Blame It on the Mistletoe by Eli Easton


“I felt a rush of relief and pleasure so dense it was like swallowing a ball of light. Jesus. This love thing was not for wimps.”

Title: Blame It on the Mistletoe
Author: Eli Easton
Why you should read this book: Because who doesn’t like a sweet love story with a very obvious happy ending? I know I do!

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Spoilers ahead but, come on, of course the book had only one way to end!

You know when you see a book that has a cover you don’t like but the reviews are good and you’re kind of curious so you just give in and read the whole thing? And then you find out the book is so short you could’ve done it sooner instead of being fixated more on what’s outside instead on what’s inside? Yeah, so that happened to me, yesterday.

Love. Wow. I could feel the hearts and flowers and damn cupids floating over my head. Who would have thought? It was like some weird-ass Hallmark movie. And it was wonderful.

I’m a fan of m/m romance books: I love them when they are sweet, love them when they’re steamy, love them when they make me suffer, love them in every sauce. What is it that I don’t love? The continuous miscommunication! Can’t we get a book in which people speak their mind? I guess it’s not possible.

“I had no clue what I was going to do with a male, or how to do it, but I knew I was going to do it right goddamn now or die trying.”

Miscommunication was the frustrating part but the rest was simple, sweet and it had a lot of interesting elements. Fielding, with his nice weird name, was a really interesting character. He is really smart, a bit of a fashion mess, a unibrow that thank goodness was exterminated, doesn’t know Star Wars (can you believe it?) and when he sets his mind on something he does everything to obtain it.

It was time to admit defeat, to lay down my cards, and concede the game.
For the first time in my life, I was in love. I was in love with a guy. I was in love with Fielding Monroe.

Mick was a little bit annoying but he was going through some things but that’s not an excuse for acting like a butt to Fielding; he was honest, kind and open and you were freaking out about nothing, Mick. Get a grip! I forgive him because I love how he grew throughout the book and had the most obvious and clichéd epiphany. Of course that was going to happen. I love happy endings.

After dinner, we watched It’s a Wonderful Life with the whole family, and then everyone else went to bed while Fielding and I stayed up to watch Elf. He’d never seen it, and I just had to share it with him. We laughed until we cried.

I still can’t believe there are people in this world who haven’t seen Elf which, by the way, is the best Christmas movie ever! Can’t wait for December so I can watch it again! If you haven’t watched it, shame on you!

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it now and love it forever.
Rate: 4/5