[ARC] All Birds Have Anxiety by Kathy Hoopmann



Even thinking about being anxious can make you anxious.

Title: All Birds Have Anxiety
Author: Kathy Hoopmann
Good things about this book: It’s for children and it’s about mental health.
Bad things about this book: Would’ve loved some funny comparison between birds and humans.
Do I recommend it? Yes, everyone should read this even if you don’t have or know children.
Rate: 3/5

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[ARC received via Netgalley]

This is a children’s book, a book that will help children realize that what they are experiencing is not abnormal; after all the birds have anxiety so why wouldn’t I?
It’s a very short book of easy comprehension and colourful pictures. It helps you identify if you indeed suffer from anxiety or you just experience anxiety caused by stressful situations.

But no one realises how hard it is to leave the safety of home if you are aware of every possible thing that can go wrong.

I did know I had anxiety so relating to so many parts of the book wasn’t a surprise. A lot of quotes from this little book were how I feel every single day. Unfortunately people don’t understand it’s not just you being asocial because you don’t want to hang out but so much more. I have cancelled so many plans because I felt save at home and, after playing in my head how things could go, the interactions with other people, I felt so overwhelmed I decided to stay at home with my safest sounds and space to breathe and be myself.

Even if we want company, the thought of being in a crowd fills us with fear. We have no idea what to say, where to go or how to behave.

Do you know how hard it is to plan things with me because of that? I have told my friend that if she tells me a week in advance to go eat out, my brain will search for an excuse not to go every day until I cancel the date in the end. So now I tell her to tell me to go out the day before so that I don’t have enough time to look for an excuse to sabotage the date. It is hard and I have to be sincere with her. I used to tell so many lies to avoid going places, now I am honest and tell her I just don’t feel like going and she understands. I’m glad she knows I’m not a bad friend and that I’m trying to go outside my comfort zone but sometimes it’s just too much and I need to recharge. I’m glad there are people who understand.

For a while, it helps to be by ourselves. Then we start to fear that we will be alone forever.

This book is important for a lot of reasons. Children don’t need to feel they are not normal. Children need to reach out and ask for help but they can’t do that if they think they are wrong for the world and they don’t belong. They will isolate themselves. We are not alone. What we feel, it is felt by many others and seeing people going on with their lives with problems like ours gives us strength and hope that everything will be ok even if our lives aren’t like the ones of our friends and family.

I enjoyed reading it and the cover is just perfect. Owls are the best!


Jack Frost by William Joyce

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Jack Frost

Title: Jack Frost
Author: William Joyce
Why you should read this book: The Guardians of Childhood are magical books and no matter how old you are you will love them

Jack Frost wasn’t always the one he is now, before he was Nightlight, the companion of the Man in the Moon, Mim. He sacrificed himself to sealed Pitch away when he came to destroy Mim’s world, and he was froze in time until years after Mim wakes him and made him a guardian for all the children of the Earth.

I think the summary reveals everything in the book but maybe it’s supposed to be like that because it’s a picture book, you already know what it’s going to happen but you need to see the pictures and immerse yourself in that world. Words alone aren’t enough, they won’t spoil you from enjoying the book.

This is a perfect little book!! The story is different from the one of Nightlight in the Guardians’ books but it is still magical, dreamy, beautiful! I learned reading the picture book of Sandman that the books are told differently because they are aimed to different audience. The picture books are simpler but still really deep and beautifully written. If you want to know the real story of the characters you have to read the other books and I really recommend you do it if you haven’t because they are precious.

The illustrations are magnificent, the details took my breath away. I always feel calm and happy reading Joyce’s books and the wonderful illustrations complete the magic.

I feel so good right now, I can’t stop smiling! I will read it again and again, I will become one with it and it will help me get through everything!

Do I recommend it? Yes, but only if you love picture books.
Rate: 5/5