The Binding by Bridget Collins



“We take memories and bind them. Whatever people can’t bear to remember. Whatever they can’t live with. We take those memories and put them where they can’t do any harm. That’s all books are”

Title: The Binding
Author: Bridget Collins
Number of pages: 437 (hardcover edition)
Good things about this book: Interesting story and characters.
Bad things about this book: It made me anxious, but that’s me and DRAMA.
Do I recommend it? Yes.
Rate: 4/5

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Really interesting story and characters even if Emmett is my favourite. Sorry Lucian, he just is. The story made me really anxious and full of emotions. So many feelings. I didn’t want to keep reading, I was afraid, but I wanted to see them gaving the happy ending I wanted them to have.

For a moment I forgot about homophobia and when the book was set, and was surprised when Emmett’s sister was acting like an annoying brat, and said hideous things to her brother. I wanted her to just go away, I couldn’t stand her. I get people were more ignorant in the past, but these behaviors just infuriate me like crazy!

I enjoyed the story and liked how the book was divided into three big parts of the story. Then it all came together for the big ending. I liked it.


Until You by T.J. Klune



“It’s the gay love story of the ages. Boy meets boy, boy hits boy with his car, boy and boy get married.”

Title: Until You
Author: T.J. Klune
Good things about this book: It is perfect!
Bad things about this book: Too short and you will miss the characters.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s the conclusion of the perfect trilogy.
Rate: 5/5

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The perfect wedding for the perfect couple in the perfect conclusion to the perfect book series. I’m just so happy I decided to read it. I knew I was going to do it but the covers were keeping me from doing it. I thank rebel me for going against rational and aesthetic me. I will be forever thankful. Also T.J. Klune, oh my, that man writes books I enjoy from the bottom of my heart. I have never laughed so much reading books like I do when I read something by Mr. Klune.

This book is shorter, at least by a half, than the two prequels, it doesn’t have drama, it’s hilarious, it has all the characters you love, it will make you cry, and it will make you desire a love like Paul and Vince’s. They are so perfect for each other it hurts and it’s a little bit gross; they are really cheesy. And domestic. They have a domestic kink and it’s hilarious.

“You don’t have a gun,” Sandy said, rolling his eyes.
“Vince bought a nail gun,” I said. “We’re tool owners because we’re men and we do construction projects on stuff.”

Darren and Sandy are as flirty and in love as ever. They fight all the time just to start eating their faces off soon after that. Aw, the romance! Corey/Kori has a little crush and I just want to know if their story is going to be told in the future, near future if possible. Daddy Charlie has found love in a very weird place and he’s blushing and he’s so nervous it’s adorable. The family is still the best family in the whole world: isn’t Nana the best? The answer is and always will be yes.

“What’s gay-guy stuff?” Vince asked before I could stop him.
“Oh,” Nana said. “You know. Living happily. Having nice taste. Keeping a clean home. Being successful and kind. Hosting classy dinner parties with watercress sandwiches and dry martinis. Living and laughing and loving each other.”
“Aw, Nana,” I said, surprised.
“Also butt stuff,” Nana said. “Lots and lots of butt stuff.”
“And there it is,” I said.

The wedding is upon them and they are finishing the last things before the big day. The bachelor party is one the one event that will be remembered for generations. Oh boy, Sexy Paul dancing his gay anthem? Epic! That party was source of so many tears from too much laughing. I certainly didn’t see that coming. This morning I sang Paul’s anthem at work like there’s no tomorrow. That album was also part of my generation; I could relate.

Our guests gasped again, like the drama queens they were. They acted like they’d never been to a gay wedding before where one groom launched himself at the other groom. Amateurs.

There were also happy tears during the wedding vows. I knew I was going to cry because love makes me cry. I’m a romantic. Those words hit me right in my heart and they made me so happy. They felt true and perfect and they described Paul and Vince’s love story fully. I just love those two and I will miss them so much.

“They can see you, they can see the sarcasm. They can see your sass. But I don’t think they can see your heart, your perfect, fierce heart like I can.”

Do I have a hole inside me now that this series is over? Yes, I do. Am I sad? Completely. Will I start making choices asking myself first “what would Paul/Sandy do”? Probably.
They changed me. I feel better now that I got to know them. Fictional BFFs confirmed!

I would rather have melted cheese in my mouth than a smaller waist any day of the week.

Yes, Paul, I totally agree with you!


Whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked by S.J. Goslee



Title: Whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked
Author: S.J. Goslee
Good things about this book: The main character is adorable.
Bad things about this book: Unnecessary sexism, ugh!!
Do I recommend it? Yes, flaws aside it’s really cute.
Rate: 4/5

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“Lord knows why I find you attractive, Michael, when you generally smell like weed and broken hobo dreams, but I’ll give you five gold stars for your kissing technique.”

Mike is freaking out. The girl he thought was his girlfriend dumped him, he made out with a guy while drunk at a party and now he is analyzing every single not so very straight thought he’s had until that moment. Apparently it wasn’t a chaste kiss but a full make out session with lot of tongue and hands in special places. Mike is definitely different than he was before.

Mike is like lots of teenagers. He is in a band with his best friends, he smokes weed, is quite popular, has a nemesis and makes mistakes. He has an epiphany. What if what his ex girlfriend, Lisa, said it’s true and he really is into guys? What is he going to do now? He has to know for sure, not ignore this revelation because it’s his life and he has to live it being his true self.

“Do you not remember flirting with that guy at the Lot? Or the way you stare at Zack’s ass, like, all the time?”
“You lie, I do not.”

Well, it won’t be easy, that’s for sure! He makes some bad decisions. I kind of wanted to slap him a little bit for not doing what he was supposed to do, resulting in some people getting hurt because of him. One person in particular, one person I truly like. I, of course, wanted everything to go smoothly and, of course, it wasn’t like that. Still the story proceeded fast and, frustration feelings aside, it was a cute and fluffy story about a guy finding out the truth about himself and figuring out what to do with this new info. Will he get the boy he never thought could have feelings for him? Will his family and friends be cool about this new Mike?

“I’m thinking about bringing the fanny pack back,” he says.
“Of course you are.”

This book is short and it’s funny. There’s no denying that but it has flaws that I need to address, flaws that made me give this book less than I wanted to give it. The story for me, for my personal tastes, was a solid 5 stars but then I found quite a few episodes of sexism I didn’t like. Why the need to describe the blushing as something a virginal girl usually does? Why the need to associate feelings and the skip of a heartbeat because of happiness to feelings only a girl can have? Why is it viewed as a weakness or something to be embarrassed about being a girl? That’s not okay, not one bit and this has to stop.

Those frustrating parts aside, this little book was a nice surprise because it took a different kind of teenager from the ones I usually read and put him outside of his comfort zone without overdoing it. I also loved almost all the side characters. I loved how random they were; a weird assorted kind of gang. A good weird. If you feel like a light book with a nice ending then this is highly recommended. I’ve already re-read some passages because I found them really cute. That’s a good sign, right?


Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout



Never in my life had I met someone so patient and tolerant of me. Gods know I’m annoying as hell, but Aiden treated me as if I were his equal.

Title: Half-Blood
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Good things about this book: Magic powers.
Bad things about this book: The characters are described as too good looking and that bothered me; how come they are all so perfect? It doesn’t make any sense.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s interesting and it has sequels.
Rate: 4/5

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I bought the whole series a few months ago and I just left the books there. Some time later I read the little prequel, Daimon, and I didn’t dislike it but, still, the books were left there. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe I thought I wasn’t ready. Maybe I was afraid because there were so many books to read. I don’t know the reason because now that I’ve read the first book I find myself intrigued. It’s about gods and sons of gods. The pures, children of two descendants of the gods, can manage the elements while the half-bloods are stronger than common human beings and are usually used like soldiers of servants. A dumb rule says pures and half-bloods can’t be together. Never! That’s how you know there is going to be forbidden love and things are going to get crazy at the Covenant, the school they all have to attend.

Piperi was a crazy old woman who was supposed to be an oracle. The pures believed she communed with the gods. I believed she communed with a lot of liquor.

It started in a weird way with Alexandria being a lot annoying for my taste. I wouldn’t say she was being badass, instead I’d say she was being unnecessarily against the world and she felt like badmouthing everyone crossing her path. I was glad when that changed. She was still a very strong character and I liked her for that, but she left the useless over the top bad behavior somewhere else. I knew she could be badass without having her being disrespectful and, surely without her not caring about the people who would’ve been affected by her childish rebellion and bad choices. In the end I liked her a lot, she is a very nice and funny girl and I can’t wait to see her dealing with what she is feeling and everything that is going to happen in the near future.

I glanced down at the dumbbell and pictured it flying across the room – at his face. But it was such a nice face, and I’d hate to ruin it.

Aiden, dreamy and flawless Aiden. He has a jawline made in heaven, dimples that will make you feel alive, tank tops for every occasion, a mouth made for naughty things, etc etc. I still have some issues with this kind of descriptions when it comes to the male counterpart, the one that it’s supposed to be the love interest. It feels often exaggerated, like why do I need to know that his mouth is expressive and that the lines of his face are perfect? I know that’s my problem and I shouldn’t really complain because this way maybe we get a better picture of how this boy is but it made me laugh. The boy is described as a superior being with perfect features: an angel on earth. It’s still making me laugh and it always will. I won’t be sorry about that. I said all of that and you may think I didn’t like the guy but it’s not like that at all; I liked him a lot. He is strong, honest, cares about others and is willing to sacrifice himself for the wellbeing of the ones he wants to protect and that’s admirable. I think he deserves everything and I hope he will get what he wants. If he doesn’t get it I will be very mad.

“I can see why you are distracted. Too bad he’s a pure. I’d give my left butt cheek for a piece of that.”

This book is set during the summer so a lot of the students of the Covenant are not there. We get a glimpse of some of them and I can’t wait to see more characters. I want to get to know Luke better, he seems like a fun guy. Also Deacon, Aiden’s brother seems like he could contribute to the story with what’s going through his troubled mind. We got to know a lot about Caleb, Alex’s best friend, and I liked what I saw. He is a teddy bear and I will cheer for him and his happiness. Alex’s nemesis, Lea, sounds mean but I kind of liked how their insults evolved throughout the book. I liked the Lea and Alex’s interactions in the end; at first, when I wasn’t very fond of Alex, they bothered me a little.

Let me tell you what I didn’t like. The grown-ups. I’m sure there’s more to them that what was already said but I can’t help but feel they lie a lot, hide things and take rush decisions based only on their interests. It’s not ok and I kind of see why Alex was so happy to insult them whenever she got the chance.

Last but not least, Seth! I don’t really know how much I can say about him without saying too much but then I remember that we got only a glimpse of who he really is so there isn’t much to spoil. Seth is an important character, he is charming, narcissist and egocentric and you will want to know him a lot better. I kind of want to know his last name; did he say it and I missed it? I want to know random stuff about him. The events his presence will unravel are ones I can’t wait to read about.

This book has twists that aren’t really twists. They are pretty obvious. Still, it has some points when you don’t expect something to happen and it catches you unprepared. I like knowing what is going on but I also like the element of surprise. Let’s just hope there aren’t many ugly surprises in the future.


What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote



Justin loved romcoms. Always had, always would. There was something about watching other people get happy endings that gave him hope.

Title: What Happens at Christmas
Author: Jay Northcote
Why you should read this book: Because it’s about two lovely guys being in love at Christmas! Love is love!
Do I recommend it? Of course.
Rate: 3/5

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First of all, Happy December to all of you. A year is ending, a year both terrifying and nice, depends where I decide to focus my attention on. On one hand this has been a year of earthquakes, they have caused so many damages and I have felt them all. They scared the hell out of me!! On the other hand I recently came back from an amazing vacation and my beloved Christmas is coming soon and I love giving presents, so that’s not so bad. I also cut half my hair, freeing myself from a scarecrow head, and bought a kindle. As poor as I am now after buying so many presents I chose the cheapest one and it was the perfect choice. It is adorably tiny, white, it weights almost nothing and its name is Aristotle. You have to know that I usually give names to everything I am lucky to spend my everyday life with. I also bought a mini speaker shaped as a fox and I called it Andreil. Oh, the little joys in life!

You may think I’m going off tracks here but there’s a reason why I’m babbling and it’s this: I activated the free 30 days of kindle unlimited and I’m planning to read as much as I can before the expiration date. This short book caught my eye because it’s a Christmas story and, as I said, I love Christmas!

This book is cute and funny and exactly what I like about romance novels. It’s also short so I read it really fast and it gave me the illusion that I’m a fast reader, which I’m not, but the feeling was great. Like every other romance novel it has also the magnificent MISCOMMUNICATION, the unwanted sidekick of all love stories. A sidekick I could live without, to be honest.

We have Justin, a guy who loves being in a relationship, recently dumped by a cheating boyfriend. He broods all day long. He is miserable. Then we have his best friend since childhood, Sean, tall, dark and gorgeous (of course, because, why not?) who came back from a year of wandering around the world. They both have huge crushes on each other but neither of them know that. That would be too easy.

The ending is pretty obvious as I hoped it would be but that didn’t ruin the journey. Of course I was annoyed because they thought so many nice things but then they didn’t do anything, they didn’t talk to each other. I think the book wouldn’t have lost anything if they confessed their feelings at the beginning. The scenes between them would’ve been the same; the chemistry was already there. I think the miscommunication trope was superfluous in this book. I would’ve kept the miscommunication until the Christmas party, the night Justin and Sean pretended to be boyfriends, then the truth, followed by all those wonderful things that happened after.

“I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I can indulge my love of pretty things. I’m sad for you that you have to prove yourself by living a life devoid of beauty.”
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

That being said, I give this book 3.5 stars, because I enjoyed it, it made me laugh and it was overall a very nice Christmas love story. It’s a book I would recommend for sure.

I’m leaving you with a hilarious exchange of the book that made me laugh out loud and I wasn’t even ashamed of the questioning stares I got. They’re talking about cupcakes with flower-vaginas frosting.

“I’m tempted, but I think I’ll stick with the dick.”
“Motto for life.”


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin


“Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.”

Title: The Left Hand of Darkness
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Why you should read this book: Because it’s set in space and it’s about aliens with very peculiar characteristics!
Do I recommend it? Yes, it can be a little complex but overall it’s a very nice and interesting book.
Rate: 4/5

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I wanted to give this book 5 stars only because of Estraven but I can’t. The book is beautiful, well written and extremely fascinating BUT the stereotypes about men and women from our main character bothered me a little too much. So, it’s 5+ stars for Estraven, 4 real stars for the whole book! Maybe 4- when Genly starts complaining about Estraven being too feminine and that scares the hell out of him. Why?

I have to admit that the names and different language was a little difficult to read and pronounce in my head but after a bit I got used to it and enjoyed trying to figure out how where they pronounce. I still think I have mispronounced EVERYTHING!!

I have always loved a sci-fi book with a story, occasionally adventurous, in a faraway planet and aliens. Who doesn’t? This didn’t disappoint in all of what I was expecting and I got a lot more than I was bargaining for. It doesn’t have forbidden love, and it doesn’t have a traditional love story. There is love and there are feelings. No spoilers here, it’s in the synopsis.

“Light, dark. Fear, courage. Cold, warmth. Female, male. It is yourself, Therem. Both and one. A shadow on snow.”

We have an Envoy of a faraway planet on a planet inhabited by genderless humanoids aliens. These aliens go in kemmer once a month (kemmer is like being “in heat”) and randomly they become male or female and mate with one another resulting often in a pregnancy. This fact can be overwhelming but for our dear Genly it was almost the worst thing that could ever existed in the universe. He is really close-minded and I was annoyed by his remarks most of the times. Other times he was ok.

“It is strange. I am the only man in all Gethen that has trusted you entirely, and I am the only man in Gethen that you have refused to trust.”

The best thing about this book came in the shape of a tiny dark-skinned genderless alien with a soft and round body called Therem Harth rem ir Estraven. Yep, that’s his whole glorious name. His parts of the story were my favorite; parts in which we could read his journal. He is a very methodical person and has a clear opinion of certain facts. I can only describe him as sweet and peculiar. I was very angry at Genly every time he was rude to him. Estraven is nothing but a doll and you better realize is soon or I’ll slap you real hard! Estraven makes me emotional.

“The best food I’ve eaten on Gethen has always been in your company, Estraven.”

I have read only the Earthsea books by Ursula K. Le Guin and I loved them. I fell in love with the story, the magic, the dragons (of course) and in particular I fell in love with Ged. Ged is the main character of the first book and a recurrent character in the others. I love him! There is something in these characters she writes that get to your soul. They are not perfect. These characters are not heroes like the ones you are used to read about. They have a quiet personality and they are so much more than what they seem from the outside. It’s hard to understand but while reading about Estraven I had the same feelings I had while reading about Ged. I thought: “This is one hell of a character I’m going to treasure!”. Yeah, he went right inside my “favorite characters” treasure chest and he will stay there forever.

I haven’t really explained the book because it’s not easy. Months and months pass, sometimes the story felt rushed. A lot of things happen and some news maybe you wanted to know more about where explained in one or two lines. This is a must read if you love sci-fi. It’s surely a must read if you love Mrs. Le Guin. Beware that there may be lots of stereotypes because it’s an old book written by a mind of that time. They may bother you but I think these issues don’t ruin the story in its wholesome. I’ll give it a try!

“What does a man die of but his death?”


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


“I’m going to destroy you. The Hating Game. You versus me. It’s the only way this can possibly end.”

Title: The Hating Game
Author: Sally Thorne
Why you should read this book: Because it’s about a tiny girl like me!

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I was expecting this book to be good and it was good. Yeah, it had flaws but that’s because each one of us has different tastes and things don’t appeal to us in the same way. For example if there is a cheesy character the things he/she says make me laugh. I try getting into the story but if you say real cheesy stuff I can’t do it, I have to laugh!

Joshua, the main character’s nemesis, is hateful and is doing everything in his power to ruin Lucy’s life. You could sniff love all the way from here in Italy. It was so obvious. Hate? Come on! That was plain love in disguise. Clear as day! There were zero surprises there and I’m kind of glad there wasn’t any. I wasn’t in for a plot twist. I started this book wanting a happy beginning, a happy middle and a happy ending and I had all three of them. I enjoyed this book a lot.

I’ve always suspected people in our lives are here to teach us a lesson. I’ve been sure Josh’s purpose is to test me. Push me. Make me tougher. And to a certain degree it’s been true.

Lucy is short: she is 5 feet tall (roughly 153 cm, I think?). Nothing wrong with that, I am 5’1” myself (155 cm, maybe 157 cm? The jury is still out on that) and a lot of things look big and hard to reach. I always ask for help at the supermarket and I can’t look at myself in the mirror at work if not on tiptoes. Who the hell designed that bathroom by the way? Being a fellow Smurfette I related a lot to Lucy but I think they dragged the “short Lucy” situation a little too much. Everything was about how little she was, how she looked like a kid, I swear there was a mention about how short she was every two-three pages. At some point it started to annoy me a little because I am short, trust me, I know how life is from down here, but it doesn’t come out every second of my daily life. It just doesn’t. It’s normal: you’re short Lucy, stop complaining, and move on. Maybe I’m just being bitchy. Oh well!

“I’m gonna die tonight. Please take your pants off.”
“I want that embroidered on a pillow,” he says, and I laugh until I’m gasping.

I relate to Lucy in more than just our superior height. She admires the body and beauty of her fellow coworker/nemesis/hunk and she is not afraid of putting into words every perverted thing that comes to mind. I can relate. That’s me, too! I see a gorgeous human being and I can’t stay calm. I have to tell someone how perfect his butt was, how I picture him with certain clothes, etc. I am weak to a great butt and a beautiful smile. I am weak. I am so weak! I may seem shy because I am but, on the inside, I am 1985 shades of perv.

Josh watches ER and yawns, not at all suspecting I’m trying to estimate how big his rib cage is like a meat-eating predator.

Let’s not forget about Josh. Nemesis extraordinaire! Joshua! I liked him a lot. I knew his game from the beginning and even if I didn’t really share his way of dealing with stuff, I couldn’t help but loving him. His insecurities, his adorableness, his wonderful expressive eyes, and his secret smiles. Maybe I fell in love with him but I surely couldn’t be with someone like him in real life. He is just too cheesy! OMG, so much cheese we could have a fondue party! I think there is a very tiny % of men in the world who actually speak like that. It gave me chills and 99% of the times not in a good way.

“Watching you pretend to hate that nickname is the best part of my day.”

I am a romantic and I love Love but sometimes, in love stories, there are characters a little over the top. Joshua could be a lot over the top. I forgive him because he is also sweet and cares a lot about what’s important, but no, I wouldn’t want a cheesy guy for a boyfriend. But then again, being a lonely gal, do I really need to be that picky? Yes, world, I do, I must, and I will!

This “not-review” is all I can give you. I am thinking about butts now. I’m already gone, save yourself!! Don’t look back!

Do I recommend it? Yes, it is fun and sexy.
Rate: 4/5 (Let’s say more a 4–, 3.75 stars? This is hard!)


Railhead by Philip Reeve


“You know, sometimes a thing, a system, a creation grows so old, and corrupt, and weighed down by its own baggage, that all you can do is change it. Move on. Start afresh. It’s frightening, but it has to be done.”

Title: Railhead
Author: Philip Reeve
Why you should read this book: Because there are trains that talk!! And robots!

Read the summary and add this book on Goodreads: here

If you know me you’d know I love sci-fi books. Space, its secrets and its possibilities have always intrigued me. Imagining far away worlds on other planets, aliens and humans living together, a new kind of universe unfolded before our eyes, that’s something I want to witness but I know I never will. I would hibernate myself and wait frozen in time and see for myself a new kind of living. I am almost glad I won’t because, as usual, humans will find a way to corrupt everything.

We have a main character, he is a thief and has being hired to steal a weird box from the Emperor’s train for a really pale man called Raven who is very mysterious and people want him dead. Our protagonist is a boy that I liked and hated in equal measure. His name is Zen and sometimes he really annoyed me. I know you are young, boy, but think a little bit more before making some very bad decisions. He isn’t always annoying and luckily for us he sometimes uses that big head of his to think and accept others opinions.

“It’s called the Pyxis,” said Raven. “Don’t let the fancy name intimidate you. It just means ‘box’ in one of those Old Earth languages, Roman or Spanish or Klingon…”

This book has many worlds (planets/moons/satellites/etc) connected by some sort of Stargates called K-gates. K-gates can only be crossed on board of trains and not just any kind of train, but sentient trains with their own names and personalities. Some are really rude, some really kind, some plain cruel. Trains can be really scary and I’m not talking “Thomas the Tank Engine” scary but worse! Thomas is one creepy and annoying train.

There are also these God identities that are only artificial intelligences created but humans a long long time ago. These beings are made of data and live in the datasea that contains all the information of every single inhabitant of the Network worlds connected through the gates. They can also download themselves into fake bodies and visit the worlds. How weird and cool is that?

When you think about the future with real advanced technology, you are bound to think there are also robots, right? Robots are a must! In this book there are android beings called Motoriks and we met a few of them throughout the story. I liked them a lot.

Our little annoying Zen has to do the mission to steal that weird box with a motorik girl named Nova. She has freckles and she is very proud of them! Nova is the element that keeps Zen a little out of trouble. She can’t always succeed because that boy is unpredictable (read: moody).

What I didn’t like because I have a terrible phobia were the insects. In these worlds live some sort of intelligent cockroaches that put themselves together to form a humanoid shape and talk. They talk and they are a sea of bugs with their bug legs and wings and everything I have nightmares every other night! Please, I don’t want talking bugs in the future!!!

Before ending this review I want to warn you that there is one character that you will find annoying from beginning to end. At least that happened to me and if you have tastes similar to mine I want you to be prepared for the annoying girl called Threnody!! Beware!

That being said, I would recommend this book (and the sequel will be out later this coming week) to sci-fi fans but also to the curious readers who want a little adventure.

Do I recommend it? Yes, and there is also a sequel I can’t wait to read.
Rate: 4/5