Down by Contact by Santino Hassell



“We’re gonna be awesome, Simeon. For real.”
“How do you know?”
“Because . . .” I squeezed him in a bear hug. “Something that feels this good can’t go wrong.”

Title: Down by Contact
Author: Santino Hassell
Series: The Barons #2

Number of pages: 220 (kindle edition)
Good things about this book: Once it’s there, it’s a cheese fest and I loved it.
Bad things about this book: Nothing of importance.
Do I recommend it? Yes, the two books of this series are great.
Rate: 5/5

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It’s so hard to put down a Santino book; I know this even if I’ve only read Illegal Contact and the first super long book of the In the Company of Shadows series. It was so hard to put down even when my eyes were so blurry I couldn’t see much. I did find the strength to do it at midnight the day before finishing it but the day after, with all the interruptions of my little niece who wanted to play, I managed to finish it. And I loved it like I knew I would have. So cheesy and sexy. Denial and frustration galore. Stubborn boys built like mountains. There was little not to love.

Simeon and Adrián are not friends; their hate started after Simeon left the Predators to go play with the Barons and has been on fire for years. Now they have to work together for a punishment and they need to tolerate each other. Being so close will make them question their eternal hate and understand exactly why they behave the way they do. There is so much more hidden beneath the muscles and the boys must dig in and show each other who they really are and what do they want.

As usual, I didn’t understand anything about football. For me it was pointless to understand how the matches, if they are called that, worked. I wanted to see these beautiful creatures far from their natural habitat and see why the hell Adrián was being homophobic and hurtful for no apparent reasons and why Simeon was trying his best to flirt with him to mess with his mind, and body.

The results were both anger and delight. Both of them were stubborn so it took a while for Adrián to question his homophobic behavior. From what we knew at the beginning, no spoilers here, Adrián was allegedly straight, but he seems to have strong feelings for Simeon. Everything seemed to fall into the bisexual bubble and I was overjoyed but then something felt wrong. There are so many ways to identify oneself and if Adrián felt that bisexual fit then it’s 100% perfect, but maybe I wanted this to be looked into a bit more. Maybe another shoe would’ve fit better, I don’t know. If not, welcome aboard Adrián!

That little issue aside, I found the book perfect and it delivered exactly what it promised. I wasn’t disappointed. I wonder if there’s going to be another book. I’ll stalk the socials for clues!


Illegal Contact by Santino Hassell



Everyone went gaga over my smile, but they never stopped to wonder who caused it.

Title: Illegal Contact
Author: Santino Hassell
Series: The Barons #1
Good things about this book: Gavin Brawley!
Bad things about this book: Nothing, it was perfect.
Do I recommend it? Yes!
Rate: 5/5

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One of the sweetest love stories I’ve read in a while. Feelings all over, heart-shaped eyes all the time, so many happy giggles, and swoon moments galore. This is my kind of thing and I loved every page of it.

I know nothing about football. Really nothing. I know the word quarterback but I really don’t know what does it mean: what does a quarterback do? Catch the ball? Throw it? Who knows? Not me!

Gavin is a tight end, whatever that is, for the Barons and he is good at what he does. He is great at it! He is also great at having anger issues and getting into fights, he makes everyone mad; that’s why he is missing one whole season in house arrest and is in need of a personal assistant for all the things he can’t do but also for all the others he doesn’t really want to do. There are lots of things he doesn’t like to do: Gavin is a grumpy guy, all muscles and wit. I loved Gavin with all my heart even if I still don’t know what the hell is his role in the team. Oh, well, I think I’ll never know and I’m okay with it.

Noah was starting to look incredulous, which turned into him giving me this hilariously sassy eyebrow arch. He really was cute as hell.

Noah needs money because he is drowning in debts and, not knowing almost anything about football, Gavin thinks he is right for the job. And Noah being also cute as a button and all kinds of sexy doesn’t hurt either. Noah ogling Gavin’s body was hilarious. Gavin is built to be ogled, that’s for sure, and Noah stares without a single hint of subtlety. Who can blame him? Having Gavin all sweaty and wet, half naked and without his usual “f*ck off” mask was a thing from dreams. From everyone’s dreams.

I hated Joe, Gavin’s manager. How dare you think Noah was a gold-digger? My boy, a gold-digger? You take that back. I don’t want to catch you staring badly at Noah or being nowhere near him, you hear me? Mind your own business!

“You were working out at six in the morning?”
“How do you think I maintain the body you were just checking out?”
Heat rose to my face. “I was not checking you out. Get over yourself.”

This was supposed to be a “from enemies to lovers” story but, from the beginning, this was all about love. It was such a sweet love story and it took my breath away. It brought me feelings that made my spinster’s heart shiver. Gavin has an attitude but so does Noah and they banter quite a lot telling each other all kinds of things. They both have a big mouth and have straightforward natures, but none of their little fights were really fights. They were flirting all along and it was fun and super sexy: it was impossible for them not be attracted to each and to resist the temptation to rip each other’s clothes to shreds and do all the Kama sutra from beginning to end.

“You know I feel the same way, right?”
“Wrong.” I nipped at his thumb. “I wanna hear it. In detail. In fact, I want a sonnet.”

I loved this book more than anticipated and it wasn’t only because of the chemistry between Gavin and Noah: it was also because there was no real drama. It was all about the two of them finding more and more things about each other, growing as persons, and trying their best to be who they are in a reality that is not easy for them because of who they love. Gavin is a closeted bisexual because he doesn’t want to lose endorsements or his spot in the team: homophobia is all over sports and the poor guy can’t be who he really is and it sucks.

“I mean I want to be with you. Be the Lois to your Clark, as Simeon said.”
“I love the fact that you’re Lois.”
“I knew you would.”

Steaming scenes, sweetness all over the place, lovingly sappy stares, jealousy, love sweet love; there was really anything not to love about this book and about the beautiful ending. It was perfect!! The sequel will focus on one of Gavin’s best friends and Barons player, Simeon. He sounds adorable, all touchy freely and flirty; I can’t wait to read his story! January can’t come fast enough.


Evenfall: Volume 2: Director’s Cut by Santino Hassell & Ais


“Don’t get killed or I’ll be very annoyed with you”
Boyd smiled. “Same to you. So be careful.”

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Title: Evenfall: Volume 2: Director’s Cut
Author: Santino Hassell & Ais
Why you should read this book: It’s the second part of the first big book, it’s a must read.

Summary from Goodreads:

The second volume follows Sin and Boyd through a long-term undercover mission in Mexico. They think the hardest part will be maintaining their covers and handling their attraction while living in close quarters, but that’s only the beginning of their newest trials.
When hard and fast decisions lead to catastrophic consequences, the two agents realize getting out of Mexico alive may be their biggest challenge yet.

It was usually Americans and Europeans who did the “you look exotic” thing, but that was typically because they didn’t realize Latin Americans came in all shades and with varying physical characteristics – including light eyes or a slight epicanthic fold.

It took me longer to finish this second volume of the first book because there were so many parts that made my heart suffer and I didn’t want it to be in pain so I waited to calm it down a little bit before proceeding.

There is a lot of Spanish in this book and a little bit of French. I am thankful I understand both languages or else it would’ve been hard following their mission in Mexico.


What the hell was he, the Mexican Batman?

Let’s start from the beginning. Sin is attracted to Boyd, we know that, it’s so obvious, everyone can see it. Sin is determined not to do anything about his attraction to Boyd so he is bitchy and makes himself unlovable. It’s not working, dear. Not working, at all!
Boyd is attracted to Sin, a lot, he wants to do something about it but every time one step is made forward, Sin escapes. One minute they are hugging and doing perv stuff, one minute later he is gone. Come on, Sin. Take that boy and do bad things to him. You want him, he wants you, and it’s not really that complicated.
They are on a mission in Mexico, by themselves for months, living in a little studio apartment without air conditioning. Read also: naked Sin!

Sin is working among civilians, Boyd is investigating drug gangs. Life proceeds almost normally. One day Boyd decided he wants to see if Sin wants him as much as he wants Sin. About time, let me say! The sexual tension in that apartment was too much to bear.

THE SCENE! Sex happens and that scene is hot, hot, hot and, you guessed right, HOT! They start opening up to each other, telling each other things about them that no one knows. Boyd trusts Sin with the story about why he freaked out when Sin tried to take off his shirt in Paris. Sin trusts Boyd with the story about his father and mother. Make out sessions and happiness everywhere. Can it last? Of course not. How can it last? It seems that the universe has some kind of an evil plan against their happiness. Shame on you, universe, not cool!

I was so mad at everything. At Boyd, at Sin, at the non-communication. At everything. The mission goes from bad to worse in a few pages and I thought about why Sin was nowhere to be found. At first I thought he made Jessica remove his chip so that he could stay with her. At was so mad at that scenario because, I get it, Boyd was a piece of sh*t saying what he said to Sin, but that was taking this ugly situation to a new horrible level. I was not ok with it!

Then Kassian came along saying Sin was dead and he saw right through Boyd. Love is not easy to hide. I know things about Kassian because I spoiled myself almost all the books. I’m that impatient. I don’t want to keep reading not knowing if they are going to be somewhat ok in the end.

Sin was almost dead. Boyd was a mess. Months passed. Sin woke up and the love is still there. Sin thinks only of Boyd and I’m so happy and in pain and my heart can’t take it.

And if you were gone, I wouldn’t want to be in this shitty world anymore.

The Agency was attacked. Who attacked it? What is going to happen now that Vivienne is in charge of the Agency with Carhart?

Are Boyd and Sin going to be ok? Arghhhh, this is so frustrating! They are going to suffer, we are going to suffer! Why did I put myself in this situation?? Why did I start reading these books???

Serves me right. It’s going to be painful.

Do I recommend it? If you liked the first volume you can’t miss this one.
Rate: 5/5


Evenfall: Volume 1: Director’s Cut by Santino Hassell & Ais


“Don’t you have anything better to fucking do other than babysit and eventually get killed by some psycho?”
“No.” Boyd said without hesitation. “I don’t.”

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Title: Evenfall: Volume 1: Director’s Cut
Author: Santino Hassell & Ais
Why you should read this book: Because it is very good book and you will find yourself right into the action.

Summary from Goodreads:

In a post-apocalyptic future, the Agency works behind the scenes to take down opposition groups that threaten the current government. Their goals justify all means, even when it comes to their own agents.

Sin is the Agency’s most efficient killer. His fighting skills and talent at assassination have led to him being described as a living weapon. However, he is also known to go off on unauthorized killing sprees, and his assigned partners have all wound up dead.

Boyd is not afraid to die. When his mother, a high-ranking Agency official, volunteers him to be Sin’s newest partner, he does not refuse. In fact, his life has been such an endless cycle of apathy and despair that he’d welcome death.

“You aren’t how I imagined my assassin to be. You’re too beautiful and tragic.”

I didn’t think I’d like this book this much. What a pleasant surprise. Everything about it is a perfect mix of love, hate, frustration, impotence and anger. Oh, the feelings, what a time to be alive!

Sin, the so-called monster of the Agency, is instead a beautiful 28 year old man. A mix raced wonder: almond shaped green eyes, tanned skin, black hair. the perfect combination of dreamy and deadly!

Sin’s new partner for dangerous missions is Boyd, fragile looking, pale skin and long blonde hair. He wasn’t what anyone expected, he wasn’t at all what Sin expected. Boyd, like Sin, has a hard past and one particular bad incident that scarred him deeply.

Their partnership is all but ordinary. They both wear a mask to hide their real selves. It was hard to watch as words were left unspoken and pain and suffering were left there to grow inside them.
You could see their masks cracking little by little, then a new mask appeared only to crack later. Frustration was my main feeling throughout a certain part of the book.

“The only people paying attention to him were those girls and when he made more of an effort to listen, he realized they were commenting on Boyd’s and his looks. Apparently, he had an amazing body and Boyd had beautiful hair.”

I was so drawn to the characters as I came to know more about them. Some scenes left me speechless for angry reasons, some for frustrating reasons, some more for horny reasons.

Allow me to explain. It’s not really a spoiler, the book is about two guys, they fall for each other in an oddly situation so you know how these things go, right? Yes, there are certain hot scenes but nothing made me hornier than the almost kiss. It left me there, mouth opened, feelings all over the place. I was in public and I didn’t know what to do with myself. How could I contain such a strong feeling? It felt so wrong yet so good.

Sin and Boyd, what a pair of stupid human beings!
I love them!

Do I recommend it? Of course, but beware, there are some heavy themes that not everybody can handle.
Rate: 5/5