When Adam Kissed Me by Chris Scully


Barefoot, in a pair of pajama bottoms and my “Boy plus Boy” shirt, he couldn’t have pledged his allegiance any better if he’d been rolled in a rainbow flag.

When Adam Kissed Me (Inseparable, #2)


Title: When Adam Kissed Me
Author: Chris Scully
Why you should read this book: It’s the sequel and if you want to know more about our boys’ love story you need to read this.

Summary from Goodreads:

Nine and a half weeks ago, Joe Massone got the surprise of his life when his straight best friend and secret crush, Adam, kissed him. At the time, Adam was recovering from an accident that left him with temporary amnesia and broken ribs, so Joe isn’t sure if he should take it seriously. Is Adam really gay? Or was the blow to his head to blame? Having secretly loved Adam since they were teenagers, Joe doesn’t want to get his hopes up and have his heart broken.

Despite that first kiss, Joe and Adam are still in limbo—now more than friends, but not quite lovers. Adam’s injuries have meant they can’t take their relationship to the next level, and for Joe, not much has changed from when they were just best friends and roommates. He starts to think neither of them is ready to take that final step.

Patience stretched to the limit, Adam makes plans to break the stalemate. But when Joe sabotages things by inviting their friends along, Adam is left to wonder if their new relationship is over before it’s even started. Before he gives up, though, he’s determined to prove to Joe he wants more than just a kiss.

You didn’t know I was such a Pokémon master, did you?

Sequel to Inseparable. Better than the first because the two of them are together but still with so many misunderstandings and unsaid things. I really liked the flashback chapters. If only they were more open they wouldn’t have wasted so many years without actually being together. Well, they already acted like a married couple so the only things missing were kisses and sex but still, about damned time!! Talk to each other, say things out loud, it is hard but it has to be done!

I love how in love with Adam our crybaby Joe is. He cries all the time: when he sees Adam with his big italian family, he cries, when Adam kisses him, he cries, when Adam storms off because Joe’s being an ass, he cries. He cries so much and I love how Adam makes fun of him for it. Joe has held his feelings inside of him for so long and now that everything is out he can’t contain himself with happiness! It’s overwhelming! Joe is such a cute guy! He cares so much about Adam and about his family. He knows he will be the happiest man on Earth now that he is with Adam, the one and only guy he has ever loved and will ever love. So sweet!

Joe is already thinking about the future because they are both 30 years old and he knows they have wasted so many years with misunderstandings and stuff, so he is already imaging the both of them married with kids. His mind is rushing things a little bit and he knows it but can’t do anything about it. They will take things one step at a time and enjoy their newfound love and desire before stepping into something more serious.

I loved these two short books. I am always amazed how I can be drowned in feelings in only a few pages.

Do I recommend it? Yes, DO IT.
Rate: 5/5


Inseparable by Chris Scully


I’d rather be miserable with you than not be with you at all.

Title: Inseparable
Author: Chris Scully
Why you should read this book: Because it is short and it’s cute and I don’t think there’s more to say to convince anyone to read it.

Summary from Goodreads:

After a car accident, Adam wakes up in a hospital room with no memory and a man named Joe, who acts like his boyfriend. So when Joe says Adam is straight—and Joe’s not—and they’re just best friends and roommates, Adam is more than a little confused. But as Adam starts to fill in the gaps, the one thing that becomes apparent is that Joe is the missing piece that can’t be replaced.

He looks at me in shock, like I’m his greatest fantasy and worst nightmare all in one.

This was really cute and I loved how things played out in the end. Adam, you really needed that car to run you over to realize he was your other half all along. Took you long enough, man!

This is a very short book but it takes place in a very short period of time so it’s ok. A few days to realize their true feelings. Well, Joe was pretty much in love with Adam since he first met him and our Adam fell in love with Joe when he was a teenager but didn’t say anything to avoid ruining their friendship.

“I need you to be sure, Adam. I can’t…,” he trails off, voice cracking.
It breaks my heart to see him so vulnerable. I try not to dwell on how much time we’ve wasted being afraid. Instead I meet his gaze and will him to see everything I’ve held back.
“I’m sure. More sure of this than of anything else in my life.”

Adam had a hard time growing up and he is afraid of being left alone so I kind of understand why it took him so long to tell the truth. It took a temporary amnesia to be 100% sure that the only one he needed by his side was his best friend and roommate. He knew it but thought he was just confused. Confused between bromance and romance? It can happen, I’m not saying it can’t but so many years wasted because he didn’t want to deal with his strong feelings while Joe was there suffering from a broken heart.

Loved the part where Adam found his porn in his computer. Gay porn that did things to his lower part of his body. Confuse, you say? Yeah, right. Confuse, my butt!

God, drunk and flirty Joe is adorable.

I love those two and I’m happy there is a sequel because that ending left so many things unsaid and undone!

Do I recommend it? Yes, read it if you like the genre.
Rate: 5/5