Caroline’s Heart by Austin Chant



God, he thinks, he could be starving and she’d fill him up with one sweet look.

Title: Caroline’s Heart
Author: Austin Chant
Number of pages: 96 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Magic and lgbtqia representation.
Bad things about this book: I want to say it’s too short but no, it is perfect as it is..
Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s an enchanting story.
Rate: 5/5

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Some time ago I happened to see a gorgeous cover of a book called “Peter Darling” and decided to read it. I fell in love with the quality of writing and the originality of how the story of Peter Pan was retold. I decided to keep an eye on Austin Chant because I knew he was going to give me more magical tales full of representation and fantasy themes.

This is a story about Roy, a trans cowboy who finds himself involved in the life of the town’s witch, Cecily, after a fight resulting in him almost losing his life. Cecily has to put inside Roy the mechanical and magical heart of her long lost lover, Caroline, ruining her chances to resuscitate her with a spell she designed. The book is not about Roy finding out he is trans and it’s not about people finding it out and bullying him, beating him or worst, trying to kill him because he’s different. This is a book about the everyday lives of Roy and Cecily forced to live together until Roy heals completely and adjusts to the new heart. It’s sweet, emotional, and of course, magical.

It wasn’t only magical because of Cecily being a witch but mainly because the writing style of Austin Chant is enchanting. One second you’re trying your best not to freeze to death on your couch, then the next second you’re fully immerse in the story you don’t realize you barely feel your nose and fingers. I felt warm and good inside with every page I read. It’s a novella so it’s short, worth every second you spend reading it. Cecily and Roy are two wonderful characters and, even though Roy doesn’t have magic powers, he is plenty magical himself with his kind nature, sincerity and his optimistic personality. It’s easy to feel for them and want them to be happy and serene.

If you have a couple hours or less to spare, then I recommend you read this novella. Who wouldn’t want to have magic powers to conjure food and clean the house? I know I would. I’m in a lasagna mood right now.


Peter Darling by Austin Chant



“I’m the spirit of youth and joy, remember?”
“You’re a grown man and a nuisance.”

Title: Peter Darling
Author: Austin Chant
Good things about this book: This is a retelling that you can’t help but love.
Bad things about this book: I want to say too short but no, it’s the right length.
Do I recommend it? Yes, to the world. It still has just a few reviews.
Rate: 5/5

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Why would you do this to me? Why would you give my so many feelings?
I knew it was a retelling but oh boy, was I wrong: it was so much more than that. It’s a deconstruction of a story we may feel like we know well. But it’s not! It’s a story of dreams, nightmares, acceptance, and hope. It’s something entirely new and deeply beautiful. It surprised me.

There’s so much depth in just a few pages. I was hooked (pun intended) from the very first pages. The quality of the writing is exceptional, the story proceeds fast but not rushed, and the revelations, the twists, will awe you and then punch you in the gut. Who would’ve thought I was capable of feeling so restless reading about these characters I came to love again in this new light?

The insightfulness of the story brings the experience to a whole new level. You feel Peter’s pain; the reasons he goes back to Neverland left me shaking with anger and sadness. I suffered with him and cursed the real world for giving a hard time on such a pure soul. I damned you! I damned you all!

Don’t misunderstand. There’s joy and humour, too. Hook is funny as hell and I relate 100% to his love for nice butts. He gets it.

“Who’s Sylvester?”
“The cabin boy,” Hook said. “A fine man with a finer ass.”
Pan spluttered. “What?”
“You heard me.”

The story of Hook and Pan, of James and Peter, is still making a mess out of my heart. Their story and its developments kept me glued to the pages. I don’t think I’ll be able to picture them as their Disney counterparts anymore. That’s an image already erased from my mind; it was getting pretty creepy. Poof, gone!

“You are extraordinarily dramatic,” James said, “and no one should ever have given you power over the weather.”

The real world is stupid but, alas, you can’t run away from it forever. It may say they are wrong and broken, in need to be fixed, and it will make their lives unnecessarly difficult but together they will get through it. They’re perfect and who thinks otherwise will be given to the kraken. They won’t be missed.