[ARC] Eat, Gay, Love: A Memoir by Calum McSwiggan



Title: Eat, Gay, Love: A Memoir
Author: Calum McSwiggan
Release date: July 9th 2020
Number of pages: 304 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Very entertaining, my very first memoir.
Bad things about this book: Nothing.
Do I recommend it? Yes.
Rate: 5/5

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*ARC from NetGalley*

I’m so very happy I lost my nonfiction virginity with this book, this memoir. It was emotional, funny, important and full of hope. From the very first pages you know you’re in for a very wild and queer ride. I’ve never read a memoir so I really didn’t know what to expect. I got a story of a young man trying to find himself in the world while traveling. He knows he’s privileged to be able to just leave everything behind after a break up, and just travel, working a bit, but mostly just experiencing all kinds of lives.

What I love the most is how each LGBT member of the community just kind of attracts the other. Wherever Calum went, he found someone dealing with coming out, finding out they may not be straight, being in a relationship, closeted because of their countries’ laws, lovely drag queen, and many more. It was like a videogame in which the character needs to complete certain tasks in certain places and he’ll be given advice or he’ll learn something new and important from the experience to just keep going forward.

At first I envied Calum so much, going around the world, meeting interesting people, gaining adventure points and stories he could tell others. I wish I did just that. Then little by little I realized he was also very lost, like many others, lonely even, in need of guidance. Aren’t we all? It hit hard, close to home. He also experienced something really bad and also something pretty scary, and I was so heartbroken.

I liked how Calum pointed out every single flaw in each countries’ system towards LGBT+ people. He talked openly with the locals and got insights he would never could have gotten otherwise. Even where you think all is very openminded, there’s something hidden. Huge steps forwards have been made, a few backwards, but the path is till very long and in need of everyone’s voices to be truly equal. I loved how he pointed out everything he learned during his travels. How much there’s still to achieve.

How awesome is to be bitten by a baby tiger during your first day of work? I truly liked this memoir. It’s both fun and sad, light and heavy, makes you feel lonely among people you know, but also widely accepted among strangers. It gives you a beautiful sense of community, even among people who barely know each other.

Highly recommended. To both nonfiction fans and not.


[ARC] All Birds Have Anxiety by Kathy Hoopmann



Even thinking about being anxious can make you anxious.

Title: All Birds Have Anxiety
Author: Kathy Hoopmann
Good things about this book: It’s for children and it’s about mental health.
Bad things about this book: Would’ve loved some funny comparison between birds and humans.
Do I recommend it? Yes, everyone should read this even if you don’t have or know children.
Rate: 3/5

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[ARC received via Netgalley]

This is a children’s book, a book that will help children realize that what they are experiencing is not abnormal; after all the birds have anxiety so why wouldn’t I?
It’s a very short book of easy comprehension and colourful pictures. It helps you identify if you indeed suffer from anxiety or you just experience anxiety caused by stressful situations.

But no one realises how hard it is to leave the safety of home if you are aware of every possible thing that can go wrong.

I did know I had anxiety so relating to so many parts of the book wasn’t a surprise. A lot of quotes from this little book were how I feel every single day. Unfortunately people don’t understand it’s not just you being asocial because you don’t want to hang out but so much more. I have cancelled so many plans because I felt save at home and, after playing in my head how things could go, the interactions with other people, I felt so overwhelmed I decided to stay at home with my safest sounds and space to breathe and be myself.

Even if we want company, the thought of being in a crowd fills us with fear. We have no idea what to say, where to go or how to behave.

Do you know how hard it is to plan things with me because of that? I have told my friend that if she tells me a week in advance to go eat out, my brain will search for an excuse not to go every day until I cancel the date in the end. So now I tell her to tell me to go out the day before so that I don’t have enough time to look for an excuse to sabotage the date. It is hard and I have to be sincere with her. I used to tell so many lies to avoid going places, now I am honest and tell her I just don’t feel like going and she understands. I’m glad she knows I’m not a bad friend and that I’m trying to go outside my comfort zone but sometimes it’s just too much and I need to recharge. I’m glad there are people who understand.

For a while, it helps to be by ourselves. Then we start to fear that we will be alone forever.

This book is important for a lot of reasons. Children don’t need to feel they are not normal. Children need to reach out and ask for help but they can’t do that if they think they are wrong for the world and they don’t belong. They will isolate themselves. We are not alone. What we feel, it is felt by many others and seeing people going on with their lives with problems like ours gives us strength and hope that everything will be ok even if our lives aren’t like the ones of our friends and family.

I enjoyed reading it and the cover is just perfect. Owls are the best!


the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace


silence has always been my loudest scream.

Title: the princess saves herself in this one
Author: Amanda Lovelave
Why you should read this book: Because no matter your situation you will need to read this.

Summary from Goodreads:

A poetry collection divided into four different parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, & you. the princess, the damsel, & the queen piece together the life of the author in three stages, while you serves as a note to the reader & all of humankind. explores life & all of its love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, & inspirations.

your happiness
comes before
anyone else’s
– the real meaning of “self-respect.”

There are no words to describe this little jewel I’ve just finished reading. I bought it but didn’t know if I was going to like it. I have never been a poetry girl but again, I have only read poetry at school, the one by long dead authors. Maybe that was my deterrent. Thank goodness I listened to my heart and read it.

I didn’t know what was this about. This poems collection is divided in 4 parts. The first two were really hard to read, sad and with difficult themes. I didn’t relate to the author because I have never lived those situations but I felt her words deep inside my heart like I was living them again with her. I can’t fully understand what can go through ones mind during those times and I will never understand abuse in any kind or shape.

don’t allow the world to take your kindness.

The last part “you” is directed to us, the readers, and that part shattered my soul. I started crying without even noticing until I had trouble reading because of the tears. Those words were important to me; I needed those words, I needed them and now I feel hopeful of the future. I’m sure it’s not going to be easy, not having a path and with so many little issues inside, but I’m also sure I can do it, no matter what the world throws my way.

“i don’t know.”
– & it’s okay not to know.

I won’t be brought down by the ones telling me my life is not a life because I’m not out meeting people or I don’t have a boyfriend.

I won’t be brought down by the ones telling me I’m getting old and I need to find a husband and start having kids.

I won’t be brought down but the ones telling me reading is a waste of time and that it’s not a valid hobby.

I won’t be brought down by the ones telling me I’d be prettier with less meat on my bones. Or with make up.

food is not the enemy.
– society is.

I won’t be brought down by the ones telling me I can’t like childish things because I’m not a child.

Who wrote those rules? In my book there are no rules. I do what I need to feel happy and you with your superiority complex won’t bring me down because you don’t like Disneyland and you think being happy because of a book release is dumb.

I am my own person and I make my own decisions. I am my own mother-f****** queen and nobody will dethrone me. Ever!

Do I recommend it? Yes, I think it’s important for everyone to read it, it’s worth it.
Rate: 5/5