks and that’s not my usual modus operandi. I was worried. This fun love story was needed and I’ll thank it forever.

“I’m going clubbing this weekend, you can come along and hunt for him if you want.”
“Unless you mean book-clubbing, I dislike my chances.”

Oh, if that isn’t me!


[ARC] Scorpio Hates Virgo by Anyta Sunday



He channeled his inner Scorpio. Part lobster, part spider, part worst-fear-of-your-life.

Title: Scorpio Hates Virgo (Signs of Love #2)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Good things about this book: A slow-burn romance between two adorable characters!
Bad things about this book: I want more of it.
Do I recommend it? Yes, and read the previous one, too!
Rate: 5/5

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“ARC given in exchange for an honest review”

You may think I give 5 stars quite easily. You are certainly not wrong; when a book satisfies my needs not matter its genre, it will receive 5 stars from me. If it exceeds said needs then it will have more! This book promised me a happy ending, a sappy one, and it gave me a perfect one with a side of adorable characters, a warming neighbor community, fun summer games, and flirting galore. It was a fun read and I didn’t put down the book until I saw for myself the happily ever after. It didn’t disappoint me, or my love for romantic stories.

“Callaghan,” Percy said and plastered on a bored smile.

Perseus, aka Percy, and Callaghan, aka Cal, are neighbors and they’re nemeses. Or so they say. In their opinion they hate each other but their little fights are no more than sarcasm filled chats. I think it took their neighbors 5 minutes to see that all the hate they claimed to have for each other was only not so well hidden attraction. Took me one exchange between the two of them to see through everything. It made me mad, and frustrated, knowing it would take them a lot longer to get to the point of realizing what they had right in front of them. It’s a slow burn kind of situation, you need to be patient. How can Percy know if it’s real or just the curiosity of a straight man? Is it worth opening up knowing nothing will come out of it?

Percy started chanting the anatomical names of the muscles he’d be working on Cal’s back. If he thought about each individually, maybe he wouldn’t think about the whole package. Cal’s whole package. Cal’s package . . .

Percy is a wonderful character and he is a Scorpio like myself (all hail Scorpios). He is young man in grief for the loss of his beloved aunt and forced to relive the pain of not having her around by living in the house they used to share. Percy is suffering and building walls around him to prevent getting attached to people that will eventually abandon him. He is isolating himself and by doing that he is casting away his chance at love, at real love, the one that takes your breath away. The kind of love I want to have one day and I’m trying very hard not to lose hope in finding it.

Cal’s gaze lingered on the chisel. “Having fun with my tools there?” Percy changed his grip on the wooden handle. “Trust me, if I were having fun with your tools, you’d know.”

Cal and his family are very important for the character development of Percy. Cal is clearly in love with him and is not very subtle about it but Percy doesn’t want to see it, positive he will have his heart broken in no time. He doesn’t want a fling and a broken heart; he wants a person to love that will stick around. Cal is a Virgo and it seems that this makes him a very methodic person who ponders things real hard before getting himself into unknown situations. I loved Cal and his obsession for dinosaurs! I wish I had as many nerdy dino t-shirts as he did. That was quite the collection!

This book gave me smiles and quite a few laughs. You need those to face this ugly world we live in. See the bright side, fight for it; it’s easier said than done. I see the bright side, I fight for it, and sometimes I just need to read about bright sides that make my stomach fill with butterflies. Anyta Sunday did it and I’m forever grateful for that fateful day when I clicked on the Leo Loves Aries cover and got these many happy feelings as a reward.

“I guess we really are earth and water.”
“Because together we’re mud?”
“Together we stick.”

Even if it can be read as a stand-alone, this book has characters from the previous one of this series. Crystal, Theo and Leone’s mom, is one of Percy’s neighbors and she gives them their horoscopes just like she did over the phone for her children. Theo receives phone calls from Percy and he brings his boyfriend Jamie to the Fourth of July celebrations. It’s just funnier and cuter knowing also their background story so read Leo Loves Aries before reading this, I assure you it completes the experience for the better.

Anyta, keep ‘em coming! You have a fan here in me!


Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday



“The more time and emotional dollars you invest into a relationship, the more you inspire trust that encourages the other person to spend more of their own emotional dollars. In a positive outcome, this spending will lead to more emotional wealth. Or, translated, love.”

Title: Leo Loves Aries
Author: Anyta Sunday
Good things about this book: All the main characters are adorable and relatable!
Bad things about this book: Nothing, I loved it.
Do I recommend it? I do, very much recommended!
Rate: 5/5

Read the summary and add this book on Goodreads: here

All hail Matthew Daddario! He is the reason I read this book, besides being also the reason of so many swooning moments (the Daddario siblings are something else | we’re not worthy). I happened to notice the cover of this book randomly and clicked it because the cover model looked so much like my beloved Matthew and I, of course, couldn’t leave a Daddario picture unclicked, that’s not how I was raised. One innocent click led me to read the blurb and I was sold.

This was exactly the kind of love story that brings me joy and laughter and hope and sunshine and rainbows. Was I wrong to think that? Of course not. It brought me feelings I wanted to have and it left me craving for more and not only literary and virtual feelings, I now want real life feelings too! Oh, this is bad! A side effect I was not expecting.

Theo Wallace lives with his blind sister, Leone, and is looking for a roommate. What a lucky coincidence a certain ex-tutor of Theo, Mr. Jamie Cooper, is looking for a place to live. Theo and Leone are trying hard to move on from the end of both their love relationships (his girlfriend and her boyfriend fell for each other and now they’re getting married. Sucks, right?); Theo thinks Jamie might be perfect for his sister.

Really, Theo. You’re an idiot. That’s an F on the paper of life.

Was he the only one in the whole world who didn’t see how Jamie had his eyes set on him from their very first conversation via email? It was so obvious and Theo’s obliviousness was at the same time adorable and frustrating. It was clear as day Theo had more than friendship feelings towards Jamie but he didn’t really entertained the idea of Jamie being gay so everything the boy did to get his attention passed as a best friend kind of thing. Poor Jamie, he tried so hard, so many sentences with obvious double meanings, all wasted.

Theo followed the hot yumminess—and the pizza.

Theo has always thought he was attracted only to women so he didn’t really think about having feelings for a guy. Sure he can see and admire a guy’s good looks but how do you start realizing this is more than just a friend’s thing starting to become a real crush, and then possibly love? How are we to understand if a person is flirting, being funny or just being really friendly? I liked how, when Theo realized he was curious, he didn’t hide it; he went to Jamie and said how he didn’t see himself falling for a guy (oh, you fool boy) but he was willing to explore the sexual part of said curiosity? *PSA: Steamy moments of lust straight ahead*

“Are you insane? I’m sleeping until seven.”
“Your choice.” Jamie swatted his ass. “But you can’t complain when there’s no time for morning fun.”
“Six hours is good. Know what? So is five and a half.”

He’s in for a rollercoaster of a situation. This is a slow-burn kind of love. Things happen slowly yet not in a boring way: seeing those two develop a relationship that transcends the “original plan of Theo” gives it a reality stamp of approval from yours truly. Not everything is instant in life, things take time and the more they know each other, the more they see how it’s not an impulsive decision to try to be more than what they are now and, being such great friends, nothing but good things can come out of it. So it’s worth a try, right?

Theo: Maybe you’re overthinking it? You’ve been staring at that document all night.
Jamie: Almost as long as you’ve been staring at me, then.

I love Theo and Jamie and their shenanigans. I could read about them grocery shopping for thousands of pages and not get bored. Well, I could read about them doing their assignments separately from opposite sides of the dining room and still not get bored. That’s how much I loved them and this entire book.

“If you want to understand the principle of scarcity, just look in the fridge for vegetables after your brother has gone shopping.”

I can understand Theo’s behavior very well. You see someone you think is cute and you don’t see anything wrong in thinking that. Then some time later you see someone else being really cute and funny and still you think it’s normal, you like this person as a potential friend. Then time goes by and you keep looking at people and getting these feelings and you start having different kind of thoughts and your brain kindly announces you that, dear girl, you’re definitely not straight. Then the world gets a little bit brighter and maybe you can have it all, the possibilities multiplied, right? Right??

Reality checks in and you remember you’re not like Theo: you’re not easy going with a charmingly funny personality, with beautiful green eyes, dimples for days and a handsome face. You also don’t have a Jamie who enters your world like a gray-eyed fairy HOTmother. You get a bit sad, of course, but maybe that’s just me: the entire world to love but not a single soul to love me back. Guess I have to start reading my horoscope and hope this Scorpio woman gets a little bit of action. Stars, don’t disappoint me, I’m not getting any younger here!