Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers



From the ground, we stand. From our ships, we live. By the stars, we hope.

Title: Record of a Spaceborn Few
Author: Becky Chambers
Series: Wayfarers #3
Number of pages: 358 (paperback edition)
Good things about this book: It’s just beautiful, perfect, I loved it.
Bad things about this book: Nothing.
Do I recommend it? Yes, 500% yes.
Rate: 5/5

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The story is simple, but at the same time very complex, because humans are complicated creatures. We have met different kind of aliens in the last two books, and we’ve met the humans living and working on alien planets; but this time we are seeing humans, focusing on a few, living in an all human community on the Fleet. The Exodus Fleet, the ship the humans built when they knew the Earth didn’t have much longer left to live, is a world unto itself with a very particular way of living that set them apart from the rest of the communities. It was very interesting seeing how they share resources, worked different jobs to maintain the balance in society and economy, all without using money.

There are five main characters, each with a story to tell, each with chapters in their point of view: Tessa, Kip, Sawyer, Eyas, and Isabel. I liked all of them with their different lives and dreams. Loved the diversity, so natural. I won’t explain each character because I think it’ll spoil the story a little bit. They were all so authentic, with their everyday lives; some with a future still to be chosen, some thinking something is missing from their lives, others with a live well lived and with so much history to tell, and some willing to take a leap of faith to change their present to have a better future.

Perhaps none of us can truly explain death. Perhaps none of us should.

As it was always described, these books are a spaceopera. A tale of lives lived in different environments, surrounded by different people, facing different challenges. Each one of these books has given me a sense of tranquility, without taking away a sense of surprise and awe when something didn’t go as planned. This story, with the sole alien character seeing things from her perspective, is meant to show you human beings evolved to an almost perfect and uncorrupted society. But things can’t be perfect all time, it’s just not possible. I loved how things were portrayed, I loved how easy I found myself cheering for the characters!

Simply fantastic. There’s nothing more to add. Superb writing and storytelling. These books have been worth every second I spent reading them and thinking about them when they were over. I will carry them in my heart for eternity.


A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers



“Are we going for an anchor or a compass? A memory to ground you, or a spark to guide you forward?”

Title: A Closed and Common Orbit
Author: Becky Chambers
Series: Wayfarers #2

Number of pages: 364 (paperback edition)
Good things about this book: I loved how simply yet complex this book is written.
Bad things about this book: Nothing, really nothing.
Do I recommend it? Yes! 10000% yes!
Rate: 5/5

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I don’t know how to describe it. It’s calm, it’s important, it’s original, it’s innocent, it’s beautiful.
I don’t know how else to say how I feel about it. I was a passenger in the characters’ journey, a witness of their lives. Nothing happened that left me angry, baffled or annoyed. Everything fit perfectly together even though the story took place in the past during a 9-year gap, and in the future with lots of things not described while in action but after they happened. Yet you didn’t crave the information because with everything that you knew, you easily placed things in the right place. I loved this about the book: feelings were important but they weren’t forced into you with dramatic events, you developed them by knowing these characters and “living” with them during their everyday lives.

Sidra, previously known as Lovelace, the AI in the Wayfarer, is having a hard time adjusting to her new body. Everything is so limited; she doesn’t have eyes everywhere and doesn’t know everything. Pepper and Blue are taking care of her but there’s only so much they can do; Sidra needs to take care of herself and find a way to fit or else she’ll be dismantled and her friends arrested.

Alternating from Sidra’s chapters, we also have Pepper’s past life chapters in which we know where she came from and why she is so determined to help Sidra. Pepper’s story is sad but hopeful even when the hardness of life made hope impossible in young Pepper’s eyes. She is an enhanced human, created to serve, and made believe there is nothing outside the factory’s walls where she is kept alongside other girls to work as slaves.

Past and present seemed unconnected, almost two different books read at the same time. But they weren’t and when you see the connection, you start seeing the big design and you love every bit of it.

This is a story about family and friendship. A family you make for yourself. Sidra and Tak’s friendship was adorable. Tak is an Aeluon, a silver alien with scales as skin and cheeks that change color depending on feelings. Tak is also a shon meaning he changes gender once a month. This is never up for discussion; it was simply accepted as something that happened and people changed pronouns accordingly. This kind of diversity was refreshing and seeing Tak as both male and female and understanding more about their culture and habits, made me like Aeluons more than I already did after the first book.

All the aliens are weirdly fascinating. I hope I can see more of them in the next book! I just have to wait until the end of July. I can do it, right? Only a little patience.


The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers


‘That is the angriest looking thing I’ve ever seen.’

Title: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Author: Becky Chambers
Why you should read this book: Because SPACE!

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This is a book about cultural differences, friendship, family and love. This book is a journey. A literal journey. A journey to a small angry planet far away in the known galaxy. A ship specialized in wormholes is called to build a tunnel to link this angry planet to another one to save months of space travel. The journey will show us how different the members of the crew of this ship are.

How are they different? The crew is composed of different kind of beings: a human Martian girl organizing paperwork, a human captain, a sentient AI, two crazy and talented human techs (one with two dads and the other is a little person), a furry navigator that is not one but two beings in one, a chef/doctor with so many legs capable of fantastic things, a super cuddly lizard-like pilot, a weirdly pale human being with a passion for algae.

This description is very simplistic and it’s only the very little tip of the iceberg that is this amazing crew. I can’t tell you how much deep these people are because I can’t explain it without revealing everything there is to know about them. Every chapter has sections and each character has a space in which he/she/it/them/xyr can show us their pov. Every one of them has a different background. Even the humans are not alike; they come from different experiences, from different planets and from different realities.

Feelings are relative. And at the root, they’re all the same, even if they grow from different experiences and exist in different scales.

Throughout the book I was afraid something might go terribly wrong. I won’t say if it was true or not but let me tell you that the feeling kept me company until the very end. I was surprised by many of the things that happened!! Rosemary was a little bit like our inner voice because she explained how we judge other beings based on our perception of reality. That species that couples in front of everyone and it’s known for its orgies parties? A human can’t judge that based on what they think is right or wrong. So many things has to be put on perspective because each culture is different and accepting this fact opens so many doors to so many possibilities.

Humans had a long, storied history of forcing their way into places where they didn’t belong.

I loved Ohan, the navigator. Their species is really interesting and hard to understand but they are sweet and I imagine this furry teddy bear with long fingers and I’m happy. I don’t think they are really like that but that picture keeps me warm and serene.

A black hole was the perfect place to contemplate death. There was nothing in the universe that could last for ever. Not stars. Not matter. Nothing.

Lately I’m really into sci-fi novels. I love space and I love technology. I might not understand a lot about any of that but maybe that’s one of the reasons it fascinates me this much. If you are into space, into sci-fi and aliens, then this is for you. If you don’t know if you are interested, I say you can give this a try. Maybe you’ll find out this magnificent genre isn’t too bad after all.

I am always trying to bring people to the dark side (the sci-fi side) without success! But I never give up!

‘I’ll never understand how the rest of you expect brand new adults to be able to teach kids how to be people.’

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it now and love it forever.
Rate: 4/5