The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick



“The universe will never be extinguished because just when the darkness seems to have smothered all, to be truly transcendent, the new seeds of light are reborn in the very depths. That is the Way. When the seed falls, it falls into the earth, into the soil. And beneath, out of sight, it comes to life.”

Title: The Man in the High Castle
Author: Philip K. Dick
Good things about this book: It is intriguing and interesting and it has potential.
Bad things about this book: It may not be very long but it has many slow parts that make it seem longer.
Do I recommend it? Yes, I can’t think of a reason why you can’t give it a try.
Rate: 3/5

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I don’t think I really understood how this book ended. I kind of liked it, not every part of it, though. I enjoyed some parts while others were a bit boring. Too much talking, too many inner monologues and my mind tended to wonder somewhere else. The potential of this book was immense but the theme is maybe too complex to be developed in written form with success.

I liked a lot how everything was somewhat connected, like a super dark and dystopic Love Actually, with little connections of the characters and the situations. The oracle, the colt, the pin, the Grasshopper!

That book and the reason behind it. Did I understand the last few pages? I’m not sure. I understood a little bit, of that I’m positive. No, maybe I didn’t understand it, maybe all I’ve read was a dream and nothing was real. I think I will think about that ending a bit more. It’s kind of driving me crazy.

This book is definitely different from the tv show. I still have to start season 2 but from what I saw in the first one, there are many differences. I’m curious now, I want to know what it’s going to happen and if it will help me understand that damned ending!

This book has lots of interesting situations and it makes you wonder about everything that’s happened and is happening nowadays. It took me a lot to read it, too many distractions, but I have been talking about it a lot with lots of people. It has rarely happened with books I’m reading. That has to be a good thing, right? I have already promised a coworker to lend it to him as soon as I finished it.

One thing is sure: this won’t be my first and last book by this author.


[ARC] An Unseen Attraction by K.J. Charles



Title: An Unseen Attraction
Author: K.J. Charles
Good things about this book: It takes place in Victorian England.
Bad things about this book: I wanted more mystery!!
Do I recommend it? Yes, if you already liked the author then it’s a must.
Rate: 4/5

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[ARC received via Netgalley]

Victorian England, ugly weather, two men falling in love, rude family members, a mystery, and a murder. I want to say I loved everything about this book because I’ve read the Magpie series and loved it with all my heart, but this book lack a bit of everything. It was enjoyable and, even if I wanted to give it 3 stars, I’m rounding it up to 4 because I just love how this author writes.

While Lord Crane and Stephen of the Magpies series were excellent even when they were annoying, I found Clem annoying even in non-annoying situations. I wanted to like the guy, flaws and everything, but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a problem with his flaws. I hated how blind he was when it came to one very important thing. When showed clear evidence of something very wrong, he got angry and decided it couldn’t be true because he knew best. He didn’t give the situation the benefit of the doubt and his excuses for that were quite childish. I understand loyalty and family, but if someone is showing me the wrongdoings of a person I know, it is important to have a little bit of doubt because nobody is perfect. If you are positive it can’t be true, then investigate and try seeing all points of views. Clem wasn’t my favorite person in this book.

On the other hand, Rowley Green, the preserver and lodger of the lodging house Clem runs, is a beautiful human being and deserves all the nice things in the world. He has a creepy job, there’s no doubt in that, but nobody can deny how talented he is in what he does. The creations in his shop are magical and it’s clear, seeing them, that he loves his job. He has found a good friend in Clem when he first moved in the lodging house and he knows what he feels for the other man is more than friendship. He drowns in Clem’s eyes and sees the beauty in a man who cannot see it for himself. The way he thinks of Clem is pure and beautiful. Rowley is a character that I want to know more about. He is the other reason I’m giving this book half a star more than it deserved in my opinion.

While these two men try to have romantic and sexy encounters, a lodger is murdered and left in front of the house. This event starts a chain reaction that will inevitably get the two men to question the reality they live in and believed in up to that day. Rowley will face his past ghosts and Clem will need to let go of an image he has in mind that it’s clouding his judgement. The twists weren’t really twists but they kept the story interesting. While I think the mystery was pretty important, I think it was the romance the main theme of the book. They both are trying to start something and they put their bodies and souls in each other’s hands. We see how Clem starts being a goofball and then becomes a master in the bedroom, and we see how Rowley embraces his kinks and let go of a few inhibitions.

This series has potential and I’m very curious to see what the sequels are going to offer. I truly want to see more of Clem and Rowley together; that’s for sure!