Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout



Never in my life had I met someone so patient and tolerant of me. Gods know I’m annoying as hell, but Aiden treated me as if I were his equal.

Title: Half-Blood
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Good things about this book: Magic powers.
Bad things about this book: The characters are described as too good looking and that bothered me; how come they are all so perfect? It doesn’t make any sense.
Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s interesting and it has sequels.
Rate: 4/5

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I bought the whole series a few months ago and I just left the books there. Some time later I read the little prequel, Daimon, and I didn’t dislike it but, still, the books were left there. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe I thought I wasn’t ready. Maybe I was afraid because there were so many books to read. I don’t know the reason because now that I’ve read the first book I find myself intrigued. It’s about gods and sons of gods. The pures, children of two descendants of the gods, can manage the elements while the half-bloods are stronger than common human beings and are usually used like soldiers of servants. A dumb rule says pures and half-bloods can’t be together. Never! That’s how you know there is going to be forbidden love and things are going to get crazy at the Covenant, the school they all have to attend.

Piperi was a crazy old woman who was supposed to be an oracle. The pures believed she communed with the gods. I believed she communed with a lot of liquor.

It started in a weird way with Alexandria being a lot annoying for my taste. I wouldn’t say she was being badass, instead I’d say she was being unnecessarily against the world and she felt like badmouthing everyone crossing her path. I was glad when that changed. She was still a very strong character and I liked her for that, but she left the useless over the top bad behavior somewhere else. I knew she could be badass without having her being disrespectful and, surely without her not caring about the people who would’ve been affected by her childish rebellion and bad choices. In the end I liked her a lot, she is a very nice and funny girl and I can’t wait to see her dealing with what she is feeling and everything that is going to happen in the near future.

I glanced down at the dumbbell and pictured it flying across the room – at his face. But it was such a nice face, and I’d hate to ruin it.

Aiden, dreamy and flawless Aiden. He has a jawline made in heaven, dimples that will make you feel alive, tank tops for every occasion, a mouth made for naughty things, etc etc. I still have some issues with this kind of descriptions when it comes to the male counterpart, the one that it’s supposed to be the love interest. It feels often exaggerated, like why do I need to know that his mouth is expressive and that the lines of his face are perfect? I know that’s my problem and I shouldn’t really complain because this way maybe we get a better picture of how this boy is but it made me laugh. The boy is described as a superior being with perfect features: an angel on earth. It’s still making me laugh and it always will. I won’t be sorry about that. I said all of that and you may think I didn’t like the guy but it’s not like that at all; I liked him a lot. He is strong, honest, cares about others and is willing to sacrifice himself for the wellbeing of the ones he wants to protect and that’s admirable. I think he deserves everything and I hope he will get what he wants. If he doesn’t get it I will be very mad.

“I can see why you are distracted. Too bad he’s a pure. I’d give my left butt cheek for a piece of that.”

This book is set during the summer so a lot of the students of the Covenant are not there. We get a glimpse of some of them and I can’t wait to see more characters. I want to get to know Luke better, he seems like a fun guy. Also Deacon, Aiden’s brother seems like he could contribute to the story with what’s going through his troubled mind. We got to know a lot about Caleb, Alex’s best friend, and I liked what I saw. He is a teddy bear and I will cheer for him and his happiness. Alex’s nemesis, Lea, sounds mean but I kind of liked how their insults evolved throughout the book. I liked the Lea and Alex’s interactions in the end; at first, when I wasn’t very fond of Alex, they bothered me a little.

Let me tell you what I didn’t like. The grown-ups. I’m sure there’s more to them that what was already said but I can’t help but feel they lie a lot, hide things and take rush decisions based only on their interests. It’s not ok and I kind of see why Alex was so happy to insult them whenever she got the chance.

Last but not least, Seth! I don’t really know how much I can say about him without saying too much but then I remember that we got only a glimpse of who he really is so there isn’t much to spoil. Seth is an important character, he is charming, narcissist and egocentric and you will want to know him a lot better. I kind of want to know his last name; did he say it and I missed it? I want to know random stuff about him. The events his presence will unravel are ones I can’t wait to read about.

This book has twists that aren’t really twists. They are pretty obvious. Still, it has some points when you don’t expect something to happen and it catches you unprepared. I like knowing what is going on but I also like the element of surprise. Let’s just hope there aren’t many ugly surprises in the future.