1° Review: The Sage of Theare by Diana Wynne Jones [short story]

the sage of theare

Unnatural Creatures: Stories Selected by Neil Gaiman

This is my first review and since it’s a new thing for me I chose to write a review of a short story.

This story is from the book “Unnatural Creatures” containing stories selected by Neil Gaiman. I have to say that I bought this book because of the cover. It has a beautiful and detailed cover. Then, of course, I bought it because of Neil Gaiman. That man can write marvelous things. I still have to read a lot of books by him but what I’ve read until now is making me love him a lot as a writer.

Let’s start the review.

Title: The Sage of Theare
Author: Diane Wynne Jones
Why you should read this story: Invisible dragons (they only make a cameo appearance but it’s worth it; I love dragons)

Gods have fun in an orderly way. Even if it’s an orderly way they still go down to Earth and procreate with humans. Gods are different in this story but they make the same mistakes as the more famous Greek Gods. In this Heaven, Gods want everything in order: humans makes prayers, they live because they are believed in and everything goes smoothly. Well, everything until the prophecy of the Sage of Dissolution becomes a reality. The Sage will ask questions, he will question everything and by questioning everything he will destroy everything they’ve built.

Asking questions, big problem. Humans are curious, we like questioning everything we have in front of us. We want answers. Why does the water flow? How does a baby grow inside a human belly? Why bugs are so ugly? Why am I afraid of things?
There are still places where asking questions is not allowed and that is extremely wrong.

That’s what this book is about! The ones controlling the world are worried that someone might tell the population that they don’t have to accept everything they’re told but they can question their leadership and if they want, still follow them, but if they don’t agree it’s still ok. The world will be divided but it will be free.

Do I recommend it? Yes, of course.
Rate: 4/5

I hope this first review is ok. I still have to learn how to write properly. I will try my best for this blog to grow and bloom!