Captive Prince: Volume One by C.S. Pacat


“A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.”

Title: Captive Prince: Volume One
Author: C.S. Pacat
Why you should read this book: Because it’s different, it’s not porn, it has erotic descriptions but in the right doses.

The main character is Prince Damianos of Akielos, aka Damen, kidnapped by his step brother and sent away to enemy land, Vere, to be a slave, a pet, sex companion of Prince Laurent. He can’t ask for help because Laurent hates Akielos, his brother and father died many years before by their hands, more precisely, by Damianos’ hands.

“Laurent could inspire homicidal tendencies simply by breathing.”

I must say I really enjoyed this book. I was surprised by it, I didn’t expect it to be this complex. It’s a story about power, treason and difficult people with, I bet, a hard past.

Damen doesn’t know what to do, he knows he needs to escape but, if he succeeds, what is he going to do? He doesn’t have a home to return to, but his stepbrother Kastor needs to pay for what he’s done, usurping the throne, making him a slave, sending him away and telling everyone he is dead. In Vere’s palace he is cuffed and put a collar on, he is sent to take weird baths, sent to watch perverted entertainments and forced to be in Laurent’s company, whom would be exactly his type (fair skin, blue eyes, blonde) if he weren’t really cold and mean.

Laurent has secrets, a difficult past I am sure we are going to learn, he is cold, rebellious and not friendly at all. He is prince until he reaches his 21st birthday and can reclaim the throne fron his uncle, now Regent. Guess what?? This so-called uncle isn’t really a good person and will use anything in his power to discredit his nephew and, why not, kill him. Laurent is really cold with Damen, he is known for not bedding slaves and Damen is no exception because he is from Akielos, which he hates. He will learn to have feelings for him, if he doesn’t have a little bit already. Laurent’s behaviour changes a lot, he really is a very complexed character.

“Nephew. you were not invited to these discussions.’
‘And yet, here I am. It’s very irritating, isn’t it?’ Said Laurent.”

There are lots of side characters with their stories, their difficulties, etc. The author gives you real people in a weird world. We have various personalities and they are all written perfectly.
What I loved about this story is that it has a little bit of everything, it’s not focused on love or sex, it doesn’t have gratuitous nudity or violence just thrown there to please some readers. It has deep characters interacting in a complex world with games of power, mystery, jealousy and a little bit of “heart affairs”.

I’m sure I will love what this author has to offer, I will read the sequel asap. Did you read that Pacat lived in Perugia?? That’s where I live, crazy, right???

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s written nicely and it has a lot of shades to it, twists and mysteries to unsolve.
Rate: 4/5