Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli ☆



Imagine going about your day knowing someone’s carrying you in their mind. That has to be the best part of being in love – the feeling of having a home in someone else’s brain.

Title: Leah on the Offbeat
Author: Becky Albertalli
Series: Creekwood, #2
Number of pages: 352 (hardcover edition)
Good things about this book: EVERYTHING.
Bad things about this book: I didn’t want to say goodbye. I already miss them so much.
Do I recommend it? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Rate: 5+++/5
☆: It made my “favourite books” list

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I started reading it when it was delivered at 17.37 and now it’s 23.45 and I’ve finished it and I have such a huge smile on my face you’ll think I’ve gone mad!! I loved this so freaking much. I loved everything about it. EVERYTHING!!
I’m going to miss these kids so much. They grew up so fast. I’m having a mom moment here, give me a second. Also having a mom moment because I realized I’m only a couple of years younger than Leah’s mom. When did that happen?

Almost everything I knew about Leah changed immediately after reading just one chapter of this book. It was really important for me to read from her point of view to truly understand who she was and to connect to her spiritually. We are so similar (both beautiful curvy Slyterins) even with the very big age gap. I knew Leah had secrets but I would have never guessed her crush and what she went through because of it being unrequited.

It’s like I missed a beat somewhere, and now the whole song’s off tempo.

I don’t want to say anything because everything is a spoiler. Really, everything I want to say will spoil the book for people, like myself, who don’t know what’s going to happen. I didn’t know almost anything about it. I knew Simon and the gang were going to be there, I knew they were going to prepare for graduation and separation, but the rest? I didn’t know anything so I was ready to face whatever Becky was going to throw at me. I was so happy I went in almost blindly. It was such an emotional and adorable book. I fell in love with Leah and I learned more about characters I liked but didn’t really know from Simon’s book. And there was so much Simon and so much Simon and Bram adorableness!!! It was great seeing them being so cute together!

“Am I the worst person?”
“Well, no,” says Simon. “That would be Voldermort.”

I related to Leah so much. She is so much like me, in more ways than I thought possible and I found myself so many times nodding, remembering some things that have happened to me in the past and some that still happen to me. The weight thing hit really close to home. I wish things will change and curvy (real curvy) people can be free to be who they are without all judgments that come with being “not like everyone else”. Don’t do dare start with the “you lost weight you look so much better now” speech, I’ll scream! If I lose weight it’ll be for health reasons or for reasons I won’t share with you and not to be the center of your “you look prettier now” nonsense.

It’s like it doesn’t even matter if I like my body, because there’s always someone there to remind me I shouldn’t.

Long story short, I loved the book, I loved how Leah stoop up for her friends, for what she believed was right even if it could mean losing someone she considered a friend, and how she decided to be really true to herself and be happy. Leah grew up so much from the beginning of the book until the final chapter. She had some sort of awakening; she started feeling things stronger than before, not easy to hide said feelings and so scary to deal with them. She handled the whole thing better that I expected and, while thinking she deserved the world from the start, I knew she needed to challenge herself, to put her head truly in the game and come out victorious. I’m going to miss these kids so much. I want to cry!

The ending was so sweet I still giggle thinking about it. It’s endings like these that make me love romance young adult books when my young-adultness is long gone.

The sneak peak of What If It’s Us caught me off-guard. I’m going to love that book. A collaboration between two of my favorite authors? Yes, please! I just hope my beloved king of drama Adam Silvera, won’t put too many sad moments in it! Adam, I’m trusting you with my heart, don’t crush it too much, I’m begging you!


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli ☆


“The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat — soft and persistent, underlying everything.”

Title: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Author: Becky Albertalli
Why you should read this book: It left me giggling for hours because it was adorable!

Simon is a 16-year-old boy who is gay but only his penpal friend Blue knows it. His secret is save until Martin, the class clown, found his email account still logged in and starts blackmailing him: if Simon doesn’t help him with her friend, Abby, he is going to reveal his secret to the whole school. Simon doesn’t know Blue’s true identity and Blue doesn’t know his either but if Martin tells his secret their relationship may be in jeopardy. What is Simon going to do?

“It is definitely annoying that straight (and white, for that matter) is the default, and that the only people who have to think about their identity are the ones who don’t fit that mold. Straight people really should have to come out, and the more awkward it is, the better. Awkwardness should be a requirement.”

Wonderful, sweet, adorable!! When I finished reading it I started smiling so much my face hurt. I re-read the par I didn’t expect to love it this much, it took my heart and filled it with love, music and oreos!

Simon is in high school, is in drama club, has a small group of friends, a loving family and a wonderful dog called Bieber (yes, like Justin Bieber). One day he sees a post on tumblr by a guy in his school about being gay and after posting an answer they begin writing emails to each other without revealing their true identities. Simon has friends: singing Nick who is in love with the new girl Abby, and manga/fanfic lover Leah who is in love with Nick. They are a nice group and at lunch they are met by other people like Nick’s soccer friends, adorable Bram and Garrett. The manga, fanfic and movie references are the best! *gay dementor*

But who is Blue?? By the emails he wrote it was almost impossible to guess his true identity. We know he is from the same school but that’s it, that’s all we know. I knew he had to be someone Simon interacted with at some point, maybe a lot, maybe not so much, but they talked, I was sure of that. I started wanting this guy to be Blue, I liked him but then something made me think he wasn’t interested in boys so I didn’t know what to think. Luckily it was indeed him and when I found out I was so happy I started smiling and never stopped! I’m still smiling!

THE FREAKING EMAILS!!!! (Freaking Casanova!). Couldn’t the emails be any cuter? I love how they were innocent at first but then they started flirting more and more and they got embarrassed. Aww they are adorable!

After finishing the book I had a craving for Oreos. If you read the book you will need to eat them, I think it’s mandatory. Oreos with everything, Oreos everywhere, Oreos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

I won’t say more. There are a lot of happy, sad and angry moments with his family and friends but writing about them means you will know what is going to happen and you won’t enjoy the book as much as this book deserves to be enjoyed.

“Anyway, we have something for you.”
“Is it another awkward anecdote about me breast-feeding?”
“Oh my God, you were all about the boob,” my dad says. “I can’t believe you turned out to be gay.”
“Hilarious, Dad.”

For a moment I was seriously scared about everything that was happening and I had the feeling something bad was just around the corner. There were so many times my feelings were crushing my heart, it was painful.
Yes, the more painful the better. That’s how I like my books: sweet with a side of ANGST!!!

This book is a gem, everyone should read it. This is a book I will gladly read again in the future.

Do I recommend it? Yes, 500% yes.
Rate: 5+++/5
☆: It made my “favourite books” list